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Episode 333: Walter Egan

Episode 333: Walter Egan
Pat and Kyle sit down with 70's hit-maker Walter Egan to discuss his Top Ten hit "Magnet and Steel" plus everything else that came before and after.
From Nov 30, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Liner Notes

  • Walter Egan is best known for song that made it to #8 in 1978, Magnet and Steel.
  • Walter now plays with Malibooz. This was his high school band. The band was reconstituted after the success of Magnet and Steel.
  • Walter got his first guitar when he was 15 and learned to play with his Kingston Trio songbook. He was told that if he got an electric guitar he could join a band. He had to convince his parents that this was in their best interest.
  • Malibooz morphed into Sagewood after the leader of the band, John, left for academic pursuits and Walter took over.
  • Sagewood got an offer from producer Chris Darrow, of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band fame. They moved to Boston from DC the year after college because the others thought it was to risky to move straight out to LA.
  • Gram Parsons recorded a song that Walter wrote called Hears On Fire. When that happened it seemed like a good time to make the transition to LA. Walter still makes a few hundred dollars a quarter from the song.
  • The first song he ever sold, to be recorded, was to a local DC artist Ester Mae "Mama" Scott. It was called Come To Me and was on the album Mama Ain't Nobody's Fool.
  • In April of 1974, just as Walter was arriving in LA, Bernie Leadon was leaving Eagles. Walter wrote a letter to Glen Frey and told him he was on the way out there. They met up at the Troubador and Glen told him that he would make it if he just persevered.
  • Fundamental Roles, Walter's first album came out just 3 years latter in 1977.
  • The fist song and single that Walter wrote in California was Only The Lucky.
  • Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham are all over the first album. They were recording Rumors at the time and Walter was looking for a producer. He wanted Brian Wilson, but so did everyone else. Nicks and Buckingham were mentioned as possibilities and it seemed intriguing.
  • While recording the album, they created a studio bane and both Stevie and Lindsey were in it. Stevie is on 8 of the 10 or 11 songs on the album. Stevie and Lindsey were generally not in the studio together, as this was at the time of their breakup.
  • In December of 1976, Walter started dating Stevie. It added way more complication to recording the album.
  • The first movie the song Magnet and Steel was ever in was The Night We Never Met with Matthew Broderick. Another movie it was in was Overnight Delivery, a movie that bypassed the theaters to go directly to the home. At the same time the studio wanted wanted the song for Overnight Delivery, they also wanted it for an R-rated Burt Reynolds they were shooting. He said OK and that movie ended up being Boogie Nights. The song was also featured as the love theme in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.
  • The album Hi Fi was recorded at Stevie Nicks house in the Hollywood Hills.
  • The shirt that Walter wears on the cover of Last Stroll has famous connections. Jan and Dean hosted The T.A.M.I. Show (a famous concert) in 1964 where they wore that Go Go t-shirt.
  • On the first album cover there are a couple of cheerleaders and on Wild Exhibitions there are a couple as well. On the first album the girls well Selma and Tammy and on the second they were Tammy and Jennifer. Tammy (from Wild Exhibitions), the dark haired one, became Walter's wife. The other cheerleader, Jennifer, is Tammy's sister. Walter and Tammy are divorced but living together again.
  • Wild Exhibitions was on a new label, Backstreet Records, which was also Tom Petty's label. Back in September of 1978 Walter and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were on tour together for two weeks. They traded off opening and closing out the shows. This happened just before Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers really broke it big.
  • Skip Edwards played keyboard on the song Maybe Maybe and after that went to go play for Dwight Yoakum, A short time after after that Dwight released a song called Fast As You that sounds very similar.
  • Walter got married in 1984 and had his son in 1985. He had to start doing the family thing and started to explore alternative careers. He made a few game show appearances, reviewed books, and did substitute teaching.
  • Walter inherited the house where he grew up in Queens and moved the family back there. His daughter was born a few years later.
  • Walter continues to substitute teach at a school just outside of Nashville. He likes it because he can work when he feels like it. During the summer he teaches song writing to kids at summer camp.
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00:18:06 Only The Lucky Fundamental Roll Walter Egan Pat
00:24:39 Won't You Say You Will Fundamental Roll Walter Egan Pat
00:36:03 Feel So Good Fundamental Roll Walter Egan Pat
00:39:29 Magnet And Steel Not Shy Walter Egan Pat
00:46:44 Just The Wanting Not Shy Walter Egan Pat
00:47:51 Hot Summer Nights Not Shy Walter Egan Pat
01:00:44 That's That Hi Fi Walter Egan Pat
01:08:22 Hi Fi Love Hi Fi Walter Egan Pat
01:10:43 Tuesday Weld The Last Stroll Walter Egan Pat
01:12:45 Heart The Last Stroll Walter Egan Pat
01:23:50 Fool Moon Firo Wild Exhibitions Walter Egan Pat
01:25:15 Maybe Maybe Wild Exhibitions Walter Egan Pat
01:27:27 Fast as You This Time Dwight Yoakam Walter Egan
01:37:07 Crazy Reign True Stories [LIVE in Studio] Walter Egan Walter Egan
01:49:10 Old Photographs True Stories Walter Egan Pat

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