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Episode 334: The Terry Kath Experience

Episode 334: The Terry Kath Experience
Pat and Kyle welcome director Michelle Kath Sinclair to the show to discuss her labor of love documentary "Chicago: The Terry Kath Experience."
From Dec 7, 2017

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Pat Francis

Liner Notes

  • Today's guest is the daughter of the Chicago guitarist Terry Kath, Michelle Kath Sinclair. Michelle is the director of the new documentary Chicago: The Terry Kath Experience.
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  • The documentary debuted on the ASX TV network. Michelle doesn't have cable so she had to call around to her friends to find someone who had the channel so she could watch it!
  • This is Michelle's first film. She has two boys ages 6 and 12 (and a husband). She is also a private event DJ.
  • Michelle had access to everyone she wanted in the film. Despite any personal issues going on between people in Chicago everyone loved Terry. It wasn't hard to get anyone to agree to do the interviews.
  • Some of the people it the documentary include: Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh, Steve Lukather, and Mike Campbell
  • Michelle still had direct contact with most everyone who was in Chicago, either directly or through their wives and kids.
  • The idea to make the film was something she thought about for over 10 years. The original idea was to have it be about writing letter to her father and talking to him. After they showed first clips they put together everyone thought it seemed corny or cliche. One of her directer friends told her that she didn't have to be that literal because her "voice" would be all over the film.
  • It took 7 years to put the film together. If she makes another film it wan't take nearly that long. She learned a lot through the process and sees what could have been done better.
  • Caribou Ranch was a beautiful recording studio. The band would move out there while they recorded their albums. During the filming of the documentary the studio was sold and they had to rush out to film there.
  • Music and footage rights for any film are always a challenge. Terry's family still has all the rights to the songs he wrote. The other members of Chicago also own the songs that they wrote. Rhino Records still own all the masters of the recordings, so she still had to go to them to get the recordings.
  • Terry Kath was on 11 Chicago albums before he passed.
  • The story goes that no one wanted to sing Color My World because it seemed to soft. They decided to get Terry to sing it and he said sure. He then proceeded to lie down on the floor and sing it in one take.
  • Michell was only 2 when her father passed. She does have one memory of her dad driving the boat up at her grandparents lodge.
  • Terry liked guns and regularly carried them. Terry took the clip out of his gun but didn't realize that there was one still in the chamber. He was accidentally shot and died instantly.
  • Michelle is of course anti-gun and doesn't believe they belong in the house.
  • The most surprising thing that Michelle learned during the filming process, about her father, was that if he didn't like something Terry was going to tell you, and then you were going to change it.
  • The song Jenny is about a dog. It's a love song and he is telling the dog to take care of his lady.
  • Kiefer Suthurland did the toast at Michelle's wedding in place of her dad. Kiefer is Michelle's stepfather from about the age of ten onward. Kiefer was married to her mom and they had a daughter, so Michelle has a half-sister.
  • The movie is being released on December 12 on Video on Demand, DVD, and Blue Ray. There will be 30 minutes of bonus content on the home video release.
  • Become a patreon subscriber to have a chance to win signed copies of the movie.
  • The play out song, Little One, has the lyrics that Kiefer recites in his toast. Terry sings the song. It was the last song on the last Chicago album he was directly a part of.

00:16:53 Introduction Chicago Transit Authority Chicago Transit Authority Pat
00:26:41 Free Form Guitar Chicago Transit Authority Chicago Pat
00:26:56 I'm A Man Chicago Transit Authority Chicago Pat
00:47:53 Color My World Chicago Chicago Pat
01:04:36 Memories Of Love Chicago Chicago Pat
01:07:16 25 Or 6 To 4 Chicago Chicago Pat
01:09:44 Loneliness Is Just A Word Chicago III Chicago Pat
01:11:16 An Hour In The Shower Chicago III Chicago Pat
01:20:58 Dialogue (Part One) Chicago V Chicago Pat
01:26:17 Jenny Chicago VI Chicago Pat
01:32:31 Brand New Love Afair Chicago VIII Chicago Pat
01:39:40 Little Ones Chcago XI Chicago Pat

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