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Episode 287: The Tribe Has Spoken: Survivor Songs

Episode 287: The Tribe Has Spoken: Survivor Songs
David Wright, cast member, from "Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X" sit in as Guest Co-Host to play songs that relate to his experience on the show. Pat and Kyle crack wise as usual.
From January 12, 2017

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show. It's the first recording of 2017. Kyle has a brand new dog, Pat hasn't been arrested for stalking Rick Springfield. Things are looking up in the new year. Today Pat and Kyle are welcomed by a special guest. He was a runner-up on the show Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. It's David Wright. Pat and David met at a friend's house when they were conversing in the pool, which was problematic because David can barely swim.
00:05:00 Being aquatically-challenged made competing on Survivor a bit difficult for David because, you know, it took place ON AN ISLAND. But David managed to get through it.... swimmingly.... ba dum bum. David lost about ten pounds through the whole ordeal. In total it was a seven week commitment, including the week of pre-gaming where the contestants tried to size each other up.
00:10:00 David chats a bit more with Pat about his time on the island, including sizing up some of the other contestants and trying to strategize with them while also being a bit of a loner. He ultimately made it to the final four.
00:15:00 David is a television writer. He's written for Family Guy and Malcolm in the Middle. David credits one Pilar Alessandra for helping him craft his literary skills. Writing for Family Guy was tough because there was a lot of competition to get jokes in. There was also a strange rule where if you pitched a joke, you had to do it in the voice of the character.
00:20:00 Currently, David and his writing partner are working with Rhys Darby on an animated show. No news yet on whether it will be picked up or not, but fingers crossed. Today's topic is songs that are all about survival: David will play songs that remind him of his time on the show Survivor, while Pat will play songs by the 80s rock band Survivor. And if there's time, they will talk about famous matches from Survivor Series... okay, maybe not. When David signed on to the show, he could only talk about it with people who signed an NDA. After leaving the island, he had ZERO voicemails but 1000 emails. Kyle asks David what the biggest new story was that occurred during his time on the island. David says it was Prince dying.
00:25:00 Jeff Probst is the sweetest guy. Very nice, very knowledgable. Always willing to answer any questions that you had about a challenge. The producers were also very careful to not show the contestants food from the real world. No cheeseburgers or baby back ribs, lest an exodus be on their hands. David stumbled at first, but eventually he found his footing thanks to being so good at solving puzzles.
00:30:00 Okay, let's get going with the music. Pat starts us off with, as mentioned, Survivor. Off the album Caught in the Game, it's the song "Caught in the Game". Caught in the Game is one of the few Survivor albums to not feature that classic swooshy logo. That's what hurt the albums sales, according to Pat. "That and the music sucked."
00:35:00 Day one of Survivor, you have to build a shelter. David plays "Shelter from the Storm" by Bob Dylan off the album Blood on the Tracks. On night one on the island, there was a cyclone so they had to evacuate. Pat, David, and Kyle discuss being from a small town in Pennsylvania.
00:40:00 Survivor got a song into Rocky III, and son of a gun they managed to get one into Rocky IV. The three discuss how terrible Rocky IV is, including the unbelievability of Rocky beating Ivan Drago, the slow clap, and Paulie's robot. Rocky training in the snowy peaks, throwing logs and choking out snow leopards with his bare hands. Pat plays "Burning Heart", a bonus track found on When Seconds Count.
00:45:00 The other fundamental thing when you first get to the island is starting a fire. Well leave it to Billy Joel to muck up the works. David plays "We Didn't Start the Fire" off the album Storm Front. It's a history lesson but with a poppy twist; move over Hamilton.
The final Survivor album was called Reach. It was released in 2006! Pat plays the title track "Reach". David and Kyle can hardly contain their love for the song. It just... oozes out of their pores.
00:50:00 On one of the islands that David was on, there were a bunch of birds that would chase everybody around. Therefore he plays "I Like Birds" by Eels off the album Daisies of the Galaxy. Before going on the island, the producers gave the contestants a class on which animals you could eat and which you could not eat. For example, DO NOT eat the herpes fish. There was also quite a bit of insects and vermin (e.g. fruit bats) and it took David a while to get used to them.
00:55:00 Not only did Survivor do songs for the Rocky movies, but they also did a song for The Karate Kid. A bonus track from Vital Signs, Pat plays "The Moment of Truth". Pat relates it to the song Mark Wahlberg sang in Boogie Nights: AWESOME! David faced the moment of truth quite a bit on the show. He cried too. David has a big fear of death. When he was playing the game, he felt like he was cheating death, so that caused him to be quite emotional.
01:00:00 So what made David want to be on Survivor? David came to the show in 2010 and fell in love with it. He applied three times and got it on the third try. Even though he didn't win the whole kit and caboodle, David did end up getting something for his troubles. Everyone on the show gets at least some compensation, even the poor soul who gets booted off first. They discuss a bit about the tax issues with the prize money.
01:05:00 David brought his family to the finale. He and Pat talk about the winner of the game, Adam, bringing up his mom having cancer on the final night and the repercussions of such a reveal. Pat believes that Adam played a weaker game than David, while David feels the opposite.
01:10:00 David talks a little more about his time on the island, notably how he stopped bathing for a few weeks because the ocean water was so cold. Unfortunately this caused David to get infections on both of his cheeks. Before the show, David underwent some heavy grooming to prepare. The man shaved his chest for crying out loud.
01:15:00 Alliances are very important to a game of Survivor. David plays The Black Crowes with "A Conspiracy" off the album Amorica. David and Kyle bond over some beer talk before talking about other Survivor contestants.
01:20:00 The first night on the island was horrible because there was a cyclone. Pat plays "First Night" off the album Vital Signs. Surprisingly David finds that he enjoys the song. Pat lets slip that he sees Marc Droubay, Survivor's former drummer, at the supermarket. How does Pat even know what Marc Droubay looks like? He's Pat Francis, baybay.
David's next pick is Ryan Adams' version of "Blank Space" off his version of 1989. There's a line in the chorus "I'll write your name," which is what one does at Tribal Council.
01:25:00 Pat's next song is off the album When Seconds Count. He plays "Man Against the World".
"You know what I realize about Survivor?"
- David

"They suck?"
- Pat

"No... well, yes. But..."
- David

David compliments the earnestness of Survivor. They're as straightforward a band as you can get. Pat loves 'em, though. Owns all the albums, gosh darnit. What is David's favorite band? The Rolling Stones. He and Pat chat about it for a bit.
01:30:00 After Kyle extols the virtues of the Underworld film series (the first one is in his top ten), David plays the band The Upper Crust. Off the album Let Them Eat Rock, it's the song "Let Them Eat Rock". You draw rocks on Survivor when there's a stalemate at Tribal Council.
Pat goes back to Vital Signs and plays the song "Broken Promises". Just good ol' fashioned generic rock and roll.
01:35:00 More Survivor chat leads to David's next song, inspired by the physical toll it takes on you. This is "Bandages" by Hot Hot Heat off the album Make Up the Breakdown.
01:40:00 Kyle asks about the bathroom situation on the island. When the game starts, you're immediately constipated. David tried aqua dumping (it's exactly what it sounds like), then resorted to just digging a hole in the sand, doing the deed, and washing up in the ocean. One time the show's helicopter accidentally hovered above him during his alone time. Pat's next song is quite appropriate: It's "Oceans" off of Vital Signs.
01:45:00 David remarks that all these songs sound the same, like they were trying to get a song on every 80s soundtrack. Kyle plays a bit of the theme from Baywatch, sung by the late Survivor singer Jimi Jamison. Hasselhoff would be proud. David tells the story of making and planting a fake idol for the other players to find.
01:50:00 Even though he's a comedy writer, David could not be the funny guy on the island because everything is so stressful and taxing. In the vein of fake idols, David plays "Girl You Know It's True" by Milli Vanilli off the album Girl You Know It's True.
01:55:00 Talk continues about Survivor, including the finalists of David's season and the likability of the contestants. David is quite a likable chap; he says that the producers look mainly for likable people whom the audience can root for.
02:00:00 Pat goes for the big hits with "The Search Is Over" off of Vital Signs.
David plays his favorite band The Rolling Stones and their song "Soul Survivor" off of Exile on Main St. Kyle asks David how many buffs (the head handkerchief) he got. Only one.
02:05:00 David found that he really missed music while he was on the island. It's crazy what you take for granted, like hot showers and beds not made out of dead crabs and sticks. When he got voted off, David could eat and drink whatever he wanted. Unfortunately his body was not used to eating lots of food, so his feet swelled up like Frodo Baggins. Pat plays "In Good Faith" off the album When Seconds Count. The same two people write the Survivor songs, Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan. Pat rattles off that trivia like nobody's business.
02:10:00 Pat goes two-in-a-row with the album Too Hot to Sleep. He plays "Tell Me I'm the One". David thinks it's remarkable that we were able to escape this era of music. Pat talks about his favorite venues in Los Angeles.
02:15:00 The one time Pat saw Survivor was when they were part of the "Triple Shot of Rock" tour. First Survivor opened the show, then Loverboy came out and dazzled the crowd, and then Eddie Money wrapped things up in a nice bow. Wowzers trousers, what a lineup. Pat plays another from Survivor, "I'm Not That Man Anymore" off of Eye of the Tiger. Pat talks about his least favorite venues in LA.
02:20:00 Pat tells the story of going to see Springsteen at the Staples Center in the late 90s with his future father-in-law. About eight songs in, F.I.L. wanted to leave (even though it was only EIGHT SONGS IN). This was before Uber and Pat was too young and naive to think about calling a cab, so they just left the show. Pat plays a song from Survivor's self-titled debut album called "Rebel Girl".
02:25:00 David's last song is about leaving Survivor, a very emotional experience. It's "Mama, I'm Coming Home" by Ozzy Osbourne off of No More Tears. The song was written for Sharon, whom Ozzy affectionately calls "Mama." Pat can't even imagine calling Pilar that because she would throw him out of the house. No More Tears is Pat's album of the day; he's listening to an album a day for 2017 (which he does anyway) and logging it online.
02:30:00 Plugs time. You can follow David Wright on Twitter @RealDaveWright. He finds that he's getting recognized on the streets at least once a day from Survivor. David loves to play guitar and write music, so he's planning on doing more of that in the future.
02:35:00 Thanks to David for coming on the show, sharing his stories about his time on the island, and surviving (tee hee) Pat and Kyle. Pat takes us out with the biggie, "Eye of the Tiger" off of Eye of the Tiger.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:30:00 Caught in the Game Caught in the Game Survivor Pat
00:35:00 Shelter from the Storm Blood on the Tracks Bob Dylan David
00:40:00 Burning Heart When Seconds Count Survivor Pat
00:45:00 We Didn’t Start the Fire Storm Front Billy Joel David
00:45:00 Reach Reach Survivor Pat
00:50:00 I Like Birds Daisies of the Galaxy Eels David
00:55:00 The Moment of Truth Vital Signs Survivor Pat
01:15:00 A Conspiracy Amorica The Black Crowes David
01:20:00 First Night Vital Signs Survivor Pat
01:20:00 Blank Space 1989 Ryan Adams David
01:25:00 Man Against the World When Seconds Count Survivor Pat
01:30:00 Let Them Eat Rock Let Them Eat Rock The Upper Crust David
01:30:00 Broken Promises Vital Signs Survivor Pat
01:35:00 Bandages Make Up the Breakdown Hot Hot Heat David
01:40:00 Oceans Vital Signs Survivor Pat
01:50:00 Girl You Know It’s True Girl You Know It’s True Milli Vanilli David
02:00:00 The Search Is Over Vital Signs Survivor Pat
02:00:00 Soul Survivor Exile on Main St The Rolling Stones David
02:05:00 In Good Faith When Seconds Count Survivor Pat
02:10:00 Tell Me I’m the One Too Hot to Sleep Survivor Pat
02:15:00 I’m Not That Man Anymore Eye of the Tiger Survivor Pat
02:20:00 Rebel Girl Survivor Survivor Pat
02:25:00 Mama, I’m Coming Home No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne David
02:35:00 Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger Survivor Pat

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