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Episode 288: Mr. and Mrs.

Episode 288: Mr. and Mrs.
Pat, Murray and Kyle play songs with "Mr." and Mrs." in the title… it's just that simple.
From January 19, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano

00:00:00 Pat, Murray, and Kyle welcome us to the show. Rock Solid is on the eve of their adventures at San Francisco SketchFest, where there will be two shows: Kiss & Tell Part 2 and an episode with "Weird Al" Yankovic. Pat can't wait to tell Weird Al all about his ideas for parody song titles. Murray meanwhile has his own musical ambitions. He recently released a cover version of "People Who Died" where he sings about people who died in 2016. It's a full blown musical project and everything! HERE IT IS, YOU LUCKY DUCKS!
00:05:00 Some of the big names Murray shouts out is Keith Emerson, Paul Kanter, George Martin, David Bowie. It's a who's who of the dearly departed. This was Murray's first song parody ever and he remarks how difficult it was to get the right number of syllables in. So Murray is back in the co-host's chair. He and Pat realize that he wasn't in that many episodes in 2016 (thanks to a lot more guest co-hosts and musical guests and Murray's touring schedule and such), but he's the first regular co-host to make an appearance in 2017 and he's ready baby! Today's topic is Mr. and Mrs.! Songs with those titles in the, well, title. There are also a couple of Ms. in there and maybe even a Dr. or two, who knows.
00:10:00 BUT FIRST! Kyle has a brand new slice of

Nine Inch Nails are back with some new music. It's the first time NIN has had another official permanent member besides Trent Reznor, the new man being Atticus Ross, Trent's movie score partner. Off the EP Not the Actual Events, Kyle plays "Branches/Bones". Dave Grohl plays drums on a track, Dave Navarro plays guitar on another. Murray and Pat like what they hear. Kyle gives it an 8 overall.
Let's get to the Misters and the Misses. Murray starts us off with his favorite Counting Crows song. It's "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" off the album This Desert Life. Woah, a not-so-obvious CC choice from Murray. Most people would go with the "Mr." Counting Crows song. Pat decides to play it, "Mr. Jones" off of August and Everything After.
00:15:00 Pat and Murray both dig Counting Crows, but Murray just can't stand Adam Duritz's haircut. "It's a cross between Sideshow Bob and a potted plant." In any event, Murray moves on to his next song. And it's taking place in the three-ring circus! He plays The Beatles with "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" off the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Murray brings up a video he saw of Ringo Starr discussing his drumming.
Rock in Peace to Phil Lynott. Off the solo album Solo in Soho, Pat plays "Dear Miss Lonely Hearts".
00:20:00 Murray recently realized how big a fan he is of Steve Winwood and his many bands. He plays "Dear Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic off the album Mr. Fantasy.
Live long and prosper. Pat plays "Mr. Spock" by Nerf Herder off the album American Cheese. Pat bought that album AND a James Taylor album at Amoeba Records on the same day. The endless enigma that is Pat Farncis. Murray can't get into Nerf Herder, to him it falls under the banner of Blink-182 music. Plus he's more of a McCoy guy.
00:25:00 Murray goes for a cover with his next pick. It's The Lemonheads' version of "Mrs. Robinson" off their album It's a Shame About Ray. Murray saw a Lemonheads reunion concert at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night. The concert went too long, so Murray left. "Your fans are old, we gotta get up tomorrow."
We all know that Pat loves Bon Jovi. So much so that he has a song from a four-disc box set of unreleased Bon Jovi songs called 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong. That's a lot of anthems about the working man, people. Pat plays "Miss Fourth of July". Even Murray admits that he digs it. Pat and Murray agree that the Bon Jovi sound has changed since Richie left.
00:30:00 Things take a left turn from New Jersey rock anthems to British alternative with Murray's next artist, Tears for Fears. Off the album Elemental, he plays "Mr. Pessimist". Murray wanted to bring in one of the TfF guys in here (most likely Curt Smith), but he SAID NO! Does he not realize that this is a kiss-ass podcast? Pat and Murray would gladly pucker up and smooch his tush for 90 minutes straight, no questions asked.
Pat's next pick is off the album Synchronicity. It's "Miss Gradenko" by The Police.
00:35:00 Pat saw them on the reunion tour at Dodger Stadium. The seats weren't great and they played the songs a bit too slow. "I find it hard to believe you can fuck for five hours and play the songs too slow," Kyle points out. Murray was at the concert too and the Foo Fighters opened and blew The Police right off the stage. Another left turn is had and Murray goes to the bluegrass section of the music store. It's "Mr. Wrong" by Cracker featuring Leftover Salmon off the album O' Cracker Where Art Thou?. "This is like everything I hate rolled into one," says Kyle.
Pat gets in on the bluegrass/ragtime game with "Mr. Mistake" by Peter Wolf off the album A Cure for Loneliness. This isn't faring any better for Kyle: "Is he a cartoon wolf?"
Murray has a second song by The Beatles. Off of Help!, it's "Dizzy Miss Lizzy".
00:40:00 Pat's next pick is Gin Blossoms. He plays "Mrs. Rita" off the album New Miserable Experience. Some Gin Blossoms discussion emerges. Murray saw them open for R.E.M. and they weren't too friendly. Pat got an autograph from the lead singer Robin Wilson because he told him he named his daughter Rita after that song.
Things get loud and legally dicey with his Murray's next pick, "Mr. Whirly" by The Replacements off the album Hootenanny. Writing credit for that song goes to "mostly stolen." Look it up, that's true.
Another Rock in Peace from Pat for Freddie Mercury. He plays "Mr. Bad Guy" off the album Mr. Bad Guy. "What a roller coaster of good and bad," says Murray.
Kyle compares the song to something a Muppet villain would sing, which prompts references to Elmo in Grouchland (WOW, I haven't heard that movie title in forever) and Caillou. Murray takes us back to the music with Passengers (a.k.a. U2 & Brian Eno). Off the album Original Soundtracks 1, it's "Miss Sarajevo" featuring Luciano Pavarotti. Pat isn't a fan of that song because he doesn't like opera.
00:50:00 Pat DOES like his next pick, though. It's Kelly Clarkson with "Mr. Know It All" off the album Stronger.
Again, Murray brings it back to the alternative scene with Bob Mould and his song "Hey Mr. Grey" off the album Beauty & Ruin. Good for you Mould, keep on rocking your ass off.
Pat plays "The Groover from Vancouver" Bryan Adams. Off the album 11, it's "Miss America". Pat loves these kind of songs, singing about the past all nostalgic and wistful. Meanwhile Murray has a new nickname for Bryan, "The Man with the Axe from Halifax."
00:55:00 They were mentioned earlier, now Murray brings them to the table. It's R.E.M. with "Mr. Richards" off the album Accelerate. Pat and Murray agree that this album is great. You can get a lot of the later R.E.M. albums cheap at used CD stores. Murray brings up how Monster was supposedly the most returned album ever. Kyle produces a list of the Top 5 CDs returned to stores between 2002 and 2004:
  • Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
  • Sisqo - Unleash the Dragon
  • Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin
  • Mystikal - Let's Get Ready / Tarantula (tie)
  • Crazy Town - The Gift of Game
Good heavens, what a list. And the icing on the cake is that Murray has worked with both Fred Durst AND Sisqo.
01:00:00 Pat moves on to Guns N' Roses. Off of Appetite for Destruction, it's "Mr. Brownstone". Around the table, Kyle thinks it's okay, Murray doesn't dig it because of Axl's voice, and Pat likes it. The three discuss Axl's penchant for going on stage late, then they rub their scruff into the microphone. Yes.
01:05:00 While Axl is dancing with Mr. Brownstone, Murray is "Dancing with Mr. D." by The Rolling Stones off of Goats Head Soup. As a kid, Murray was forced to go to anti-rock rallies where they would burn albums. Goats Head Soup was one of those albums. I hope they had the decency to throw Their Satanic Majesties Request into the pyre as well.
"This is the theme song to the show you watch, right?" Pat asks Kyle. Oh yes, it's Styx with "Mr. Roboto" off of Kilroy Was Here. Sorry Pat, neither Rami Malek nor Christian Slater say the line "I am the modren man" once on the show.
"If you listen closely, you can almost hear Tommy Shaw going 'We gotta get rid of this guy."
- Murray
01:10:00 Kyle notes the racial overtones of the Kilroy Was Here album cover, which reminds Murray of the Gilligan's Island episode where a Japanese submarine surfaced on the island. And BOY OH BOY was that an episode. Not a lot of sensitivity on that one. But we move on to Paul McCartney! Murray plays "Momma Miss America" off of McCartney.
The last time Murray was a co-host on the pod, this artist was featured. Pat plays "Miss Marlene" by Donald Fagen off the album Sunken Condos.
01:15:00 Murray tells a couple stories about his wife Mary being the costume designer for La La Land (earning multiple award nominations) and his absent-minded dad forgetting about it (despite Murray REPEATEDLY telling his parents over the course of three days that he was excited to see it because of Mary). Mary also did the costume design for Hail Caesar!, which Murray thinks she should have been nominated for as well because it's like doing ten movies in one.
01:20:00 Murray's next pick is by a band called Redd Kross. The song is "Ms. Lady Evans" off the album Phaseshifter. Pat takes the time to mention the Rock Solid ASAP Club. You can sign up anytime over the course of the year. For a $50 donation (the button located right on the side of the page), Pat will send you every new episode of Rock Solid as soon as they are recorded and produced. That's right, you don't have to wait for every Thursday to arrive. Just donate $50 and get new episodes as soon as they are ready to go.
Pat's next pick is off the album Fearless Love. It's "Miss California" by Melissa Etheridge.
01:25:00 After Pat thanks a listener for a Christmas card, Murray plays his last pick. Off the album Melted, it's "Mrs" by Ty Segall. Murray brings up Rage Against the Machine for a hot minute, including Tim Commerford's crazy tattoo.
01:30:00 This was a boatload of fun. Thanks to Murray as always. Check out Murray's stand up comedy, check out Rock Solid at San Francisco SketchFest, and a good time will be had by all. Pat takes us out with "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers off the album Hot Fuss.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Branches/Bones Not the Actual Events Nine Inch Nails Kyle (New Music Roundup)
00:10:00 Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby This Desert Life Counting Crows Murray
00:10:00 Mr. Jones August and Everything After Counting Crows Pat
00:15:00 Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles Murray
00:15:00 Dear Miss Lonely Hearts Solo in Soho Phil Lynott Pat
00:20:00 Dear Mr. Fantasy Mr. Fantasy Traffic Murray
00:20:00 Mr. Spock American Cheese Nerf Herder Pat
00:25:00 Mrs. Robinson It’s a Shame About Ray The Lemonheads Murray
00:25:00 Miss Fourth of July 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong Bon Jovi Pat
00:30:00 Mr. Pessimist Elemental Tears for Fears Murray
00:30:00 Miss Gradenko Synchronicity The Police Pat
00:35:00 Mr. Wrong O’ Cracker Where Art Thou? Cracker feat. Leftover Salmon Murray
00:35:00 Miss Mistake A Cure for Loneliness Peter Wolf Pat
00:35:00 Dizzy Miss Lizzy Help! The Beatles Murray
00:40:00 Mrs. Rita New Miserable Experience Gin Blossoms Pat
00:40:00 Mr. Whirly Hootenanny The Replacements Murray
00:40:00 Mr. Bad Guy Mr. Bad Guy Freddie Mercury Pat
00:45:00 Miss Sarajevo War Child Presents Heroes Passengers feat. Luciano Pavarotti Murray
00:50:00 Mr. Know It All Stronger Kelly Clarkson Pat
00:50:00 Hey Mr. Grey Beauty & Rain Bob Mould Murray
00:50:00 Miss America 11 Bryan Adams Pat
00:55:00 Mr. Richards Accelerate R.E.M. Murray
01:00:00 Mr. Brownstone Appetite for Destruction Guns N’ Roses Pat
01:05:00 Dancing with Mr. D Goats Head Soup The Rolling Stones Murray
01:05:00 Mr. Roboto Kilroy Was Here Styx Pat
01:10:00 Momma Miss America McCartney Paul McCartney Murray
01:15:00 Miss Marlene Sunken Condos Donald Fagen Pat
01:20:00 Ms. Lady Evans Phaseshifter Redd Kross Murray
01:20:00 Miss California Fearless Love Melissa Etheridge Pat
01:25:00 Mrs Melted Ty Segall Murray
01:30:00 Mr. Brightside Hot Fuss The Killers Pat

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