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Episode 297: Car Tunes

Episode 297: Car Tunes
Pat does double duty as Host and Producer. Christy and David Wild help out as they all play their favorite songs by The Cars and about cars. Also... Kyle's job is hard!!
From March 23, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Christy Stratton

00:00:00 Shucky Ducky, Quack Quack, Christy Stratton and David Wild are back. This is the first "Christy" episode since October and the first "David" appearance since September. Kyle is not here, he's probably somewhere wherever kids go these days (sock hops, soda shops, what have you). Christy is eternally grateful to Pat for introducing her to Eliot Easton and she's also eternally grateful to David for introducing her to Barry Gibb at the Tribute to the Bee Gees concert. She practically begged David for it. It all happened so fast, Barry shook her hand, she got a photo, he was a LOVELY man (as one would expect Barry Gibb to be). It was a night that Christy will never forget (mostly because she wore a "terrible sweater," according to her).
00:05:00 Pat brings up how in every CD he pulls off the shelf, David does the liner notes: From Barry Manilow to Smashing Pumpkins. David recalls a story of writing intimate liner notes for James Taylor after he gave him all the stories of his songs, then the record company called and cancelled them because Taylor would eventually do a one man show about the stories of his songs. David also recently ran into Eliot Easton and Eliot passed along his regards to Pat and Christy. Feelings!
00:10:00 Speaking of Eliot, a listener John Mortas sent in a clean copy of Christy calling into Rockline to talk with Eliot. You know, this clip: Actually, John sent Pat a clean copy of the ENTIRE SHOW! Pat's gonna give it to Christy. "And you have a Bar Mitzvah tape of me," wonders David. Also speaking of Eliot Easton, today's topic: Car Tunes! Songs performed by The Cars and songs about cars. But first, a word from our sponsors:
David loves The Cars, he loves car songs, but he could not care less about actual automobiles. Same with Pat and Christy. The gang talk about car accidents. David's only car accident for a long time was in Jamaica with Howie Epstein... until yesterday when a giant bird flew into his car's open window and started freaking out while David was driving. Eventually David pushed it out and his car is now full of feathers. Good lord.
  • Christy starts us off with Ms. Lucinda Williams. Off the album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, it's the song "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road"
  • David's first pick is a song by The Cars. It's "Touch and Go" off the album Panorama. The gang gush over the album cover for Panorama. It's also the album that turned people off of The Cars. "Out of gas," "Hit a speed bump," "Drove off a cliff," you know the score. 
  • Pat's first pick is also a Cars song, "Don't Go to Pieces", a B-side found on Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology.
  • Christy takes a hard left turn (tee hee) and plays a band name inspired by a car. Christy, you're cute as a button, so we'll allow it. Off their self-titled album, it's Stealers Wheel with "Stuck in the Middle with You". Shoutout to Mike Schmidt and the Tarantino Tunes episode. 
  • Up next for David is a song about Bruce Springsteen and car songs. This is Prefab Sprout with "Cars and Girls" off the album From Langley Park to Memphis. Prefab Sprout is one of David's favorite groups and their album Steve McQueen is one of his favorite albums of all time. 110% agreement on that one BTW.
  • Speaking of Bruce Springsteen, here comes the Boss. Pat plays "Car Wash" off his box set Tracks. Not some of Bruce's most intricate lyrics, but catchy nonetheless. 
  • Christy's been having some computer issues, which is why "Black Cars" by Gino Vannelli is not on her docket. "I just wanna stop and not listen to Gino Vannelli," says David. Her next pick is actually another Cars song. It's "Since You're Gone" off of Shake It Up.
  • David went back and listened to some Cars, he was reminded of their skills as harmonists. Pat now really likes Shake It Up after being lukewarm to it earlier. There are two songs on David's list that are some of his favorite songs ever. He plays the first, which is "Ridin' in My Car" by "The Beatles of Connecticut" NRBQ off the album All Hopped Up. The song reminds David of going to prep school and this band was massive. Plus NRBQ was one of his first dates with his wife. So it holds a special place in his heart. 
  • Pat gives some love to former guest Kathy Valentine and her band The Delphines. The song is "Carboy" off the album Cosmic Speed.
00:35:00 Christy called an audible and passed Pat a note like a couple of school chums. She plays a song that was a big part of her childhood, "Heading Out to the Highway" by Judas Priest off the album Point of Entry. Christy Stratton, kicking ass with some Priest! David makes a note to plug the new show Comedy Jam on Comedy Central (on which he worked with Christy's husband Gary) where stand up comedians tell stories about the songs that are important to them and then they sing the songs (often with the original artists). Who's hosting? "The host is the music," describes Hip Cool Daddy-O David.
00:40:00 David plays "the greatest car song of all time, by one of the greatest artists of all time, with one of the best lyrics of all time." A lot riding on this one, David. Off of 1999, it's Prince with "Little Red Corvette". You win again, Wild. YOU WIN AGAIN! Pat and Christy gush over the Prince tribute at the Grammys. David likes Prince as a writer because he was inspired by female writers and he used it to really tune into his emotions.
  • Pat's next is Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band. It's "Makin' Thunderbirds" off the album The Distance. Pat wants reissues and remasters of Seger's catalogue because it's a bit of a mess. David and Christy agree. "Plus he's a natural grey," points out David. No "Just for Men" for Mr. Seger, let me tell you. 
  • Christy's next pick is CAKE. It's "Long Line of Cars" off the album Comfort Eagle.
00:50:00 David tells a story involving Charleston, SC, Ryan Adams, Febreeze, and his next pick Hall & Oates. Off the album Do It for Love, the song is "Getaway Car". The gang praise Daryl Hall's TV show Live from Daryl's House, plus David recently interviewed Hall & Oates on Facebook Live.
00:55:00 What are they like? John is a super nice guy. Daryl is very smart, but a bit more mercurial. He's also 70! "No," Christy exclaims. "You guys are full of it!" But it's true. He looks great. H&O are going on tour with Tears for Fears; David knows Curt Smith, so he's hoping for tickets. David does not like to ask musicians for free tickets, he prefers the musicians to offer him them. There was one time when Neil Diamond was performing at the Greek and no one could get free tickets. David (who wrote an entire book about his love for Neil) didn't want spend all that money for tickets. Neil's wife and manager found out David wasn't going because of it, so she eventually snuck David onto the side of the stage. SIDE OF THE STAGE! You can practically hear the jealousy emanating off of Pat and Christy's bodies.
  • Back to the music, Pat plays "Mary's New Car" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers off of Southern Accents. Christy isn't a fan of the production. She likes a lot of the songs on the album, but not that particular sound. 
  • Christy's next band is one that opened for Tom Petty during the Southern Accents tour. The band is Lone Justice and the song is "Wheels" off the album Shelter. The gang chat Lone Justice and their lead singer Maria McKee.
  • David highlights Peter Wolf and his song "Nothin' but the Wheel" off the album Sleepless. Mick Jagger sings backup vocals there. The J. Geils Band was Christy's first concert ever. She couldn't believe they were right in front of her; her brain couldn't process it.

"That's them from the video! Magic Dick and the harmonica, he's right there."
- Christy

"Hey, watch your language young lady!"
- David

  • Pat's next pick is a Roger Taylor selection (vocals and lyrics) from the catalogue of Queen. Off of A Night at the Opera, it's "I'm in Love with My Car".
  • Christy goes a bit more contemporary with Broken Bells. Off their self-titled album, it's "The High Road"
  • David offers Christy a choice of three Cars songs: "All Mixed Up" (Maybe Christy's favorite Cars song), "Tonight She Comes", or Ric Ocasek's solo song "Silver" which is about the late Ben Orr. Christy goes with the last option, which is off of Ric's solo album Nexterday.
01:15:00 Christy marvels at how Ric and Ben managed to evolve to become great as the years went on. Some random topics get brought up, including the Missing Richard Simmons podcast and Christy abandoning her husband and son for wine country. Then Pat gets us back to the music. First he plays a little more of Roger Taylor, he's doing a cover of Bruce's "Racing in the Street" off the album Strange Frontier. Then he plays a song by Big Star. The song is "Back of a Car" off the album Radio City. Alex Chilton was a very difficult interview for David because he was "bitter, drunk, and unsuccessful." A winning combination.
01:20:00 Pat apologizes to U2, Foreigner, and Gin Blossoms. David apologizes to Tom Petty, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and the other Cars songs. Plugs time. Follow Christy on Twitter (handily found on the side of the page), follow David on Twitter @Wildaboutmusic. Thanks to both AS ALWAYS for being on the show. We go out with David's last pick, "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman off her self-titled album.

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00 Car Wheels on a Gravel Road Lucinda Williams Lucinda Williams Christy
00:15:00 Touch and Go Panorama The Cars David
00:15:00 Don’t Go to Pieces Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology The Cars Pat
00:20:00 Stuck in the Middle of with You Stealers Wheel Stealers Wheel Christy
00:20:00 Cars and Girls From Langley Park to Memphis Prefab Sprout David
00:25:00 Car Wash Tracks Bruce Springsteen Pat
00:25:00 Since You’re Gone Shake It Up The Cars Christy
00:30:00 Ridin’ in My Car All Hopped Up NRBQ David
00:30:00 Carboy Cosmic Speed The Delphines Pat
00:35:00 Heading Out to the Highway Point of Entry Judas Priest Christy
00:40:00 Little Red Corvette 1999 Prince David
00:45:00 Makin’ Thunderbirds The Distance Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band Pat
00:45:00 Long Line of Cars Comfort Eagle CAKE Christy
00:50:00 Getaway Car Do It for Love Hall & Oates David
01:00:00 Mary’s New Car Southern Accents Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Pat
01:00:00 Wheels Shelter Lone Justice Christy
01:05:00 Nothin’ but the Wheel Sleepless Peter Wolf David
01:05:00 I’m in Love with My Car A Night at the Opera Queen Pat
01:10:00 The High Road Broken Bells Broken Bells Christy
01:10:00 Silver Nexterday Ric Ocasek David
01:15:00 Racing in the Street Strange Frontier Roger Taylor Pat
01:15:00 Back of a Car Radio City Big Star Pat
01:20:00 Fast Car Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman David

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Episode 296: Track by Track: The Beatles

Episode 296: Track by Track: The Beatles
Pat and Mike go track by track with two of the most beloved Beatles albums... "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver." Kyle produces and cracks wise.
From March 16, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel

00:00:00 Pat, Mike, and Kyle welcome us to the show. Backstage scuttlebutt: Stephen Pearcy no-showed for the third time, so Mike (who was just here to take the photo) stepped in as Pat's substitute tag team partner. This is TNA Turning Point 2007 all over again. The trio get into 80s metalhead wig talk. Icons such as the late Kevin DuBrow and David Lee Roth known to don the weave every now and then.
00:05:00 After bemoaning the CD pig troughs of Walmart, Pat and Mike get into today's topic. They are going to go track by track and discuss two albums by The Beatles. First it will be 1965's Rubber Soul, then the discussion will turn to 1966's Revolver. Rubber Soul is up first. Mike describes the saying that Rubber Soul is the album where The Beatles discovered weed, Revolver is when they discovered acid. We will be hearing the definitive original versions of the albums, not the US-only versions. Pat used to rip The Beatles' albums from his friends before he owned them, then he bought all the albums when he got older because he felt he owed it to the band. "They're doing fine," says Mike.
00:10:00 All songs written by Lennon and McCartney except when noted. The first track from Rubber Soul is "Drive My Car". Kicking it off strong with a classic. Mike read The Beatles wanted to stop making their love songs sound so bubblegum, so they came up with that. Track two is "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)". A John song, definitely, about a one night stand. "I want to hold your hand... for one night," jokes Kyle. The debut of the sitar too, before they went all sitar-crazy.
00:15:00 Track three is "You Won't See Me". A lot of tambourine on the album, though that may be because of the mix. None of the first three songs are singles, yet we all know them. Perhaps because singles from previous albums were still coming out, plus non-album singles. Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison sing lead on track four, "Nowhere Man". Mike says that you can hear the band burning out from the road and all the constant SCREAMING from the audience. They couldn't hear themselves, the technology stunk, the songs they were doing weren't translating well live. The Beatles wanted out and this album is the last one they played songs from live when they toured.
00:20:00 Track five is a George Harrison composition called "Think for Yourself". George is starting to come into his own as a songwriter, although Paul and John still only gave him one song per side. Mike went to a Beatles convention once and he was amazed that there were people of all ages, races, and genders. Pat says that's the beauty of the Beatles, people of all ages can enjoy them. You can't say the same about the Stones.
00:25:00 Speaking of Mick and the boys, Pat brings up the new Stones album that is all blues covers. He has no opinion on blues, so he can't comment on whether he likes the album or not. Mike says that people would argue that if you like rock, you should like the blues because that's where it came from. "You like cookies, but you're not gonna put a cup of flour in your mouth," counters Kyle. Brilliant. Track six is the song "The Word". It's still good, Mike thinks it seems more of a throwaway compared to the rest. Track seven is a single from Rubber Soul, "Michelle". Look at Mr. Smarty Pants speaking French over here. A Grammy Award winner too. Track eight begins side two and it features Ringo on lead vocals. The song is "What Goes On". Kyle is not a fan. "It's always dicey when Ringo sings one," says Mike.
00:30:00 Strange how "What Goes On," the most countrified of the songs, is not on the American release. The gang point out the muddled differences between the UK and US releases. Track nine is Lennon's "Girl". Lennon has the most lead vocals on this album. Track ten is "I'm Looking Through You". Pat can't get over the band stopping touring. "All that tail," he whines. Mike rattles off the different relationships that The Beatles were in during this time period.
00:35:00 Track eleven is another John song, "In My Life". Classic. Pat gets the urge to play the tambourine, an instrument he can actually learn (but will probably still collect dust). "Imagine trying to play 'In My Life' at Shea Stadium," ponders Mike. Track twelve is the song "Wait".
00:40:00 Ringo is a tambourine machine all over this album. Track thirteen was played on the "Sound Alike Songs" episode. It's another George song, "If I Needed Someone". Just for fun Pat plays the Cheap Trick song "When You Need Someone" first to show Mike. Mike points out that the song shows how much The Beatles were influenced by The Byrds. "If You Needed Someone" is one of the songs the band played live. Mike brings up a Budokan concert that was taped where you can actually hear the band because the Japanese audience was so polite. Except for Yoko, who was screaming "over a bowl of pudding," as Kyle puts it.
00:45:00 Track fourteen is the last song on the album, "Run for Your Life". Fourteen songs, just one track that the guys were not high on. 9/10 is the score. Kyle was but a mere twinkle in his father's eye when the album came out and he knew almost every song. Eight months after Rubber Soul, the band puts out Revolver. They played none of the songs on this album live during their final tour. And if you hear it, you know why. Track one is George's breakthrough "Taxman".
00:50:00 The Beatles were allowed a lot more studio time than they were before, which is why there is much more orchestration and guest musicians. They're also in 1966 London where EVERYTHING is happening. Why would the band go to Reno to play for some screaming strangers when they can just stay in London and make music? Track two is "Eleanor Rigby". One of the greatest songs ever and it was only a B-side. So innovative as well. Mike: "How many pop singers were making songs about a lonely woman and the priest who buries her?"
00:55:00 Track three is a John song, "I'm Only Sleeping". One of the longest songs on the album... at three minutes. Track four is another George song, "Love You To". Sitars up the wazoo. The gang still prefer this to "Within You Without You." They also chat about the puniness of the band's name. Track four is "Here, There and Everywhere". Paul wrote the song when he drove to John's house and waited for him to wake up. Just wrote that beautiful piece of art while waiting for John to get up from his snooze.
01:00:00 Track seven is, well, yes. Ringo's lead vocal song "Yellow Submarine". "Acid, folks, acid," warns Mike. THAT WAS THE A-SIDE TO ELEANOR RIGBY! AND IT WENT TO #2!!! *siiiiigh* Anyway, track eight is "She Said She Said". The song came from Lennon hearing Peter Fonda speak about taking acid and seeing some crazy shit. Pat is baffled about acid because he's a straight shooter and keeps his temple clean. Kyle and Mike teach Pat about the basics of LSD.
01:05:00 Pat gives side one a 6/7, Mike gives it a 7/7 because it's his favorite Beatles album. Pat and Mike chat about meditation and sleeping. Pat is tired all the time. "Why don't I sleep more?" He is both a morning person and night person. Age, baby, it's all age. Mike remembers being on the road and sleeping until noon. Pat remembers doing a stand up show, eating a whole pizza by himself, watching TV in the room, and zonking out for hours. Pat reveals he would bring an exercise bike with him on the road, which comes as a surprise to Mike. WE move on to side two and track eight "Good Day Sunshine".
01:10:00 Paul was influenced by The Lovin' Spoonful on that one. Track nine is "And Your Bird Can Sing". Love it. Another Paul song is up next, track ten "For No One". Two minutes of perfection. We didn't get to the French horn section, so Pat lovingly recreates it all by himself.
01:15:00 Track eleven is John's "Doctor Robert". Doctor Robert was indeed based on an actual doctor who showed up at your door if you needed a little pick-me-up, if you know what I mean. The boys talk about Elvis during this time period who was just making awful movies. "Worst management ever," says Mike. George gets a third track on the album, track twelve "I Want to Tell You". Then we move on to track thirteen "Got to Get You into My Life".
01:20:00 The song was released as a single in 1976, six years after the band split up. Earth, Wind & Fire had a big hit with their version of it as well. And Joe Pesci did a cover too... let's not bring that up. Track fourteen is the final track, "Tomorrow Never Knows". Now THIS is the acid trip. Mike says that the album sequencing is smart because when you take the acid tab at the start of the album, when it's kicked in thirty minutes later, you get "Tomorrow Never Knows." Mike also brings up Ray Davies' review of the album at the time when Revolver came out; he called it a "load of rubbish." He also described "Taxman" as a cross between "The Who and Batman."
01:25:00 We go around the horn. Pat likes individual songs better on Revolver, but as an album he likes Rubber Soul better. Kyle agrees. Mike thinks it's because the band was starting to drift with Revolver. When you get to The White Album, the band is just four guys off in their own worlds. Pat relistened to The White Album and enjoyed it more than he had previously. Revolver is Mike's favorite Beatles album. Abbey Road is still Pat's.
01:30:00 Plugs time. Mike's podcast Travel Tales is still rocking and rolling. Bacon Is Magic (yes, that is a real website) listed it as one of 17 Travel Podcasts to Inspire You in 2017. Good on ya, Snowman. We end the show with the album that followed Revolver, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". But wait... this is the Bill Cosby version off the album Bill Cosby Sings Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! OH NO!!!

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!! I have a podcast! Yes, I am now one of the millions of people who forces their voice upon the huddled masses. The podcast is Music of the Mat and it's about wrestling music. I co-host it with my good friend Chris. Check it out HERE.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Drive My Car Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:10:00 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:15:00 You Won’t See Me Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:15:00 Nowhere Man Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:20:00 Think for Yourself Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:25:00 The Word Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:25:00 Michelle Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:25:00 What Goes On Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:30:00 Girl Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:30:00 I’m Looking Through You Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:35:00 In My Life Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:35:00 Wait Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:40:00 If I Needed Someone Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:40:00 Run for Your Life Rubber Soul The Beatles N/A
00:45:00 Taxman Revolver The Beatles N/A
00:50:00 Eleanor Rigby Revolver The Beatles N/A
00:55:00 I’m Only Sleeping Revolver The Beatles N/A
00:55:00 Love You To Revolver The Beatles N/A
00:55:00 Here, There and Everywhere Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:00:00 Yellow Submarine Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:00:00 She Said She Said Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:05:00 Good Day Sunshine Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:10:00 And Your Bird Can Sing Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:10:00 For No One Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:15:00 Doctor Robert Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:15:00 I Want to Tell You Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:15:00 Got to Get You into My Life Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:20:00 Tomorrow Never Knows Revolver The Beatles N/A
01:30:00 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Bill Cosby Sings Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! Bill Cosby N/A

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Episode 295: Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Episode 295: Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2017
Pat, Murray and Kyle play some of their favorite songs from the 2017 Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees.
From March 9, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano

00:00:00 Pat, Murray, and Kyle welcome us to the show. It's time for the third annual "Pat and Murray Talk About the New Class of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees and Play Songs by Them and Then Talk About Those Songs" episode. I keep telling them to shorten the name, but no dice. The Class of 2017 is as follows:

  • Electric Light Orchestra
  • Joan Baez
  • Journey
  • Nile Rodgers (Award for Musical Excellence)
  • Pearl Jam
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Yes

Pat and Murray briefly discuss last year's non-performer inductee Bert Berns, who wrote a bunch of hit songs and then died at 38 of rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever? "Was he swimming in the Nile River?" asks Murray.
00:05:00 We're going in alphabetical order and because of Pat's weird sorting system, the first artist is Joan Baez. Political artist, prominent in the 60s and 70s. Once jumped Bob Dylan's bones. Good ol' Joan Baez. The first song Pat plays is "Diamonds & Rust" off the album Diamonds & Rust. Then he plays her cover of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" off the album Blessed Are.... One more is "Forever Young" off of Classics. "Are you sure you don't have any more songs she ruined in there?" wonders Murray. Murray doesn't know much about Joan, he just doesn't like her music. But the gang agree that she belongs in the Hall of Fame.
00:10:00 They wonder who will induct Joan Baez, Pat guesses Sheryl Crow. A brief discussion on Sheryl ensues, as Murray takes a jab at her for "ripping off those dudes" on her early albums. Other possibilities are Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt. What about Bob Dylan? Maybe, if you could understand the guy. But enough about Joannie B and Bobby D, let's talk about Electric Light Orchestra. The inductees are Jeff Lynne (founding member and head honcho), Richard Tandy (keyboardist), Bev Bevan (founding member and drummer), and Roy Wood (founding member and guitarist). Pat takes umbrage with Wood getting in because he was only on the first album and part of the second one. And none of the other members who were in for years and years are getting in. Oh boy, it's the Bob Welch situation all over again and NO ONE wants to dredge up that rant from the depths of the local watering hole.
00:15:00 Murray kicks off the ELO music with "The Diary of Horace Wimp" off of Discovery. Pat's first pick is "Poker" off of Face the Music. Off the album Secret Messages, Murray plays "Rock 'n' Roll Is King". Shout out to Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson on that one. Pat's second is off of Eldorado, it's "Boy Blue".
00:20:00 Pat finishes off the ELO songs with "Tightrope" off of A New World Record. But WAIT, Murray calls an audible and plays "All Over the World" off of All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra.
Up next is Journey! The band with, as Murray calls him, "Arnold Palmer" as lead singer. Pat thinks that Arnel has now been in the band so long that he's no longer trying to imitate Steve Perry, but he's now singing more in his own natural voice. "So he sang in a different language?" says Murray. The most recent Journey concert Pat went to, he didn't enjoy.
00:25:00 Pat and Murray chat about the Journey members going in. Jonathan Cain (keyboardist), Ainsley Dunbar (founding member and drummer), Steve Perry (vocalist) Gregg Rolie (founding member and vocalist), Neal Schon (founding member and guitarist), Steve Smith (drummer), and Ross Valory (founding member and bassist). Pat believes that these are the guys from the entire history of the band that should be inducted.
00:30:00 Pat's first Journey song is "Anytime" off the album Infinity. Great song, Murray forgot all about it. He recently watched a Journey concert and remembered how many great songs the band has. He's a preacher's kid, so he JUST missed out on Journey's heyday. Pat feels lucky to have seen them on the Escape Tour and the Frontiers Tour, where "The Groover from Vancouver" Bryan Adams opened for them. Murray: "Not 'The Axe from Halifax'?" Murray's first pick is "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" off of Evolution. Murray loves how he mocks the woman at the end of the song.
00:35:00 Pat's second Journey pick is an obscure one called "Only Solutions" off of the Tron Soundtrack. Pat just wanted to highlight a deeper cut. Murray's next is "Send Her My Love" off the album Frontiers. "You can smell the 80s on it, can't ya," notes Murray. Pat is quick to point out that Side 1 of Frontiers is perfect and most of Side 2 sucks donkey schlong. The one Side 2 songs Pat enjoys is the opener, "Edge of the Blade".
00:40:00 Pat plays a song from the DEMO TAPE that got Steve Perry into Journey. The song is "If You Need Me, Call Me" off of Perry's album Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased. Yup, the guy's got pipes. That's why Journey's manager basically forced Steve Perry on the band. He just dumped him on them like a baby at a fire station.
Our fourth band on the docket is Pearl Jam. One of the most influential bands of the 90s and today. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden. If you had hair spray and a trace of makeup, your band was gonna get kicked in its ass by those guys. The inductees are Jeff Ament (bassist), Matt Cameron (drummer), Stone Gossard (guitarist), Dave Krusen (drummer), Mike McCready (guitarist), and Eddie Vedder (singer). With the exception of Cameron, everyone going into the Hall of Fame is a founding member.
00:45:00 Murray curiously notes that Dave Abbruzzese, drummer on Vs. and Vitalogy, is not getting inducted. And there are a bunch of drummers that were glossed over in the Pearl Jam 20 documentary that weren't mentioned. Murray kicks off the Pearl Jam music with "Wishlist" off the album Yield. Murray gushes over Vedder's lyrics. Pat's first PJ song is "The Fixer" from the album Backspacer.
00:50:00 Murray thinks the opening to "The Fixer" sounds like Kiss. And HEEEEEERE'S PAULIE! The Starchild makes an appearance, talks about inviting Dave Abbruzzese over for dinner (with many s-filled treats), and makes Murray tear up laughing. Murray plays his next song, "Rearviewmirror" off of Vs.. Pat's second pick is "Mind Your Manners" off the most recent album Lightning Bolt. Murray was disappointed with Lightning Bolt because he heard MYM and was excited. Then he heard "Sirens" on MTV and fell asleep. Pat plays one more, this one from Vitalogy, it's "Better Man".
00:55:00 Nile Rodgers is finally going in. He's getting the Award for Musical Excellence, I guess to include his work as a musician, producer, and writer. Murray plays a song that Nile plays on and wrote, "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk off the album Random Access Memories. Kyle finds the song and album UNLISTENABLE!!!!! Oh Kyle, you hot takin' son of a gun. Nile also produced Ric Ocasek's solo album Fireball Zone. Pat plays "Come Back".
01:00:00 Back to back shoutouts to Christy Stratton. First Ric, then Diana Ross. Off of Diana, it's "Upside Down". Nile produced that one too and it sounds it. Murray: "Is she (Diana Ross) the one that went crazy?" EVERY TIME! EVERY FUCKING TIME HE ASKS THIS QUESTION!!!!!!! Holy crap, Murray, WRITE IT DOWN!!!! Anyway, Pat plays another Nile-produced band, Duran Duran. Off the album Notorious, it's "Skin Trade". Murray used to be a closet Duran Duran fan, but now he's out and proud. Pat plays another 80s-centric band that was under Nile's direction, INXS. Off of The Swing, it's "Original Sin". Rock in Peace Michael Hutchence.
01:05:00 Let's venture into the realm of hip hop with the late Tupac Shakur, or 2Pac. Not Pat and Murray's type of music, but they agree that he should be in. And he's still showing up! He's been dead for 20 years, but he's still putting out music and showing up in hologram form like he's on Star Trek. Murray plays the song "California Love" featuring Dr. Dre off of All Eyez on Me. Pat doesn't know any 2Pac, so he just went to iTunes and picked a popular song. It's "Changes" off the album Greatest Hits. Bruce Hornsby shoutout. Tupac was 25 when he died.
01:10:00 A little side track. Former guest Peter Pardini's Chicago documentary debuted at #1 in the 25-44 demo when it aired on CNN. Murray is a little confused as to why a Chicago documentary is airing on CNN. But CNN has aired stuff other than constant news (Anthony Bourdain, the Decades documentaries, etc.), plus CNN is on a LOT of people's TVs. So good on ya, Peter! Murray has one more 2Pac song, "Wanted Dead or Alive" featuring Snoop Dogg from the album The Prophet: The Best of the Works.
01:15:00 Talk about a band that's long overdue: It's Yes! Prog rock icons of the highest order. For all the jokes about "Prog Rock Bullshit," Pat and Murray are big prog rock fans. The guys getting in: Jon Anderson (founding member and vocalist), Bill Bruford (founding member and drummer), Steve Howe (guitarist), Tony Kaye (founding member and keyboardist), Trevor Rabin (vocalist and guitarist), Chris Squire (founding member and bassist), Rick Wakeman (keyboardist), and Alan White (drummer). Rock in peace Chris Squire, the only man on every Yes album. Would have been nice if Yes went in when Chris was still alive, of course.... *sigh*. Murray kicks it off with "Love Will Find a Way" off the album Big Generator. From the poppy era of Yes in the 80s. I ain't complaining.
01:20:00 Pat's first pick is off of The Yes Album. The song is "Yours Is No Disgrace". Classic Yes sound there. Murray goes back to the 80s pop sound with "It Can Happen" off of 90125. Pat and Murray chat classic prog rock: King Crimson, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Pat's favorite prog rock album is Asia's self-titled debut. The two wonder if Rush, Kansas, and Pink Floyd count as prog rock.
01:25:00 Also from The Yes Album, Pat plays "I've Seen All Good People". Jon Anderson not in Yes currently, but he will play with the band at the ceremony. The big wish is that these one night reunions--Journey, Yes, etc.--will spark interest for a bigger reunion tour. Pat's last Yes song is off the album Union, which combined Yes songs and Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe songs onto one album. The song is "I Would Have Waited Forever". Basically everyone on the Union album is getting into the Hall.
01:30:00 Murray reads some of the rules of progressive metal, then we get into plugs. Kyle is trying to get verified on Twitter and join the exclusive club alongside Pat, Murray, April, and Christy. Let's hope that the Twitter people are not big Daft Punk fans. Pat takes us out with Journey and the biggest song in the universe, "Don't Stop Believin'" off of Escape.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Diamonds & Rust Diamonds & Rust Joan Baez Pat
00:05:00 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Blessed Are… Joan Baez Pat
00:05:00 Forever Young Classics Joan Baez Pat
00:15:00 The Diary of Horace Wind Discovery Electric Light Orchestra Murray
00:15:00 Poker Face the Music Electric Light Orchestra Pat
00:15:00 Rock ’n’ Roll Is King Secret Messages Electric Light Orchestra Murray
00:15:00 Boy Blue Eldorado Electric Light Orchestra Pat
00:20:00 Tightrope A New World Record Electric Light Orchestra Pat
00:20:00 All Over the World All Over the World Electric Light Orchestra Murray
00:30:00 Anytime Infinity Journey Pat
00:30:00 Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ Evolution Journey Murray
00:35:00 Only Solutions Tron Soundtrack Journey Pat
00:35:00 Send Her My Love Frontiers Journey Murray
00:35:00 Edge of the Blade Frontiers Journey Pat
00:40:00 If You Need Me, Call Me Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased Steve Perry Pat
00:45:00 Wishlist Yield Pearl Jam Murray
00:45:00 The Fixer Backspacer Pearl Jam Pat
00:50:00 Rearviewmirror Vs. Pearl Jam Murray
00:50:00 Mind Your Manners Lightning Bolt Pearl Jam Pat
00:50:00 Better Man Vitalogy Pearl Jam Pat
00:55:00 Get Lucky Random Access Memories Daft Punk Murray
00:55:00 Come Back Fireball Zone Ric Ocasek Pat
01:00:00 Upside Down Diana Diana Ross Murray
01:00:00 Skin Trade Notorious Duran Duran Pat
01:00:00 Original Sin The Swing INXS Pat
01:05:00 California Love All Eyez on Me 2Pac feat. Dr. Dre Murray
01:05:00 Changes Greatest Hits 2Pac Pat
01:10:00 Wanted Dead or Alive The Prophet: The Best of the Works 2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg Murray
01:15:00 Love Will Find a Way Big Generator Yes Murray
01:20:00 Yours Is No Disgrace The Yes Album Yes Pat
01:20:00 It Can Happen 90125 Yes Murray
01:25:00 I’ve Seen All Good People The Yes Album Yes Pat
01:25:00 I Would Have Waited Forever Union Yes Pat
01:30:00 Don’t Stop Believin’ Escape Journey Pat