Thursday, January 4, 2018

Episode 338: 2017 Year In Review

Episode 338: 2017 Year In Review
The whole Rock Solid crew, sans April, get together to drink wine and play music that was released this past year! Good riddance 2017 and never show your face around these parts again! If you like people talking over each other for 3 hours then this episode is for you!
From Jan 4, 2018

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

            Mike Siegel

Christy Stratton

            Murray Valeriano

            Kyle Dodson

Liner Notes

  • Kyle takes the reigns early by directing the intros.
  • Apologies to April Richardson who could not make it. It's almost impossible to schedule five people to be on the podcast at the same time.
  • Bose the engineers of some of the world's best audio equipment, including the Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Canceling Headphones. Everyone in studio is wearing them.Bose invented the technology in noise cancelling headphones 40 years ago. Bose believes in blocking out sounds and distractions so you can immerse yourself in what you truly love! Bose - Get Closer.
  • This is possibly the last Bose ad. Pat is shooting to get microphones next.
  • Come see kyle and Pat at the San Francisco Sketchfest with special guest Rick Spingfield. Let's sell this thing out!
  • Larry Larson set Pat a list of people we lost in 2017: Tom Petty, Glen Campbell, Walter Becker, Pat DiNizio, David Cassidy, Malcom Young, Gordon Downie, Greg Allman, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Chuck Berry, and Al Jarreau.
  • He missed a few: Fats Domino, Lil Peep, J. Geils, and Della Reese
  • Congratulations to Christy Straton who successfully campaigned to get The Cars into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. She is so excited!
  • Pat thinks Iron Maiden should get into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame before Judas Priest. Everyone has really mixed reactions to that proclamation.
  • There is lot's of discussion about wether Bon Jovi or shouldn't have gotten in. In the end Bon Jovi got more votes than anyone else and still sells out stadiums. Murray is still very against Bon Jovi getting in despite these facts.
  • Mike and Pat met Jeff Lynne and he was wearing sunglasses at night. After the screening they went to the same bar (they were invited and not some kind of stalkers) and saw Eric Idol, George Harrison's widow and son, Haley Joel Osment, Sarah Sutherland, Joe Walsh, and Steve Lukather. Steve Lukather looked at Pat funyy like three times before Pat reminded him that he was from the Rock Solid podcast. Then it clicked for him.
  • Lukather was just in a new rock documentary called Hired Guns. If you don't like Billy Joel, you really won't like him after watching this documentary.
  • Murray gets his braces off in two weeks. He has had them on for about two years and hasn't smiled the whole time.
  • No one but Pat realized that the spaceship on the Boston albums is really a guitar. I find that really hard to believe...
  • Haim is on the hook to be on the show. In the meantime here is some Este Haim bass face.

    Este Haim bass face
  • Christy tells the story of how she met Tom Petty on King of the Hill. Tom played a character called "Lucky" who was "like Tom Petty but without the success." Tom was down to earth and always came down to the studio to do his recordings for the show with everyone else, even though he didn't have to.
  • The worst song of the year is Take A Knee My Ass.

00:22:52 We're On Our Way Step Into The Light Fastball David GutiƩrrez [Podcast Artist]
00:24:53 Holy Mountain Who Built The Moon Noel Gallager's High Flying Birds Murray
00:30:59 Green Light Melodrama Lorde Christy
00:33:14 The Man Wonderful Wonderful The Killers Mike
00:36:52 Sleeping Around The Corner Lindset Buckingham/Christins McVie Lindset Buckingham, Christins McVie Pat
00:40:54 I'm So Free Colors Beck Daryl Asher [Podcast Artist]
00:46:19 Wow Colors Beck Murray
00:43:17 Sorry Not Sorry Tell Me You Love Me Demi Lovato Christy
00:50:35 Want You Back Something To Tell You Haim Mike
00:53:14 Something To Tell You Something To Tell You Haim Pat
00:55:09 What About Us Beautiful Trauma Pink Pat
00:58:33 Wolves Wolvwes Rise Against Kyle
01:00:26 She Chose Me Dark Matter Randy Newman Glen K Amo [Podcast Artist]
01:01:46 Your Love Middle Kids Middle Kids Murray
01:05:03 Safari Song From The Fires Greta Van Fleet Christy
01:07:20 Highway Tune From The Fires Greta Van Fleet Murray
01:10:36 Owning Your Okayness Be Nice Milk Teeth Mike
01:14:26 Let It Rain Hell Or Highwater David Duchovney Pat
01:23:50 Over My Head BCCIV Black Country Communion Pat
01:25:16 The Way You Used To Do Villans Queens Of The Stone Age Joe Van Overberghe [Joey Notes]
01:28:31 Less Than Add Violence Nine Inch Nails Kyle
01:31:07 Paranormal Paranormal Alice Cooper Kyle Hilldreth [Artist]
01:34:42 Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way Songs Of Experience U2 Murray
01:36:56 The Showman (Little More Better) Songs Of Experience U2 Murray
01:38:05 Get Out Of Your Own Way Songs Of Experience U2 Murray
01:40:29 Feel It Still Woodstock Portugal. The Man Christy
01:44:51 Two Ghosts Harry Styles Harry Styles Mike
01:46:41 Too Much To Ask Flicker Niall Horan Mike
01:51:37 Show You The Way Drunk Thundercat Jason Levey [Podcast Artist]
01:53:54 The Luckiest Man Alive Angels Hear Action Skulls Pat
01:57:54 Drive On Once Upon A Hell Of A Time Matt Mays Jamie Whitlock [Podcast Artist]
01:59:20 You Should've Seen The Other Guy Live At Red Rocks Nathanial Rateliff and The Night Sweats Adam Harman [Podcast Artist]
02:03:30 Hold On To Me Plastic Soul Mondo Cozmo Murray
02:06:46 Bones Of Saints Carry Fire Robert Pant and the Sensational Space Shifters CHristy
02:11:26 Despacito Remix Despacito Remix [Single] Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee Feat. Justin Beiber Mike
02:13:16 Take A Knee My Ass Take A Knee My Ass [Single] Neal McCoy Mike
01:16:17 Dancing With The Wrong Girl Heavy Fire Black Star Riders Pat
02:18:41 Wish I Knew You Strangers In The Bright Lights The Revivalists Murray
02:20:32 Bad Liar Bad Liar [Single] Selena Gomez Christy
02:25:20 Holding On A Deeper Understanding The War On Drugs Mike
02:28:39 This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Reputation Taylor Swift Pat
02:33:15 Believer Evolve Imagine Dragons Christy