Thursday, April 27, 2017

Episode 302: Seattle, WA

Episode 302: Seattle, WA
Pat and Murray play songs from artists who hail from Seattle, WA. Don't worry people it's not all "grunge." Kyle cracks wise and produces!
From April 27, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano

00:00:00 Pat, Murray, and Kyle welcome us to the show. We start off with the usual hodgepodge of banter, including the two instances of "Coo-Coo-Ka-Choo" and Kyle's facial hair stylings. Then Pat reads a pair of iTunes reviews, one positive and one... not so positive.
00:05:00 The not so positive review (which criticizes Pat and Mike for not having enough technical Beatles knowledge) leads to the boys looking up more critical reviews from iTunes, including one that just reads "snore" and one that chastises the podcast for commending the virtues of communism. But as it is with most things, there are many more positive reviews than negative ones, so thank you for the nice ones.
00:10:00 Anyway, Murray gives his perspective on the whole Pat Francis-Fee Waybill confrontation (discussed on Ep. 300) because Murray and Pat went to the Tubes concert together. Murray was having a nice time chatting with the band when he hears Fee Waybill shout "I'LL DO YOUR PODCAST, I JUST DON'T WANT TO DRIVE TO THE FUCKING VALLEY!" Murray turned his head, expecting to see Fee's fist smash into Pat's teeth, but no fisticuffs were thrown on that night. In any event, Pat enjoyed the concert and Fee Waybill's impromptu stage patter. He doesn't think David Lee Roth is as good of a frontman anymore. Too much canned stage banter for Pat's liking. Murray and Kyle tend to agree.
  • Murray had a bachelor week, so he went to ANOTHER concert. He saw The Old 97's with fellow comedian Greg Behrendt. Since they know the lead singer, they got to hang out at the tour bus, they got to see the show for free. A really good show. The next show on Murray's docket is U2 doing the Joshua Tree anniversary tour. 
  • Today's topic is inspired by Murray's stand up comedy schedule. He will be in Seattle in May at The Rendezvous doing some comedy, so today Pat and Murray will be playing songs by artists from Seattle!
  • Pat starts us off with the most obvious choice: Sir Mix-A-Lot and his song "Baby Got Back" off the album Mack Daddy. "Nice to see Yoko Ono make an appearance" says Pat about the "Me so horny" sample. 
  • Murray's first pick is "Boll Weevil" by The Presidents of the United States of America off their self-titled album. 
  • Pat goes grunge (it was inevitable) with the supergroup Temple of the Dog. Off their self-titled album, it's "Hunger Strike".
  • Murray has his own Temple of the Dog song, it's "Say Hello 2 Heaven". TotD is basically Pearl Jam + Chris Cornell, so it's a good time had by all. And they came before Pearl Jam, fun fact don't cha know. 
  • Look at Pat Francis, going alternative. He brings Death Cab for Cutie and their song "I Will Possess Your Heart" off the album Narrow Stairs. "The album version of the song clocks in at 8 minutes plus," notes Pat. "Zzzzzzzz," retorts Murray. Murray swoops in with Death Cab for Cutie name origins: It's from the film Magical Mystery Tour. "Why have Siegel on a Beatles episode when you've got me!"
  • The Old 97's are not from Seattle, but Brandi Carlile is. Murray plays "Good with God" off the album Graveyard Whistling. More band etymology: The Old 97 was a train that crashed. 
  • Pat takes the time to read another positive review (via Facebook) before playing his next pick. It's Duff McKagan with "Believe in Me" off his solo album Believe in Me. Murray wonders if Duff could get on Rock Solid.
00:35:00 The boys take a detour to talk about Pop Vinyl figures, those big head toy figures that are all the rage these days. Remember ALF? He's back, in Pop form. Murray takes us back to Seattle music with the legendary Jimi Hendrix. The song is "Ezy Rider" off the album First Rays of the New Rising Sun. The song is in Dogtown and Z-Boys, which Pat still hasn't watched. Collecting dust on the shelf like Pat's guitar. Pat plays his own bit of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, it's "Fire" off of Are You Experienced?.
00:40:00 More wacky tangents as Pat compares Kyle's snickering laugh to Muttley from Wacky Races, before Murray plays some more Chris Cornell. This is his version of "Nothing Compares 2 U", which he recorded after Prince died. Pat goes back to back and belly to belly with Chris Cornell solo, he plays "You Know My Name", the theme song from the Bond film Casino Royale. It's off of his album Carry On.
00:45:00 Some James Bond chat. Murray hasn't seen any of the Daniel Craig movies. He has seen some of Casino Royale... the Woody Allen one. "That's the one where the Bond girl is a 13-year-old Asian girl," says Pat. Oh Pat. More movie chat about The Zookeeper's Wife, a film that disappointed Pat because the zookeeper didn't train the animals to fight Nazis.
00:50:00 A potential flag on the play with Murray's next band, Paul Revere & the Raiders. Murray says Seattle, but Wikipedia says Boise, Idaho. The boys decide to throw out Paul Revere & the Raiders; one if by land, two if by see ya later. Murray instead goes with "Mess Around" by Ray Charles off his self-titled album. Ray Charles... from Albany, GA. But he relocated to Seattle in his early years as a musician, so Murray manages to avoid the blade on this one.
  • Pat's next pick is "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger off the album Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?
  • This hasn't been a grunge-centric episode (Pat doesn't think he could do a whole grunge episode), but Murray highlights one of the big ones, Alice in Chains. Off the EP Jar of Flies, it's "I Stay Away". Rock in Peace Layne Staley. That heroin is a rough one. Has Kyle ever tried drugs? He's smoked pot, but he can't get high. Poor sap.
  • Nirvana time. Pat plays "All Apologies" by In Utero. Technically from Aberdeen, WA (birthplace of the great Bryan Danielson), but everyone knows them from the Seattle scene. It's not like they're from GEORGIA! 
  • After some tangents into the world of John Heffron's garbage cans, Murray plays "Factory" by Band of Horses off the album Infinite Arms.
  • Another cover at bat, Pat plays Mary Lambert with "Jessie's Girl" off the album Heart on My Sleeve. The topic of slowed-down covers requires Pat to play the slowed-down cover of "Crazy Crazy Nights" by Kurt Nilsen (for the millionth time). The Starchild makes his appearance known. 
  • Murray plays Fleet Foxes and their song "Mykonos" off the EP Sun Giant.
  • Two lovely ladies, Ann and Nancy Wilson, and their band Heart. Off the album Passionworks, it's "How Can I Refuse?". Murray never got into early Heart, but he loves the comeback 80s stuff. 
  • Murray knows a dude who is good friends with this band. He doesn't like this dude, so he doesn't like this band. The band is The Head and the Heart and the song is "Lost in My Mind" off their self-titled album.
01:15:00 Murray brings up The Head and the Heart's Letterman appearance. He still doesn't like them though.
  • Time for the Foo Fighters. Off the album One by One, the song is "Have It All". Pat and Kyle both love this album. Murray has seen them three times live, loved the shows, STILL doesn't listen to them. 
  • Murray's next band is Candlebox. The song is "Far Behind" off their self-titled album.
  • Candlebox had a huge first album and then.... yup. Pat doesn't like them because the band photo has the lead singer giving the middle finger. Well that's just rude. Let's bring some metal to the table. Off the album Operation: Mindcrime, Pat plays Queensr├┐che and their song "I Don't Believe in Love"
  • Murray has more grunge for us. It's the supergroup Mad Season and "River of Deceit" off the album Above. Rock in Peace Layne Staley once again.
01:25:00 Murray is still rocking the braces. He got a tightening the other day and his mouth is sore. He and Kyle bond over the brace wire cutting into your cheek. "All for a winning smile," says Murray. A little more grunge as Pat plays "Rearviewmirror" by Pearl Jam off the album Vs..
01:30:00 Wrapping things up with some Record Store Day banter and some plugs. Check out Murray in Seattle if you live near there. And if it's sold out or you want other dates, check out Murray's Twitter (located on the side of this page) where he posts info all the time about his stand up shows.
01:35:00 We're getting out of here with one of the bands that started the whole grunge movement. Murray plays "Crown of Thorns" by Mother Love Bone off the album Apple.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:20:00 Baby Got Back Mack Daddy Sir Mix-a-Lot Pat
00:20:00 Boll Weevil The Presidents of the United States of America The Presidents of the United States of America Murray
00:20:00 Hunger Strike Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog Pat
00:25:00 Say Hello 2 Heaven Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog Murray
00:25:00 I Will Possess Your Heart Narrow Stairs Death Cab for Cutie Pat
00:30:00 Good with God Graveyard Whistling The Old 97’s feat. Brandi Carlile Murray
00:30:00 Believe in Me Believe in Me Duff McKagan Pat
00:35:00 Ezy Rider First Rays of the New Rising Sun Jimi Hendrix Murray
00:35:00 Fire Are You Experienced? Jimi Hendrix Experience Pat
00:40:00 Nothing Compares 2 U Single Chris Cornell Murray
00:40:00 You Know My Name Carry On Chris Cornell Pat
00:50:00 Mess Around Ray Charles Ray Charles Murray
00:55:00 Flagpole Sitta Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? Harvey Danger Pat
00:55:00 I Stay Away Jar of Flies Alice in Chains Murray
01:00:00 All Apologies In Utero Nirvana Pat
01:00:00 Factory Infinite Arms Band of Horses Murray
01:05:00 Jessie’s Girl Heart on My Sleeve Mary Lambert Pat
01:05:00 Mykonos Sun Giant EP Fleet Foxes Murray
01:10:00 How Can I Refuse? Passionworks Heart Pat
01:10:00 Lost in My Mind The Head and the Heart The Head and the Heart Murray
01:15:00 Have It All One by One Foo Fighters Pat
01:15:00 Far Behind Candlebox Candlebox Murray
01:20:00 I Don’t Believe in Love Operation: Mindcrime Queensr├┐che Pat
01:20:00 River of Deceit Above Mad Season Murray
01:25:00 Rearviewmirror Vs. Pearl Jam Pat
01:35:00 Crown of Thorns Apple Mother Love Bone Murray

Friday, April 21, 2017

Episode 301: Lost Gems of the 80's

Episode 301: Lost Gems of the 80's
The "Listeners Series" begins as Pat and Kyle welcome Jon Lamoreaux to the Guest Co-Host chair. Jon is the host of "The Hustle" podcast and his topic of choice was "Lost Gems Of The 80's."
From April 20, 2017

With your host:

Pat Francis

Liner Notes

  • This is the first episode of the "Listener Series," wherein listeners who paid money so they can co-host an episode and pick the topic.

  • Today's guest co-host is Jon Lamoreaux, host of the music podcast The Hustle; the podcast looks at the impact of brief rock stardom. It's about the guys and gals who had "it," then they didn't. Jon has interviewed such artists as Eric Bazillian from The Hooters, Mike Reno from Loverboy, Bill Wadhams from Animotion, Ellen Foley, and many more.

  • Twitter: @thehustlepod Email: Website:

  • The topic: Lost Gems of the 80's, the songs that have fallen through the cracks of 80's rock and roll glory.

  • Joe Esposito wrote "You're the Best" for Rocky III, it wasn't chosen. Esposito then co-wrote "Hearts on Fire" for Rocky IV, he didn't perform it.

  • Pat wants to get Rindy Ross from Quarterflash on the podcast.

  • Stephen Bishop got mad at John during their phone interview because he put him and Bertie Higgins in the same sentence.

  • E.G. Daily sings background vocals on "Time for Waiting." She played Dottie in Pee Wee's Big Adventure and was the voice of Tommy Pickles on Rugrats and Buttercup on Powerpuff Girls.

  • Jon's favorite concert is Bruce Springsteen.

  • Pat has a theory that Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon wanted to recruit Michael Bolton into Journey after Steve Perry left.

  • The most recent artist Jon got into is St. Lucia. For Pat, it is Tegan and Sara.

  • The lead singer of Q-Feel is Martin Page, who co-wrote "We Built This City" by Starship and "These Dreams" by Heart. He also played keyboards on "Ghostbusters." He also worked with Earth, Wind & Fire, Bernie Taupin, and Robbie Robertson.

  • The Producers played the first ever MTV New Year's Eve special. They're the only band Jon's contacted to see how much it would cost for them to play his house.

  • A Bob Welch complaint, Designation 45C24K, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix One.

  • Nils Lofgren's album is called Flip; Nils would actually flip on stage while holding his guitar.

  • Pat's apologies: "Raised on Radio" by The Ravyns and "Working Class Man" by Jimmy Barnes.

  • Remember when the Pat Francis Rock Solid autograph pen was a thing? No? Me neither.

  • The Ferris Bueller soundtrack wasn't released until 2016 and it was limited to 5000 copies.

  • Jon was the one who requested "Breaking Away" by Balance on the Download Now! episode.

  • The Starchild makes an appearance talking about Sylvio on The Sopranos.

  • If you want to request an artist for Jon's podcast, email him and he will do his best to track them down and interview them.

  • Walter Egan revealed on Jon's podcast that he had had an affair with Stevie Nicks.

  • Jon's #1 interview is Robin Clark and Carlos Alomar.

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:25:00 You’re the Best The Karate Kid Soundtrack Joe Esposito Jon
00:30:00 No More Lies Here to Stay Schon and Hammer Pat
00:35:00 What’ve You Gotta Lose Blue Rue Gerard McMahon & Kid Lightning Jon
00:35:00 Love Will Show Us How Christine McVie Christine McVie Pat
00:40:00 Long Way Home Long Way Home Sue Saad and the Next Jon
00:45:00 The Big Crash Where’s the Party? Eddie Money Pat
00:50:00 Disappearing Pet Rock The Sinceros Jon
00:50:00 She Can’t Wait Spys Spys Pat
00:55:00 Time for Waiting After Dark Cruzados Jon
01:00:00 When the Rain Comes Down Thunder Andy Taylor Pat
01:10:00 Something to Remember Me By Three O’Clock High Soundtrack Jim Walker Jon
01:10:00 Cool World Is This a Cool World or What? Karla DeVito Pat
01:20:00 The Circle Max Carl Circle Jon
01:20:00 Fool’s Game Michael Bolton Michael Bolton Pat
01:25:00 When Can I See You Again Girls’ Night Out Toronto Jon
01:30:00 Hearts on Fire One More Song Randy Meisner Pat
01:30:00 This Beat Goes On The Kings Are Here The Kings Jon
01:35:00 Welcome to the Boomtown Boomtown David + David Pat
01:40:00 Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop) Q-Feel Q-Feel Jon
01:45:00 What About Me Days of Innocence Moving Pictures Pat
01:50:00 Back to Basics You Make the Heat The Producers Jon
01:50:00 Crybaby Oblivion Utopia Pat
01:55:00 Litany (Life Goes On) 2X4 Guadalcanal Diary Jon
02:00:00 Two to Do Bob Welch Bob Welch Pat
02:00:00 Painted Moon A Letter from St. Paul The Silencers Jon
02:05:00 Secrets in the Street Flip Nils Lofgren Pat
02:10:00 A Woman’s Got the Power A Woman’s Got the Power The A’s Jon
02:15:00 Every Step of the Way Mask of Smiles John Waite Pat
02:20:00 Alone at Midnight Especially for You The Smithereens Jon
02:25:00 Beat’s So Lonely Pctures for Pleasure Charlie Sexton Pat
02:25:00 Dance with Me Is Nothing Sacred? The Lords of the New Church Jon
02:30:00 So You Ran Orion the Hunter Orion the Hunter Pat
02:35:00 Beat City Ferris Bueller’s Day Off The Flowerpot Men Jon
02:40:00 Call It Love Legacy Poco Pat
02:45:00 So Wrong Arcade Patrick Simmons Jon
02:50:00 Breaking Away Balance Balance Pat
03:05:00 Soul in Isolation Strange Times The Chameleons Jon