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Episode 308: Stephen Pearcy

Episode 308: Stephen Pearcy
Pat and Kyle finally hook up with RATT lead singer Stephen Pearcy and it was definitely worth the wait!
From June 8, 2017

With your host:

Pat Francis

Liner Notes

  • Today's special guest is best known as the lead singer of the band Ratt, but he's done a bunch of other projects including his new solo album Smash. It's Stephen Pearcy! Pat commends Stephen for still sounding great on the mic. He also gives him the thumbs up on the new record. Stephen says that the record took a long time to make and he and his band wanted to make it as good as possible. It helps to be sober, he adds.

  • The original Ratt EP was made on a $3000 budget, but it sold 300,000 copies. This was the classic Ratt lineup: Stephen on vocals, Warren DeMartini and Robbin Crosby (RIP) on guitars, Juan Croucier on bass, and Bobby Blotzer on drums. Stephen remembers when the band was in San Diego and couldn't get signed to a major label because all the bands that did get signed were on the Sunset Strip in LA. He would travel to LA and hang out backstage with Van Halen, chatting about gear and smoking weed. Eventually Ratt moved to Hollywood where they got signed by Atlantic Records.
  • Ratt teamed up with producer Beau Hill on those first four Ratt albums to produce the classic Ratt sound. When the first album came out, it was a really cool time for the band: Milton Berle was in the "Round and Round" video, Ozzy and Dio came over to Stephen's one-bedroom apartment, they were hanging out with WASP and Motley Crue. There was more camaraderie than competition back then. It was a fun and unique era, one in which the band just wanted to play music.

  • Stephen highlights the importance of Warren and Robbin in Ratt's sound and writing.

  • Stephen listens to everything. He admits that his attention span is not what it used to be. But he just loves music, that's why he's never stopped doing it. Even when Ratt wasn't around, he had Arcade, Vicious Delite, Vertex, his solo stuff. He loves to write music. When Ratt did a song for the Point Break soundtrack, it was a song that originally wasn’t written by the band. But when they went in to do it, they made their own changes to the lyrics.

  • If Eddie Van Halen had asked Stephen to join Van Halen years ago, Stephen would have done it. Ditto Blue Oyster Cult.

  • After Out of the Cellar came out, it was madness. Record, tour, record, tour, record, tour, record, tour. Nonstop for about six years.
  • The last Beau Hill album was Reach for the Sky, which is Pat's favorite Ratt album. It's co-produced with Mike Stone. While Beau liked to push Stephen, Mike did not. The next album Detonator had another new producer, Desmond Child. At that point, Ratt was beat down and busted because they never took a break. Stephen wanted to shut the band down. On Detonator they co-wrote with Desmond and Diane Warren. Stephen says you have to be openminded when writing with other people.

  • After Ratt broke up, Stephen spent most of the 90s in other projects like Arcade and Vertex. He wanted to try new things and prove to people that he could do something different. Ratt then reformed in 1999 with just Stephen, Warren, and Bobby returning.

  • The last Ratt album was Infestation in 2010. Stephen was in rough shape back then, but he's made it through to the other side. When Ratt does do new music, he wants to get Beau Hill back on the boards.

  • Before Stephen was a musician, he worked in a pit crew. Total gearhead. Then one day he got run over by a car and spent months in the hospital learning how to walk again. Someone gave him an acoustic guitar and that was how he became a musician.

  • You can find Stephen on Twitter @StephenEPearcy or you can go to his website
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:00:00 Ten Miles Wide Smash Stephen Pearcy Pat
00:05:00 Dead Roses Smash Stephen Pearcy Pat
00:15:00 Tell the World Ratt EP Ratt Pat
00:25:00 Round and Round Out of the Cellar Ratt Pat
00:45:00 One Like a Son Vertex Vertex Pat
00:50:00 Nobody Rides for Free Point Break Soundtrack Ratt Pat
01:05:00 Bottom Line Reach for the Sky Ratt Pat
01:10:00 City to City Reach for the Sky Ratt Pat
01:15:00 Givin’ Yourself Away Detonator Ratt Pat
01:20:00 Dancin’ with the Angels Arcade Arcade Pat
01:25:00 It Ain’t Easy Ratt Ratt Pat
01:25:00 Eat Me Up Alive Infestation Ratt Pat
01:35:00 Lollipop Smash Stephen Pearcy Pat
01:40:00 What Do Ya Think Smash Stephen Pearcy Pat
01:50:00 Hit Me with a Bullet Smash Stephen Pearcy Pat

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