Friday, March 31, 2017

Episode 298: Wild & Crazy

Episode 298: Wild & Crazy
Pat welcomes April Richardson and David Wild to play songs that have the words "wild" or "crazy" in the song title. Pat also produces and misses Kyle "Artie" Dodson.
From March 30, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

April Richardson

00:00:00 Pat, April, and David Wild (two weeks in a row!) welcome us to the podcast. April is back for her first "solo" episode since Holiday Jams back in December. David tells April about how he got into Rock Solid and met Pat. What's been going on with April in the interim? April will be hosting the comedy tent for the upcoming ID10T Music Festival + Comedy Conival, created by Chris Hardwick (because I guess he isn't busy enough).
00:05:00 The gang chat ever so briefly about the play and film versions of Rock of Ages ("I saw the movie on the plane and walked out," says David) before transitioning into today's topic: Wild & Crazy, songs with those words in the title. Simple and easy. David's last name is Wild, April likes to get crazy sometimes with her music choices, and Pat is the ampersand of the trio. (Or "ampersam" as he has been pronouncing it his entire life.) April kicks things off with R.E.M. and their song "Near Wild Heaven" off the album Out of Time.
00:10:00 "Near Wild Heaven" is one of David's favorite R.E.M. songs, plus it features Mike Mills on lead vocals instead of Stipe. Oftentimes David likes the secondary lead singer over the primary. His first pick is David Bowie. "When I met [David Bowie], he said 'Hello, Mr. Wildlife," says David. "That's not fair," sulks April. David talks about going out to eat with Bowie at Pink's Hot Dogs and a Thai restaurant, interviewing for every solo album since the Tin Machine years, and retells the story of Bowie trying to send David a fetal pig in a jar through the mail.
00:15:00 David tells a few more Bowie stories, then he and April chat about April's good buddies Billy Bragg and Johnny Marr for a long while. WE STILL HAVEN'T PLAYED THE SONG!!! More April and David gushing about Billy and Elvis Costello until finally we hear David's song "Teenage Wildlife" off of Scary Monsters.
  • Pat recently met Tony Visconti by way of April Richardson (where Pat awkwardly shook Tony's hand twice). His first pick is Lou Reed. Off his self-titled album, it's "Wild Child"
  • April's first crazy song is "Crazy Beat" by Blur off the album Think Tank. April loves Blur so much they signed her senior yearbook. She recounts all the small venues she saw them in in Atlanta and the surrounding area.
  • David's first crazy song is an obvious one, "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince off the album Purple Rain. David tells a story about David putting his foot in his mouth in front of Prince, then Prince performed a private concert for him and Ken Ehrlich. April saw Purple Rain a few months ago; it holds up for what it is. 
  • Up next for Pat is Heart with "Crazy on You" off the album Dreamboat Annie. The morning of the Grammys, Cameron Crowe texted David if he could give Nancy Wilson his phone number.
00:30:00 It's not leather, it's not wool, it's Suede. April plays "The Wild Ones" off the album Dog Man Star. Suede never had their moment in America like Blur and Oasis did. The gang chat some more about Bowie and how he gave "All the Young Dudes" to Mott the Hoople. David reveals Bowie tried to give them "Suffragette City" as well but they rejected it. Bowie also wrote "Golden Years" for Elvis Presley, but Col. Tom Parker said no.
  • Speaking of Mott the Hoople, David plays "Irene Wilde" by Ian Hunter & the Rant Band off the live album Live in the UK 2010
  • David has stories of David Bowie calling his house and leaving a message on his answering machine. Marshall Crenshaw once called Pat's house for directions to the studio. Pat plays "Little Wild One (No. 5)" off the album Downtown.
  • April goes "Crazy for You" by Madonna off the greatest hits album Celebration. It was also used in the movie Vision Quest with Matthew Modine, Linda Fiorentino, and SHUTE. 
  • David takes us back to the Super Sounds of the Seventies with "I Go Crazy" by Paul Davis off the album Singer of Songs: Teller of Tales
  • Pat's next crazy song is Van Morrison with "Crazy Love" off of Moondance.
00:45:00 Van Morrison is one of the toughest interviews David ever did, but he respects his crazy. April says that difficult people like him and Lou Reed are not normal people. Their genius level artistry means they are on a different wavelength than most others. David surmises that these "genius artists" have been asked the same questions for decades, so they get sick of it. Bob Dylan expressed this to David when he interviewed him. Bob Dylan also ordered black and white cookies for David's son. What a lovely chap. Pat keeps trying to do a Dylan episode with David. Perhaps episodes separated by decade. David wants to start with 80s Dylan. April meanwhile takes us to the 80s with "Wild Life" by INXS off the album Kick.
00:50:00 David brings up how Terence Trent D'Arby did a few gigs with INXS after Hutchence kicked the bucket. He was also David's only friend when he first moved to LA. Uh, what? David interviewed D'Arby for Rolling Stone for his first album. D'Arby was very brash, very cocky. A little later, David went to LA, he didn't know anyone, then D'Arby called him up and they went to the movies. They saw Toys with Robin Williams. Nowadays Terence has changed his name and shied away from his past music. David says he was so talented, but completely unmanageable. Very quirky dude.
  • David won the Muslim Public Policy Award ("monumental for a Jew to win," he says) with his next pick, Cat Stevens. Off the album Tea for the Tillerman, it's "Wild World"
  • In a similar vein, Pat plays "Youth Gone Wild" by Skid Row off their self-titled album. Sebastian Bach is part of "The Comedy Jam," a show David worked on for Comedy Central (as mentioned on the previous episode). 
  • April has another song called "Let's Go Crazy", but this one's by The Clash off the album Sandinista!. David says that The Clash were his second concert ("Oh my god," exclaims April).
  • David's next artist is big in England, but can't get arrested in America. It's Robbie Williams featuring Rufus Wainwright with the song "Hotel Crazy" off the album The Heavy Entertainment Show. April is a big Robbie Williams fan. She's seen him sell out in England, but barely make a peep in America. 
  • Pat has his boys The Knack. Off the album Round Trip, the song is "Boys Go Crazy". Rock in Peace Doug Fieger.
01:05:00 April goes with her dude, Lloyd Cole. The song is "Wild Mushrooms" off the album Bad Vibes. David and April gush about Lloyd Cole. David also reveals that he met Paul Heaton from The Housemartins and The Beautiful South (April is very good friends with him) and he was a total dick to David. "Nooooo!" shouts April. "There's trouble on the podcast," says Pat. David just didn't blend with him. April has a relationship with Heaton where she can just call him up and get tickets to his shows. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Wild.
01:10:00 April tells a few more stories about her dalliances with British alt rockers before David plays his next song. Off the album American Caesar, it's "Wild America" by Iggy Pop. April enjoys talking with David because when he name drops people, he does so with enthusiasm and earnestness. David talks about interviewing Tim Burgess from The Charlatans and his accent was so thick he couldn't understand him.
  • Pat plays David's least favorite Duran Duran song, "The Wild Boys" off the album Greatest. True story: I once went to a Star Trek convention and they played a fan video made with Star Trek footage and "Wild Boys" playing. April doesn't get Duran Duran. They could have been David's first interview, but he couldn't make it in time, so he interviewed Nile Rodgers instead. 
  • April plays The Verve lead singer Richard Ashcroft and his song "Crazy World" off the album Alone with Everybody
  • "It's been a wild and crazy sausage party," notes David, so he injects a little more femininity into the podcast with Patsy Cline. The song is "Crazy" off of Showcase.
01:20:00 Pat keeps the lady action going (his words) with "Must Be Crazy for Me" by Melissa Etheridge off the album Never Enough. We're winding down with the final three songs. April and David both have Beyonce on their list. Pat thinks there were some smoke and mirrors going on with that Grammy performance. April scoffs and David comes to her aid.
  • A mini brew-ha-ha occurs over Beyonce, Adele, and the Grammys and such before April plays her final pick. It's "Into the Wild" by Gossip off the album A Joyful Noise
  • David goes with "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce featuring Jay-Z off the album Dangerously in Love. April continues to praise Beyonce the world over. She wept while watching Lemonade.
01:30:00 Plugs time. Reminder that April is hosting the comedy tent at ID10T Music Festival + Comedy Conival on June 24 and 25. David's show The Comedy Jam is on Comedy Central on Wednesday nights. He is also part of the upcoming Bee Gees celebration concert which has no airdate at this time. It provided him the opportunity to teach John Travolta how to use a teleprompter. So just for the hell of it, we end with "Let Her In" by John Travolta off his self-titled album.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Near Wild Heaven Out of Time R.E.M. April
00:15:00 Teenage Wildlife Scary Monsters David Bowie David
00:20:00 Wild Child Lou Reed Lou Reed Pat
00:20:00 Crazy Beat Think Tank Blur April
00:25:00 Let’s Go Crazy Purple Rain Prince David
00:25:00 Crazy on You Dreamboat Annie Heart Pat
00:30:00 The Wild Ones Dog Man Star Suede April
00:35:00 Irene Wilde (Live) Live in the UK 2010 Ian Hunter & the Rant Band David
00:35:00 Little Wild One (No. 5) Downtown Marshall Crenshaw Pat
00:40:00 Crazy for You Celebration Madonna April
00:40:00 I Go Crazy Singer of Songs: Teller of Tales Paul Davis David
00:40:00 Crazy Love Moondance Van Morrison Pat
00:45:00 Wild Life Kick INXS April
00:55:00 Wild World Tea for the Tillerman Cat Stevens David
00:55:00 Youth Gone Wild Skid Row Skid Row Pat
00:55:00 Let’s Go Crazy Sandinista! The Clash April
01:00:00 Hotel Crazy The Heavy Entertainment Show Robbie Williams feat. Rufus Wainwright David
01:00:00 Boys Go Crazy Round Trip The Knack Pat
01:05:00 Wild Mushrooms Bad Vibes Lloyd Cole April
01:10:00 WIld America American Caesar Iggy Pop David
01:15:00 The Wild Boys Greatest Duran Duran Pat
01:15:00 Crazy World Alone with Everybody Richard Ashcroft April
01:15:00 Crazy Showcase Patsy Cline David
01:20:00 Must Be Crazy for Me Never Enough Melissa Etheridge Pat
01:25:00 Into the Wild A Joyful Noise Gossip April
01:25:00 Crazy in Love Dangerously in Love Beyonce feat. Jay-Z David
01:30:00 Let Her In John Travolta John Travolta Pat


  1. TOUGH episode to listen too. Not a good guest combo. April Richardson is always annoying with her boner for Chris Hardwick and her faux-California Valley Girl accent. (How old is she, btw. Acts and aligns her music tastes as if she is in 30's but from the photo looks like she is mid-late 40's!?).
    David Wild does have some good stories but ironically, being a writer, has a problem editing himself. It was just too much to have both of them in a room together. I wanted to hang myself about 1/2 way in. Bring back Kyle!
    - Michael Hutchence

  2. I love episodes with April Richardson, but tow have David Wild on as well was extra awesome. Love the stories and love most of the tracks. I could listen to hours and hours more of this episode. Keep it up guys :)