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Episode 293: I Love It, You'll Hate It

Episode 293: I Love It, You'll Hate It
Pat is joined by his oldest daughter Sara to specifically play songs they think the other will hate. Nephew/Cousin Kyle produces.
From February 23, 2017

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show. Joining them in the co-host's chair for her third go round is Pat's eldest daughter, Sara! Welcome back, Sara. This episode is dropping the day after Pat's birthday, so a happiest of birthdays to one Patrick Francis Dodson. Today Sara is here for a topic that she came up with called "I Love It, You'll Hate It." Pat will plays songs that he likes, but knows Sara will hate, and vice versa. Kyle's stuck in the middle, so his hate is gonna build up all episode long until he beats up a homeless man to let off the steam like Tyrell on Mr. Robot. Sara is ill, so they're recording at Francis Manor. She is prepping for college, including the SATs. Pat has advised Sara not to even study for it. If she does well the first time, great. If she doesn't, then he'll just drill into her like Tiger Mom until she no longer brings shame upon their house. Anyway, let's play some music that will at least make one person happy and one person upset.
00:05:00 Sara starts us off with a band Pat does not enjoy. Off the album Pretty. Odd., it's "From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins" by Panic at the Disco. Pat doesn't like the singer's voice. Sara thinks it's the best voice in all of voices. She feels like everything she's picked falls under the realm of guilty pleasures.
Pat's first pick is "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC off the album Back in Black. Sara finds Brian Johnson's voice to be "nails on a chalkboard."
00:10:00 Sara goes bananas (HA HA HA HA, Oh, I'm such a card) with her next pick, Gorillaz with "Feel Good Inc." off of Demon Days. Pat likes it! Sara reveals that her order is least offensive to Pat's ears to audio holocaust. Pat just wishes Gorillaz would dress up in monkey costumes. A boy can dream.
Hop on the bus, Pat plays "I Think I Love You" by The Partridge Family off of The Partridge Family Album. Sara doesn't hate this either. She wouldn't seek it out (Pat does all the time), but she's not gonna hate it. Story time: David Cassidy was supposed to be on the podcast recently. He canceled. The night prior to this recording, Pat and Mike Schmidt saw him in concert. The second he hits the stage, David is a complete disaster. Hammered. Slurring. Falling down. It was sad, but they couldn't look away. Pat will elaborate more on a future episode.
00:15:00 Up next for Sara is "Hayloft" by Mother Mother off the album O My Heart. Pat doesn't hate that either. So far we're still in early innings, where this game goes is anyone's guess. Pat wants info on Mother Mother, Kyle has the details. Sara is all Spotify, BTW. She owns very few actual CDs.
Rock in Peace, Lou Reed. Pat plays "The Power of Positive Drinking" off the album Growing Up in Public. Oh boy. Lou. Lou Lou Lou. Sara and Kyle want to drown their own sorrows after listening to that one. "Worst of the worst so far," according to Sara.
00:20:00 From positive drinking to angsty depression. Sara plays "Pouring" by Cyberbully Mom Club off the album Outdoor Activities.
"They recently pulled a lot of their music from Spotify."
- Sara

"Why, because it was terrible?"
- Pat
It did not resonate with Pat at all. Sara acknowledges that they have a certain sound that he does not appreciate.
Off the album Departure, Pat plays "Where Were You" by Journey.
00:25:00 Sara, comment? Not a fan. Is it the music or the voice? "Both." Well there you go. Sara's next is "Mowgli's Road" by Marina and the Diamonds from the album The Family Jewels. Pat feels like it's "Florence + the Machine lite."
Sara like The Beatles and The Kinks... not so hot on The Rolling Stones. Pat plays "Emotional Rescue" off the album Emotional Rescue.
00:30:00 Kyle wisely surmises that 80s Rolling Stones is not the best way to win someone over with Mick and the boys. Sara compares Mick's falsetto voice to Elmo. Well make sure you don't tickle this one. Sara's next one is "No Good Al Joad" by Hop Along off the album Get Disowned. Pat doesn't know if it got better or worse as it went along. In other words, he didn't like it.
Oh yes, we get some Yes. Pat plays "Owner of a Lonely Heart" off the album 90125. It's just white noise to Sara. Not active hatred. Pat takes it as a victory, by golly.
00:35:00 Things get weird with Sara's next pick. Off the album Cardboard Castles, it's Watsky with "Ugly Faces". Not a bad rapper. One of those "white funny rappers" according to Kyle. Sara saw Watsky recently. He jumped into the crowd and they dropped him.
Welp, it's time. Pat plays Bon Jovi with "Knockout" off the album This House Is Not for Sale.
00:40:00 The song is exactly what you expected it to be. Sara has to hear Pat play that in the car pretty much all the time; after all, Pat needs to get pumped up and no one does that better than JBJ. Sara takes us out of Bon Jovi Land and into the territory of The Front Bottoms. She plays "Awkward Conversations" off the EP Rose. Pat doesn't mind it that much. Sara can still acknowledge that The Front Bottoms stink.
After Pat contemplates taking the SATs himself (Back to School sequel, perhaps?), he plays "I Don't Wanna Know" by Phil Collins off the album No Jacket Required.
00:45:00 "It's not great," says Sara. The music just annoys her. To Kyle, it just sounds like every other Phil Collins song. Sara's next artist is someone that Pat DOES NOT LIKE. It's Willow Smith. Pat is not a fan of the Will and Jada offspring, whether they be Willows or Jadens. Sara plays "Marceline" off the album Ardipithecus. Yup, that's a song about Adventure Time. "That's what you can do when you're parents are filthy rich," says Kyle. The song is just a delight to Sara. Pat understands that she can sing, but Willow Smith can whip her hair back and forth somewhere else, thank you very much.
00:50:00 Pat's next voyage to the 1980s is Loverboy. Off their self-titled album, it's "The Kid Is Hot Tonite". Sara feels something, but she doesn't know what it is... something bad, most likely.
Let's get quirky, girly, and indie. Sara plays "Before the World Was Big" by Girlpool off the album Before the World Was Big. Pat doesn't hate it, he likes it more than Willow. So there's that.
00:55:00 This is a band Sara's never heard of: Thin Lizzy (Oof, that one stings). Pat plays "Sarah" off the album Black Rose: A Rock Legend. Sara doesn't mind that one.
Sara's next artist is Grimes. "Oh what's this? 'Extremely High Voltage.' Well I don't need safety gloves, because I'm Homer Simp-" Sorry, that's the wrong Grimes. Sara plays "Kill V. Maim" off the album Art Angels. Well done, well done. Pat and Kyle like it a lot too.
01:00:00 Up next for Pat is "Next to You" by The Police off of Outlandos d'Amour. Pat thought Sara would like it... HE WAS WRONG!!!! WOAH! It just sounds like noise to her.
After Pat fruitlessly tries to explain the punkiness of early Police, Sara plays some folk punk. She plays "Handshake (Never Trust Relationship Advice from the Lead Singer of a Pop-Punk Band)" by Sledding with Tigers off the album A Necessary Bummer. It's like a joke song to Pat. Sara agrees and again acknowledges that Sledding with Tigers are not good. That was her last song.
01:05:00 Pat's last song is by Queen. Off of The Works, it's "Radio Ga Ga". "Nope," says Sara. Ah these kids today with their electronic mail and word processors.
Plugs time. You can find Sara on the Twitter @Probably_Sara or her Youtube channel Probably Sara. She reveals in a shocking Rock Solid exclusive that she had resigned from being the president of her school's GSA. Why? Because she worked really hard to get people to do stuff. No one wanted to do stuff. So she quit. *sniff* They grow up so fast.
01:10:00 Sara has endured Pat's music for 16 years, so it was great for her to come back on the podcast and dish out a little payback. Pat takes us out with "Celluloid Heroes" by The Kinks off of Everybody's in Show-Biz.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins Pretty. Odd. Panic at the Disco Sara
00:05:00 You Shook Me All Night Long Back in Black AC/DC Pat
00:10:00 Feel Good Inc. Demon Days Gorillaz Sara
00:10:00 I Think I Love You The Partridge Family Album The Partridge Family Pat
00:15:00 Hayloft O My Heart Mother Mother Sara
00:15:00 The Power of Positive Drinking Growing Up in Public Lou Reed Pat
00:20:00 Pouring Outdoor Activities Cyberbully Mom Club Sara
00:20:00 Where Were You Departure Journey Pat
00:25:00 Mowgli’s Road The Family Jewels Marina and the Diamonds Sara
00:25:00 Emotional Rescue Emotional Rescue The Rolling Stones Pat
00:30:00 No Good Tom Joad Get Disowned Hop Along Sara
00:30:00 Owner of a Lonely Heart 90125 Yes Pat
00:35:00 Ugly Faces Cardboard Castles Watsky Sara
00:35:00 Knockout This House Is Not for Sale Bon Jovi Pat
00:40:00 Awkward Conversations Rose The Front Bottoms Sara
00:40:00 I Don’t Wanna Know No Jacket Required Phil Collins Pat
00:45:00 Marceline Ardipithecus Willow Smith Sara
00:50:00 The Kid Is Hot Tonite Loverboy Loverboy Pat
00:50:00 Before the World Was Big Before the World Was Big Girlpool Sara
00:55:00 Sarah Black Rose: A Rock Legend Thin Lizzy Pat
00:55:00 Kill V. Maim Art Angels Grimes Sara
01:00:00 Next to You Outlandos d’Amour The Police Pat
01:00:00 Handshake (Never Trust Relationship Advice from the Lead Singer of a Pop-Punk Band A Necessary Bummer Sledding with Tigers Sara
01:05:00 Radio Ga Ga The Works Queen Pat
01:10:00 Celluloid Heroes Everybody’s in Show-Biz The Kinks Pat

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