Friday, May 26, 2017

Episode 306: Tom Waits: The Man and His Music

Episode 306: Tom Waits: The Man and His Music
One of Pat's oldest friends Comedian/Writer Russ McGarry sits in as Guest Co-Host to discuss the career of Tom Waits. Kyle Dodson produces as we play songs written by Waits and covered by other artists. Please support the show via Patreon...
From May 25, 2017

With your host:

Pat Francis

Liner Notes

  • Today's special guest co-host is a longtime standup comedian and a longtime friend of Pat's, it's Russ McGarry! He, Pat, and Jon Heffron did standup together back in, what some call, the day. Touring colleges, scraping by with little money, sleeping in the same beds in cheap motels. Sometimes Pat's hand found his way between two pillows that weren't actually pillows, but those memories were thankfully purged from the system.

  • Russ has come down from Portland to beautiful Los Angeles to discuss the career of Tom Waits. Russ will play songs that Tom wrote and performed. Pat will play songs that Tom wrote and other artists covered. Pat likes Tom as a songwriter and can tolerate his early stuff, but afterwards... it gets tricky. It's hard to enjoy a man whose voice sounds like Tomoaki Honma gargling pinecones. Look him up.
  • Russ first started listening to Tom Waits when he was doing standup. His gig roommate turned him on to Tom and he hasn't looked back.

  • Pat didn’t realize Tom Waits originally performed “I Don’t Want to Grow Up,” he thought it was a Ramones original.

  • Pat can appreciate early Tom Waits voice. Russ posits that Tom may have made up his story about why he uses his current voice, we don’t know.

  • Pat’s Tom Waits impression is a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Forrest Gump.

  • We compare Tom Waits to present day Meat Loaf. Spoiler alert: Meat Loaf's new album still sounds terrible. Don’t shame Mr. Loaf, shame the people who told him he was singing well. Laughter and groans abound as multiple Meat Loaf tracks are played. Russ: "Did he have a stroke and he’s relearning how to speak English?"
  • Rain Dogs gets A+ all across the boards, Pat doesn’t understand it.

  • Russ likes the way Waits constructs his worlds in his songs. Pat and Kyle like the covers because they can understand what is being sung, as opposed to carnival music and Lawrence Tierney vocals.

  • There’s some discussion on Bob Seger’s full catalogue not being on iTunes or being digitally remastered. He must be loaded because of “Like a Rock” being used in those Chevy commercials. Waits refuses to let his music be used in commercials. He once sued Frito Lay for hiring a sound-alike.

  • Back to Meat Loaf: Pat got his new album for free to review; Target came out with a deluxe edition with three bonus tracks and PAT BOUGHT IT!

  • Pat’s been trying to get Larraine Newman to talk about musical artists during the early years of SNL, but she won’t come on.

  • A tangent on changing lyrics in covers brings up Rod Stewart's cover of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman". Then just for the hell of it, we hear his song "Love Touch," the theme from Legal Eagles with Robert Redford, Debra Winger, and Daryl Hannah.

  • The Black Rider was a play that Tom wrote that was based on a German folktale and co-written by William S. Burroughs.

  • "Shiver Me Timbers" reminds Pat of a Popeye cartoon, of which Pat's mom is not a fan. Dirty Popeye ensues, which involves a screenshot of Olive Oil that looks like she just got done with a bukkake session.

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Goin’ Out West Bone Machine Tom Waits Russ
00:10:00 I Don’t Want to Grow Up Bone Machine Tom Waits Pat
00:10:00 I Don’t Want to Grow Up Adios Amigos! Ramones Pat
00:15:00 Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards) Closing Time Tom Waits Russ
00:20:00 Trampled Rose Raising Sand Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Pat
00:20:00 Innocent When You Dream Franks Wild Years Tom Waits Russ
00:25:00 Jersey Girl Live/1975-1985 Bruce Springsteen Pat
00:30:00 Cemetery Polka Rain Dogs Tom Waits Russ
00:35:00 New Coat of Paint The Fire Inside Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Pat
00:40:00 Ol’ 55 Closing Time Tom Waits Russ
00:45:00 Ol’ 55 On the Border Eagles Pat
00:45:00 Ol’ 55 Boys on the Side Soundtrack Sarah McLachlan Pat
00:50:00 Martha Closing Time Tom Waits Russ
00:50:00 Martha Welcome to the Neighbourhood Meat Loaf Pat
00:55:00 Martha (Live) N/A Bette Midler Pat
00:55:00 (Lookin’ for) The Heart of Saturday Night The Heart of Saturday Night Tom Waits Russ
01:00:00 (Lookin’ for) The Heart of Saturday Night (Live) Cover Girl Shawn Colvin Pat
01:00:00 Tom Traubert’s Blues Lead Vocalist Rod Stewart Pat
01:05:00 The Black Rider The Black Rider Tom Waits Russ
01:10:00 Russian Dance The Black Rider Tom Waits Russ
01:10:00 Shiver Me Timbers Covers James Taylor Pat
01:15:00 I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with You Closing Time Tom Waits Russ
01:15:00 Downtown Train Rain Dogs Tom Waits Russ
01:15:00 Downtown Train Never Enough Patty Smyth Pat
01:15:00 Downtown Train The Best of Rod Stewart Rod Stewart Pat
01:20:00 Downtown Train Hometown Girl Mary Chapin Carpenter Pat
01:20:00 Downtown Train Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Pat
01:25:00 The House Where Nobody Lives Mule Variations Tom Waits Russ

Friday, May 19, 2017

Episode 305: Paul & Artie

Episode 305: Paul & Artie
The music of Simon and Garfunkel serves as the soundtrack for a night of wine and wise-crackers as Cathy Ladman sits in as guest Co-Host. Then stick around for a new segment... "The Rock Solid After Party" with guest Kailynn West of the band Tiny Stills.
From May 18, 2017

With your host:

Pat Francis

Liner Notes

  • Rock Solid now has a Patreon page. It's the only place where you can get giveaways, bonus content, and other neat perks. Check it out at

  • Today's guest co-host is comedian and actress Cathy Ladman! You may remember her from such films as Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, My Fellow Americans, Charlie Wilson's War, White Oleander, and What Planet Are You From? She now has a recurring role in the upcoming Showtime TV show I'm Dying Up Here about stand up comedy in the 70s. She's been on the Tonight Show nine times, most of them with Johnny Carson. Cathy is also the first comedian Pat ever saw live in a comedy club.

  • Today's topic is the music of Simon & Garfunkel. Cathy loves Simon & Garfunkel; she took Poetry 101 at Queens College, which is the same class S&G took when they went to Queens College. Pat recently saw Paul Simon at a small invite-only show.

  • There is plenty of discussion about Judaism and hair.

  • Paul Simon's lyrics are very visual; Pat has a big book of Paul's lyrics in his collection. Crazy how he wrote these iconic songs when he was in his early twenties. Meanwhile Pat was telling dick jokes in front of half-drunks at the Giggle Factory in Elbow Lint, Illinois in his early twenties.

  • A lot of the Wrecking Crew play on Simon & Garfunkel's songs.

  • Cathy's son-in-law is a basketball player. He's 7-foot-3. That's 1 inch shy of Andre the Giant. He has to sleep in a custom bed, but when he visits Cathy's house he has to sleep diagonally. His wife is only 5-foot-8.

  • Simon & Garfunkel were together for 13 years, they put out 5 albums, and then that was it.

  • More discussions about plastic surgery, mothers, NYC bagels, and SCTV. Cathy also shows off pictures of her kids and a fake mustache she found on the ground.

  • Cathy is on Twitter @CathyLadman. You can also go to her website

  • After a quick break, we get to a new segment on the show, the Rock Solid After Party. Today's guest is Kailynn West from the band Tiny Stills. Kailynn is working on her second album and you can contribute to her Kickstarter for it HERE.

  • Kailynn has been playing the guitar since she was 12. She first played the saxophone. She can also play the banjo and the mandolin. Kailynn is the core of Tiny Stills; she plays all of the instruments on the studio recordings, but has a live band.

  • Her first album, Falling Is Like Flying, was inspired by her getting held up at gunpoint in 2011. She wrote her first batch of songs to cope with it. She made her own artwork and also made a music video with puppets, which she edited herself.

  • Kailynn's parents are not musical, but her older sister is. She self-taught herself on the guitar at first, then she took lessons. As a youth, Kailynn listened to punk, grunge, DC Hardcore. She finds that her music has been compared a lot to Rilo Kiley.

  • Kailynn's website is The Kickstarter for her new album ends on May 31.

  • The name of the band comes from Kailynn's belief that each of her songs is a glimpse into her life, a.k.a. a "Tiny Still" photo.

  • Kaitlynn sings a song from her upcoming album live in the studio called "My Skin."

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:30:00 Hey Schoolgirl Tom & Jerry Simon & Garfunkel Pat
00:30:00 Kathy’s Song Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
00:30:00 America Bookends Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
00:35:00 You Can Tell the World Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. Simon & Garfunkel Pat
00:40:00 Leaves That Are Green Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
00:40:00 April Come She Will Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel Pat
00:45:00 The Dangling Conversation Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
00:45:00 I Am a Rock Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel Pat
00:45:00 So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright Bridge over Troubled Water Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
00:50:00 Somewhere They Can’t Find Me Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel Pat
00:55:00 Fakin’ It Bookends Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
01:05:00 Richard Cory Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel Pat
01:05:00 A Hazy Shade of Winter Bookends Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
01:15:00 For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Simon & Garfunkel Pat
01:20:00 A Poem on the Underground Wall Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
01:20:00 Mrs. Robinson Bookends Simon & Garfunkel Pat
01:25:00 Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Simon & Garfunkel Cathy
01:30:00 My Little Town Still Crazy After All These Years Simon & Garfunkel Pat
01:40:00 Starting Over Is a Lot Like Growing Up Falling Is Like Flying Tiny Stills Pat
01:50:00 15-17 Months Falling Is Like Flying Tiny Stills Pat
01:55:00 My Skin N/A Tiny Stills Kailynn West (Live in Studio)
02:10:00 You Drive Me Crazy Falling Is Like Flying Tiny Stills Pat

Friday, May 12, 2017

Episode 304: Goodwill Hunting

Episode 304: Goodwill Hunting
The "Listeners Series" continues with Vol. 2 as Pat and Kyle welcome Amy Lehman to the Guest Co-Host chair. Pat and Amy will only be playing songs from CDs they recently purchased at Goodwill for the topic Amy invented called... "Goodwill Hunting."
From May 11, 2017

With your host:

Pat Francis

Liner Notes

  • This is the second episode of the "Listener Series," wherein listeners who paid a chunk of change of some sort (dollars, pesos, shekels, what have you) to co-host an episode and pick the topic.

  • Today's guest co-host is Amy Lehman, an administrative professional from sunny Sacramento, CA; Amy not only donated to Smile Train, but went to Pardcast-a-thon 2017 as well. Her favorite bands are The Mavericks, Elvin Bishop, and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

  • Amy loves to take photos at concerts. Her most recent concert was Bon Jovi.

  • The topic: Goodwill hunting. Tee hee. These are songs from CDs that Pat and Amy have bought from Goodwill stores. Pat recently bought 16 CDs for 14 bucks. Most were a dollar, some were on sale.

  • There are a lot of R.E.M., Elvis Costello, and Gloria Estefan CDs at Goodwill.

  • Swag features some guys from The Mavericks and some guys from Cheap Trick, although Tom Petersson only appears on the album cover apparently.

  • The Essex were all active duty U.S. Marines, so they didn't last long as a band because they were all shipped off to war.

  • Tom Petty sings backup on the Delbert McClinton song "Why Me."

  • Pat has sent Amy a bunch of autographed stuff. Amy likes to get stuffed signed. She once waited for Peter Frampton to sign something. Despite his people repeatedly telling her he wouldn't sign anything, he did and he was very nice. She also got something signed by Elvis Costello in person.

  • Pat used to watch Christopher Cross play at Bland's Park in Pennsylvania.

  • Amy saw the Once musical and a little girl was upset that the two main characters did not get together at the end. Welcome to life, kid.

  • Pat has 14,161 songs in his iTunes library.

  • Amy considers Billy Joel to be a better pianist than Barry Manilow.

  • Amy is on Twitter, but she's never Tweeted before. She is @AmyTsomji.

  • Some apologies from Amy include Elton John, Brad Paisley, Yaz, Simply Red, Carol Kane, and Bob Seger.

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00 All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (Live) Live in Austin, Texas The Mavericks Amy
00:15:00 Sweet Lucinda Single Swag Amy
00:20:00 Bridge over Troubled Water The Greatest Songs of the Seventies Barry Manilow Pat
00:20:00 If Tomorrow Never Comes (Live) 2 Nights Live! Barry Manilow Amy
00:25:00 Leaving Las Vegas Tuesday Night Music Club Sheryl Crow Pat
00:25:00 Switchin’ to Glide The Kings Are Here The Kings Amy
00:30:00 Veronica Spike Elvis Costello Pat
00:30:00 Are You Going My Way? Easier Said Than Done The Essex Amy
00:30:00 Animal Vs. Pearl Jam Pat
00:35:00 Manhattan Skyline Essential 45’s Arthur Fiedler Amy
00:35:00 On the Wings of Love American Idol Season 2 All-Time Classic American Love Songs Clay Aiken Pat
00:40:00 Dance with Me Tonight In Case You Didn’t Know Olly Murs Amy
00:40:00 It Never Rains in Southern California The Greatest Songs of the Seventies Barry Manilow Pat
00:40:00 Why Me Never Been Rocked Enough Delbert McClinton Amy
00:45:00 All Shook Up Run Devil Run Paul McCartney Pat
00:45:00 We Can Work It Out Signed, Sealed & Delivered Stevie Wonder Amy
00:45:00 Yesterday Timeless: The Classics Michael Bolton Pat
00:45:00 Get the Funk Out Extreme II: Pornograffitti Extreme Amy
00:50:00 Glamorous The Dutchess Fergie feat. Ludacris Pat
00:50:00 I Don’t Want a Lover Southside Texas Amy
01:05:00 Right Here Waiting Repeat Offender Richard Marx Pat
01:05:00 Alright Guy Songs for the Daily Planet Todd Snider Amy
01:05:00 Sailing The Greatest Songs of the Seventies Barry Manilow Pat
01:10:00 I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Country Joe and the Fish Amy
01:10:00 Better Be Good to Me Private Dancer Tina Turner Pat
01:15:00 Just Like Jesse James Heart of Stone Cher Amy
01:15:00 Hannah Jane Cracked Rear View Hootie & the Blowfish Pat
01:20:00 Black Betty Ram Jam Ram Jam Amy
01:20:00 Falling Slowly Once Soundtrack Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Pat
01:25:00 You Win Again E.S.P. Bee Gees Amy
01:30:00 Trouble Me Blind Man’s Zoo 10,000 Maniacs Pat
01:30:00 She Left Me Cold Jackpot The Derailers Amy
01:35:00 The Long and Winding Road The Greatest Songs of the Seventies Barry Manilow Pat
01:40:00 It’s All Been Done Stunt Barenaked Ladies Amy
01:40:00 Freak of the Week Hey! Album Marvelous 3 Pat
01:40:00 Lover Please Skin Melissa Etheridge Amy
01:45:00 Release Me Wilson Phillips Wilson Phillips Pat
01:45:00 Cajun Song New Miserable Experience Gin Blossoms Amy
01:50:00 Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels) You Don’t Mess Around with Jim Jim Croce Pat
01:55:00 Get Ready Gettin’ Ready The Temptations Amy