Thursday, December 21, 2017

Episode 336: The History of Genesis

Episode 336: The History of Genesis
Pat and Kyle welcome Murray back to the Co-Host chair to discuss the ever changing musical career of the band Genesis. All of the songs Murray plays were picked by super fan Michael Bagford.
From Dec 21, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano

Liner Notes

  • Bose the engineers of some of the world's best audio equipment, including the Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Canceling Headphones. Everyone in studio is wearing them.Bose invented the technology in noise cancelling headphones 40 years ago. Bose believes in blocking out sounds and distractions so you can immerse yourself in what you truly love! Bose - Get Closer.
  • Murray's son is in studio watching The Incredibles with a pair of Bose headphones.
  • Hob the Troll created a new "Nerd Alert" sting. You hear it a lot in this episode.
  • Murray is drinking a Leinenkugel's Grapefruit Shandy.
  • Pat gives a shout out to (Sound Awake)[] hosted by Jeffery Thames.
  • After five months on the $20 Patreon tier you get to pick the topic for a show. Super fan Micheal Bagford did just that. his choice was The History of Genesis.
  • Pat first heard Genesis when his older brother (Kyle's dad) brought home the 45 of Follow You Follow Me in 1978. Pat didn't really listen to any of the older prog rock genesis until about two years ago. turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
  • Murray didn't get into Genesis until Invisible Touch. His girlfriend, at the time, went with him to see Genesis at Giant's Stadium. After the concert he started to explore their back catalogue.
  • Genesis first album, From Genesis To Revelation, only sold 600 copies when it was first released. The original lineup was Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Anthony Phillips, Mike Rutherford, and John Silver on drums.
  • Nursery Crymes is when Steve Hackett and Phil Collins joined the band.
  • Mike Rutherford was a big influence on Steve Harris the bassist for Iron Maiden.
  • The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway was the first double album for Genesis. It was also the last album with Peter Gabriel.
  • In February 1976 the bands line up was Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, and Steve Hackett. They were really productive and released two albums that year.
  • Invisible Touch had five singles and all five hit in the top five.
  • After We Can't Dance Phil left the band. A few years later Rutherford and Banks want to carry on the Genesis name and get a new lead singer, Ray Wilson.

00:18:03 In The Wilderness From Genesis To Revelation Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
00:21:04 Dusk Trepass Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
00:24:52 Looking For Someone Trepass Genesis Pat
00:29:21 Harlequin Nursery Cryme Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
00:30:30 For Absent Friends Nursery Cryme Genesis Pat
00:35:55 Watcher Of The Skies Foxtrot Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
00:39:18 Get 'Em Out By Friday Foxtrot Genesis Pat
00:42:47 The Battle Of Epping Forest Selling England By The Pound Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
00:45:59 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight Selling England By The Pound Genesis Pat
00:50:47 In The Cage The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
00:52:22 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Genesis Pat
00:58:31 Entangled A Trick Of The Tail Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:00:57 Robbery, Assault And Battery A Trick Of The Tail Genesis Pat
01:04:05 Eleventh Earl Of Mar Wind & Wuthering Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:05:17 Your Own Special Way Wind & Wuthering Genesis Pat
01:12:00 Deep In The Motherlode …And Then There Were Three… Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:13:35 Follow You Follow Me …And Then There Were Three… Genesis Pat
01:19:29 Behind The Lines Duke Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:20:49 Misunderstanding Duke Genesis Pat
01:30:43 Lurker Abacab Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:32:30 No Reply At All Abacab Genesis Pat
01:35:09 You Might Recall 3X3 Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:36:08 Papar Late 3X3 Genesis Pat
01:40:58 Mama Genesis Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:43:46 That's All Genesis Genesis Pat
01:49:19 In Too Deep Invisible Touch Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:50:40 Invisible Touch Invisible Touch Genesis Pat
01:56:51 Dreaming While You Sleep We Can't Dance Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
01:57:47 Hold On My Heart We Can't Dance Genesis Pat
02:04:20 Shipwrecked …Calling All Stations Genesis Micheal Bagford [Patreon Subscriber]
02:05:42 Not About Us …Calling All Stations Genesis Pat
02:14:30 Abacab Abacab Genesis Murray

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