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Episode 286: 2016 Year in Review

Episode 286: 2016 Year in Review
The whole Rock Solid crew get together to drink hot beverages, eat mini donuts and play music that was released this past year! Good riddance 2016 and never show your face around these parts again!
From January 5, 2017

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

April Richardson

Mike Siegel

Christy Stratton

Murray Valeriano

00:00:00 Everybody welcomes us to the 2016 Year in Review show!!! Happy new year, everyone. It's an exciting episode because rarely is everyone in the same room together. The last time was the screening of Urgh! A Music War that a fan donated money to hold. Well 2016 is done and dusted. Not our finest hour, to say the least. The gang goes around the horn and says something good that happened personally in 2016. Kyle: A new Nine Inch Nails EP coming out. Alright then. Murray: Touring the world for stand up comedy. Hawaii, Djibouti, Bahrain, Qatar, and the Persian Gulf all received Mr. Valeriano with open and exotic arms. Christy: Getting the Modern Family job AND Janet Varney getting an Emmy nom for Christy's webseries. Mike: Recently sold his house. Now he's free and ready to skip the country on a moment's notice (just in case his secret cocaine empire collapses to the Feds).
00:05:00 Mike also sailed plenty a sea on the cruise ships. He got into a little bit of hot water (har-dee-har) with some scandalous material on male genitalia (he said the word penis). April: She got a TV show... that was cancelled. But she did get to speak to Morrissey and Johnny Marr in the same week, so that was cool. 15-year-old April had her mind blown there. "And the elephant in the room," says Mike, "the election swung our way." The gang wonders who will play the inauguration. Pat: The Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Induction Concert, working with David Wild on a TV show, and both of his children remained alive under his care and protection. Before we go any further, ME ME ME ME, I MAKE AN APPEARANCE, IT'S ABOUT ME NOW! .... ahem .... I send in a message to the Rock Solid crew about my two favorite things of 2016. The first is seeing Black Sabbath live. The second is my favorite release of the year. It's an EP by the band Ghost called Popestar. Four covers and an original. I play a little bit (okay, a lotta little bit) of the original song, "Square Hammer". Wrapping things up, I thank everyone involved with Rock Solid for supporting the Rock Solid Guide in 2016. And that means YOU THE AUDIENCE, so THANK YOU!!!!!!
00:10:00 Rock in Peace 2016. Where do we begin? David Bowie, Prince, Garry Shandling, Glenn Frey, Kevin Meaney, to name a few. Bob Coburn, host of Rockline, passed away. He was the one who got a teenage Christy Stratton on the line with Elliot Easton. What did that sound like?

Murray thinks it's adorable. "You're voice was ten times more Texas than it is now," comments Mike. Before April broke her accent, she says she "sound[ed] like I'm a character on Hee-Haw." More R.I.P. Leonard Cohen, Greg Lake, Keith Emerson, Phife Dawg, Alan Thicke, Florence Henderson. The first time Murray saw the Chili Peppers was on Alan's late night talk show Thicke of the Night.
00:15:00 Okay, let's get right into it. The best of 2016 music. And, consequently, the worst of 2016 music. Oh yeah, Siegel Stinkeroos are ON THE DOCKET! Murray kicks off the festivities (despite his computer troubles) with the band Wilco. Off the album Schmilco, the song is "If I Ever Was a Child".
Christy is up next. The music she brought today came from a collection of Shazaming department stores, the Bad Moms soundtrack, and Guy Branum's Twitter page. Welcome to the future. She found this year that she was very into pop with strong female power vocals. Her first pick is Lizzo with "Good as Hell" off the EP Coconut Oil. Oooooh baby, those were some sassy, snappy sounds. No wine for Christy this morning. Would she even drink wine that early? "No no no.... I mean I'd have maybe a champagne or a mimosa. I'm not a monster."
00:20:00 Mike Siegel, up to the plate for the first time. His first pick is the new Pretenders album called Alone. Mike plays the song "Gotta Wait". "So Chrissie Hyde is pretending to be The Black Keys," notes Murray. Indeed the album was produced by the Keys' Dan Auerbach. Pat is not a fan of the album, he feels Chrissie gave too much control to Auerbach. Mike and Pat will be seeing the Pretenders and Stevie Nicks together on the night of the episode's recording.
It is April's time to shine. Her album of the year was supposed to be Beyonce's Lemonade, but a late entry snuck in at the last minute and usurped the throne. It's the new album by A Tribe Called Quest called We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service. Pat was surprised they're still around. April plays "Solid Wall of Sound", which features Elton John. The late Phife Dawg is indeed on the album. "Is that a cartoon?" asks Pat. "Does he solve mysteries with the gang?"
00:25:00 Pat's first pick from the year 2016 is the band Soul Asylum. April can't believe it: "You were like 'A Tribe Called Quest still exist?' and you're dropping a Soul Asylum song on us?!" Off the album Change of Fortune, the song is called "Supersonic". The album cover reminds Pat of Murray because it's a baboon looking at a phone. It seems Murray is watching "the Super Bowl of surfing" on his cell because his computer bit the dust.
Super Producer Kyle has his own selection of hit tunes for us all. First up is a song by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. They did a song for NASA's Juno mission called "Juno". Ambient, spacey music. It reminds Christy of "Dream Weaver." Mission Control Murray narrates.
00:30:00 Murray will be the one to highlight David Bowie and his album Blackstar. Pat is kinda lukewarm on the album, he feels it gets more fanfare because Bowie died. Murray compliments the live David Bowie tribute show that Rock Solid did. He plays "I Can't Give Everything Away". April picked the same song. Keep on rocking in peace, Mr. Stardust.
Christy was flipping around the ol' Sirius XM radio one day and came across this band, The Record Company. She plays "Rita Mae Young" off the album Give It Back to You. Mike remembers something else that happened this year, the Cubs won the World Series. He went back to Chicago for it.
00:35:00 Mike asks the room for their Green Day opinions. Murray: "Booooo." April: "I'm on board." They released a new album this year called Revolution Radio and Mike plays the song "Too Dumb to Die". Thumbs up from the Rock Solid crew. Green Day played the Palladium sometime during the year. Christy: "Is that the place where it's standing room only? Pass." Christy is a lady and ladies sit. The Palladium is also where Mike and Murray saw the Replacements... where Murray promptly ditched Mike for the VIP area. Pat saw The Monkees there this year and it was a great show.
"People were crying. I wasn't crying, but people were crying."
- Pat, on the Monkees concert

"For the right reasons?"
- Mike
April goes with her other favorite album of the year, the aforementioned Lemonade by Beyonce. The video turned Mike off, April watched it a million times and cried her eyes out. "If Beyonce gets cheated on, what chance do I have?!" she bemoans. April plays the song "Don't Hurt Yourself", which features Jack White.
00:40:00 Pat takes us to the movies with a song from Sing Street. Great movie about a kid in 1980s Ireland starting a band to impress a girl. Pat plays the song "Girls" by the in-movie band Sing Street. Pat, Murray, and April can't recommend it enough. John Carney from Once and Begin Again did the movie.
00:45:00 It took a while for Murray to turn the corner on this band, even though he still doesn't care for them live. It's Kings of Leon with "Waste a Moment" from their album WALLS. Murray saw them open for U2 on the Vertigo tour and he gave them a mighty thumbs down, but he does enjoy their studio work nowadays.
If you know Christy, you know that Miley Cyrus continues to surprise and delight her in ways she never could have imagined. She plays Miley's version of Bob Dylan's "Baby, I'm in the Mood for You" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Murray wants Miley to stop doing controversial stuff because she has an amazing voice. Christy remains firmly in Camp Cyrus. Word is that Miley enjoys some illicit substances, something grandma would not like to know about. Maybe a little marijuana, maybe a few doses of molly. "We call her Molly Cyrus," says Mike. ............................................*cough*........................................
00:50:00 Recovering from that absolute BOMB of a joke, Mike dances his way back into all of our hearts with "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars off the album 24K Magic. Very 80s, but they like it. "He's the new Prince," suggests Pat. "Calm down," immediately responds April.
A high point of April's 2016 was hanging out with Iggy Pop. What! And he was WEARING A SHIRT. WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!! That's like hanging out with Big Foot. Chris Hardwick called April over to hang out with him because Iggy and Josh Homme were on his Nerdist podcast. So there's April with Iggy Pop and Josh "Could Always Get It, For All Time and Eternity" Homme. Oh yeah, April's got the hots for Homme. She plays "Gardenia" by Iggy off the album Post Pop Depression. Iggy was very nice and had surprisingly luxurious hair.
00:55:00 In a similar vein to Pat's complaint about the new Pretenders album, Homme produced a few Arctic Monkeys albums and April observed how they sounded very much like a Queens of the Stone Age album. Murray brings up Harry Nilsson's album that John Lennon produced that sounds Lennon-y. The lesson here is that sometimes the producer's hand becomes a bit too intrusive into a band's cookie jar. Or something like that. Pat is gonna steal from Mike's playbook and bring up a Francis Stinkeroo, a.k.a.

Oh yes, it's Braver Than We Are by Meat Loaf. Pat plays "Only When I Feel".
"This is not real."
- April

"Wow, this is shit right out the gate."
- Murray

The crowd is stunned. Even Christy, the sweetest woman in the world, cannot mince her words: "It's bad. It's bad." Luckily Pat is able to cleanse the palate with a little Heart. He plays "Beautiful Broken" featuring James Hetfield off the album Beautiful Broken. Heart can still get down and kick some ass. "Osteoporosis is not getting those ladies, no siree," says Christy.
01:00:00 After April tells a story of a guy yelling at her on a date ("Thank God I'm married," says Murray), Kyle is back up and he plays some new Metallica. Off the album Hardwired... to Self-Destruct, it's "Moth into Flame". The gang agree that they are not big Metallica fans, but they appreciate what they do. Amen, keep the metal spirit alive boys. Good treadmill music too.
Here's a cover of a song Murray doesn't like originally done by a band he also doesn't like. It's Sturgill Simpson singing his version of Nirvana's "In Bloom" off his album A Sailor's Guide to Earth. The table doesn't agree with that one. Again they appreciate the effort, doing something different, but then... meh.
01:05:00 Christy apologizes in advance. She discovered this song in a dancersize video on the internet (yes, that is a true sentence) and she LOVES IT! It's "Me Too" by Meghan Trainor off the album Thank You. Female vocals? Yup. Empowering lyrics? You bet your sweet ass they are. Christy thinks she underestimated Ms. Trainor because "All About That Bass" felt like a novelty song to her, but now she's all in. When she's biking during her lunch break on Modern Family, headphones are on and the beats are jamming.
01:10:00 After going over the finer details of Christy's workout routine, Mike is up. He plays "Voices in My Head" by Bob Mould off the album Patch the Sky. April got to see Mould in London. Mike prefers Sugar to Husker Du when it comes to Bob Mould band.
April makes no apologies for Kanye West's album The Life of Pablo. Personal issues aside, April loves Kanye's music. She plays the song "Fade". "So who goes first at the inauguration," asks Mike. "Is it Nugent then Kanye, or...?" Murray chuckles at the fact that a guy who once said "George Bush doesn't care about black people" on live television supports Trump.
01:15:00 April defends Kanye for being a crazy weirdo dickhead because he's a genius. She doesn't like Kanye meeting with Trump though. "His in-laws seems nice," notes Mike. April also says that while Kanye may be a dick, he isn't going over the line like Cosby or R. Kelly. Pat worries that his next pick, Sting, is a dick. "He's a 7-hour hard dick," says April. Pat plays "I Can't Stop Thinking About You" off the album 57th & 9th. April notes its similarity to the Soul Asylum song. That's Pat's thing. "You like that dentist waiting room music," she says. Murray was disappointed with the album. Pat gives it a 6/10. But no lutes, thank heavens. And according to April, he's another who can "still get it."
01:20:00 Kyle takes his own turn into pop rock territory with the band Rooney. Off the album Washed Away, the song is "My Heart Beats 4 You". Pat and Kyle saw Rooney at a small listening party. They ended up being disappointed with the album.
Up next for Murray is a band called Joseph. He plays "White Flag" off the album I'm Alone, No You're Not. The band is a little too folksy for Murray, but he loves that.
Mentioned earlier, Christy has brought the soundtrack from the movie Bad Moms. She plays "Cake by the Ocean" by DNCE originally off their self-titled album.
01:25:00 Christy has always been befuddled by sexual metaphors in songs. "The Lemon Song," "Milkshakes." Confusion abounds. And now with "Cake by the Ocean," Christy's sure it means something but she can't figure it out. "Is there a 12-year-old we can call to confirm what it means," wonders Mike. When Pat first saw DNCE, he was turned off because he thought they were trying so hard. But there are some positive vibes coming from the table for the song. Mike meanwhile has a pop song that has polarized plenty of people. Off the Trolls soundtrack, it's "Can't Stop the Feeling!" by Justin Timberlake. Thumbs up from the group. It thoroughly pisses off the men because there is NOTHING Justin Timberlake can't do: Funny, can act, can sing, can dance, looks good. You can't beat JT.
01:30:00 April takes us back to new wave glory with the band ABC and their album The Lexicon of Love II. She plays "Viva Love". Sounds like it would fit right in with the first album. April's hung out with Martin Fry and seen him live a bunch of times. Pat makes a note to try to get him on the show because he lives in the area. April mentions that Gary Numan also lives nearby, which perks Christy right up.
One of Pat's favorite albums of the year was Love You to Death by Tegan and Sara. He plays "Boyfriend".
01:35:00 Murray goes obscure with his next pick Matt North. Matt is a session drummer who is releasing his debut album Above Ground Fools in 2017, but he released a single this year called "Cronkite and Cosell".
After a quick detour to discuss Empire with April, Christy gets back on track. Off the album Good Grief, she plays "Born Again Teen" by Lucius. Everyone agrees that they are ON BOARD for Christy's picks.
01:40:00 Unfortunately those good vibrations are about to end. That's right, it's time for a big

Steven Tyler decided to go country this year. "Noooooo," moan April and Christy. "A senior moment," says Murray. Mike plays "Red, White & You" off the album We're All Somebody from Somewhere. This is a song with the line "Free falling into your yum yum." The mood has just turned sour. "It makes me the opposite of patriotic," says April. "I'm going back and wishing Ivan Drago had won." Murray wonders if Steven actually likes country music or if this was just a cash-grab. Pat makes matters worse when he plays the title track "We're All Somebody from Somewhere" which features this line:

EVERYONE IS KNOCKED BACK!!! Just awful stuff. "No wonder his band hates him," says Pat.
Save us, April Richardson. She plays "Impossible Tracks" by The Kills off the album Ash & Ice.
01:45:00 Pat loves Rick Springfield and doesn't care who knows it. And he's STILL trying to get him on the podcast. Off the album Rocket Science, Pat plays "That One". Rick was in the Meryl Streep movie Ricki & the Flash which the boys deride for being terrible. The performances were good, but the rest of the movie was not.
01:50:00 Kyle has something that Murray will not enjoy: Blink-182. "I haven't heard it and it sucks already," Murray says. Kyle plays "She's Out of Her Mind" off the album California. Murray: "Booooooo."
Murray apologizes to Phantogram, Dawes, Beck, and The 1975. For his last pick, he goes with Father John Misty. He plays the single "Real Love Baby".
Christy apologizes to Sizzy Rocket and Daya. Her last pick is another empowered pop lady named Wild Belle. Off the album Dreamland, the song is "Giving Up on You".
01:55:00 Mike apologizes to Crown Jwlz, Squeeze, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. His last pick is "If I Lost You" by Garbage off the album Strange Little Birds. The gang talk a little about various LA places like The Forum.
02:00:00 April apologizes to Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams. Her last pick is by Billy Bragg and Joe Henry. It's "Waiting for a Train" off the album Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad. Billy and Joe basically recorded all the songs on trains and in train stations while riding across the country on trains. "There's always something mystical about trains," according to Murray. April is astounded at how Billy grew into his voice. "Now that I'm homeless, this box car life kinda appeals to me," says Mike.
02:05:00 Pat apologizes to Mudcrutch, Paul Simon, Queen, Suzanne Vega, Bon Jovi (big shock, but he's writing about the working man in a small town), David Bowie, and The Monkees. His last pick is "Let My Love Open the Door" by Roger Daltrey.
Pat goes around the table and thanks everyone for being part of the show. Kyle, Christy, Mike, Murray, April, they all bring something to the show that makes it fun and exciting. He thanks me for the show notes (aw shucks) and all the artists for the artwork: Jason Levy, Daryl Asher, Erin Gould, Glen K. Amo, Jamie Whitlock, Joshua Tayback, Adam M. Jones, and Philippe Dufour.
02:10:00 Remember that Rock Solid will be at the San Francisco Sketchfest for two shows, one will be Kiss and Tell 2 and the other will be with special guest "Weird Al" Yankovic. April and Christy are confirmed not to be involved because they'll be at the Million Woman March. "Sounds like there's gonna be good female-male ratio at the march," notices Mike. Smooth Operator Siegel is ready to hit the streets and then hit the sheets, hey now.
Pat takes us out with the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. This is Bruce doing a cover of "Purple Rain".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Square Hammer Popestar Ghost Andrew Rich
00:15:00 If I Ever Was a Child Schmilco Wilco Murray
00:15:00 Good as Hell Coconut Oil Lizzo Christy
00:20:00 Gotta Wait Alone Pretenders Mike
00:20:00 Solid Wall of Sound We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service A Tribe Called Quest feat. Elton John April
00:25:00 Supersonic Change of Fortune Soul Asylum Pat
00:25:00 Juno Single Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Kyle
00:30:00 I Can’t Give Everything Away Blackstar David Bowie Murray
00:30:00 Rita Mae Young Give It Back to You The Record Company Christy
00:35:00 Too Dumb to Die Revolution Radio Green Day Mike
00:35:00 Don’t Hurt Yourself Lemonade Beyonce feat. Jack White April
00:40:00 Girls Sing Street Soundtrack Sing Street Pat
00:45:00 Waste a Moment WALLS Kings of Leon Murray
00:45:00 Baby, I’m in the Mood for You (Live) Jimmy Kimmel Live Miley Cyrus Christy
00:50:00 24K Magic 24K Magic Bruno Mars Mike
00:50:00 Gardenia Post Pop Depression Iggy Pop April
00:55:00 Only When I Feel Braver Than We Are Meat Loaf Pat
00:55:00 Beautiful Broken Beautiful Broken Heart feat. James Hetfield Pat
01:00:00 Moth into Flame Hardwired… to Self-Destruct Metallica Kyle
01:00:00 In Bloom A Sailor’s Guide to Earth Sturgill Simpson Murray
01:05:00 Me Too Thank You Megan Trainor Christy
01:10:00 Voices in My Head Patch the Sky Bob Mould Mike
01:10:00 Fade The Life of Pablo Kanye West April
01:15:00 I Can’t Stop Thinking About You 57th & 9th Sting Pat
01:20:00 My Heart Beats 4 You Washed Away Rooney Kyle
01:20:00 White Flag I’m Alone, No You’re Not Joseph Murray
01:20:00 Cake by the Ocean DNCE DNCE Christy
01:25:00 Can’t Stop the Feeling! Trolls Soundtrack Justin Timberlake Mike
01:30:00 Viva Love The Lexicon of Love II ABC April
01:30:00 Boyfriend Love You to Death Tegan and Sara Pat
01:35:00 Cronkite and Cosell Above Ground Fools Matt North Murray
01:35:00 Born Again Teen Good Grief Lucius Christy
01:40:00 Red, White & You We’re All Somebody from Somewhere Steven Tyler Mike
01:40:00 We’re All Somebody from Somewhere We’re All Somebody from Somewhere Steven Tyler Pat
01:40:00 Impossible Tracks Ash & Ice The Kills April
01:45:00 That One Rocket Science Rick Springfield Pat
01:50:00 She’s Out of Her Mind California Blink-182 Kyle
01:50:00 Real Love Baby Single Father John Misty Murray
01:50:00 Giving Up on You Dreamland Wild Belle Christy
01:55:00 If I Lost You Strange Little Birds Garbage Mike
02:00:00 Waiting for a Train Shine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad Billy Bragg and Joe Henry April
02:05:00 Let My Love Open the Door Single Roger Daltrey Pat
02:10:00 Purple Rain (Live) N/A Bruce Springsteen Pat

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