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Episode 281: The Rock 'N' Roll Laundry Basket

Episode 281: The Rock 'N' Roll Laundry Basket
In this tangent filled episode Pat, Murray and Kyle attempt to play songs with articles of clothing in the song title. This episode was recorded at a normal hour of the day and with no alcohol involved although Murray did have an IV drip of caffeine.
From December 1, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano

00:00:00 Pat, Murray, and Kyle welcome us to the show. Oh it's been many a fortnight since Murray has been on the podcast, but he's back with gusto (and a sizable amount of coffee). Pat kicks things off with a wager: Who can name more members of The Beatles, Pat's mother or Murray's mother? Murray has a lot of confidence in his mama, he thinks she can get all four. Pat and Kyle have no confidence in Mama Dodson. "Maybe half a name," guesses Kyle. Pat's mom is up first and we connect via our friends at the telephone company to the Dodson homestead in Pennsylvania.
00:05:00 "Paul McCartney," she begins. That's one. "The one that was killed. Ringo, that's one." Mama Dodson phones a friend (Pat's dad) and he actually gets the name John Lennon. One more to go and Papa Dodson clinches it with George Harrison. So a grand total of 2 for Mama Dodson. Murray's mother is up next (if he can get his phone to work). She gets John and Paul and then she draws a blank.
00:10:00 In the spirit of fairness, Pat demands last names as well. "John Lennon and Paul McCartney." Then Papa Valeriano comes in with the save for the last two. So look at that, it's a tie! Pat wonders if they could name the Rolling Stones. "Good luck with that," says Kyle. So what's been going on with Murray? He just got his braces off, so his mouth is acting a little wonky. His computer is working like Johnny 5 near the end of Short Circuit 2. And he's celebrating Road Stories being the number 2 podcast at L.A. Podfest 2016. Number one was Wil Anderson's podcast TOFOP, a reference to Russell Crowe's band. Pat and Murray's curiosity is peaked, so we hear a little bit of what Mr. Crowe has to offer.
00:15:00 Pat could actually find himself listening to it. "You know what, that sounds like something you would bring in," Murray agrees. Pat reminisces on the old episode about actors who sing and wants to do it again, Murray wants in. In other Murray news, he's got tickets to see Brian Wilson do Pet Sounds live and the upcoming Roger Waters Us + Them tour. Not cheap. Daryl Asher is coming in to town to see him with Murray. Murray proposes a David Gilmour/Roger Waters solo careers show with Daryl in tow. I can hear Kyle booking his plane tickets out of L.A. as we speak.
00:20:00 Gilmour leads to Gilmore as Lorelei, Rory and the rest of Stars Hollow gets brought up. No, seriously, there are a couple minutes of Gilmore Girls talk, including Sebastian Bach's recurring role and Murray's friend being on the show. It turns out Murray's friend is Liza Weil, who played Paris Geller and is now on How to Get Away with Murder. Look at Murray with his famous friends!
Today's topic is the Rock 'N' Roll Laundry Basket! Songs with articles of clothing in the title. Pat tried to go for more obscure pieces of clothing. "I tried that too," says Murray, "then I ended up with a lot of songs about boots." Pat kicks things off with Pete Townshend. Off the album All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, the song is "Slit Skirts".
00:25:00 A little Townshend Talk: Pat notices much of the rhythm section on Pete's album was part of the band Big Country, while Murray feels bad that Pete isn't considered as big a "guitar god" as his contemporaries. Murray's first pick is the first song that his son Frank heard right after he was born. Per the orders of medical professionals, Murray brought in a playlist in the operating room. The song is "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" by Traffic off the album The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.
"Stop, stop. My kid is not coming out and the first thing he hears is Dave Matthews. Turn this shit off."
- Murray's wife, #1 Mom right from the start

00:30:00 After Pat and Kyle gush over some superhero talk (Murray: "How do you guys ever get laid?"), Pat plays "Stockings" by Suzanne Vega off the album Nine Objects of Desire.
One of Murray's favorite guys growing up, Adam Ant. Off the album Friend or Foe, the song is "Goody Two-Shoes".
00:35:00 Pat's next artist is Joe Jackson. He plays "The Band Wore Blue Shirts" off the album I'm the Man. Murray laments not listening to more of the "Double J." That's J-E-Double F J-A.... Whoops, wrong "Double J."
Ritz. Saltine. Uncle. All of them fall under the category of Murray's next band. Off the album Kerosene Hat, it's Cracker with "Kerosene Hat".
"This... is the exact. type. of. music. I. hate." - Pilar Alessandra. Pat plays "Caught with Your Pants Down" by AC/DC off the album Ballbreaker.
00:40:00 We get some AC/DC discussion... not all of it factual. Murray heard a little rumor about Brian Johnson coming back to the band. No truth to that. Oh Murray, spreading falsehoods like the boy who cried wolf, how could you? Murray reconciles with a clothing song, "Green Gloves" by The National off the album Boxer. So far, each of the songs played have been a unique item of clothing. No crossovers yet, we'll see how long that lasts.
00:45:00 Pat keeps it unique for now with Todd Rundgren and his song "Long Flowing Robe" off the album Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren.
Up next for Murray is the band Cake. Off the album Comfort Eagle, the song is "Pretty Pink Ribbon". Pat was eating some cake the day before this recording because it was his daughter Sara's birthday. Happy October Birthday!... in December. Pat isn't a Cake fan, but he likes when Murray plays them. He saw them open for Cheap Trick on an off night for Trick.
00:50:00 Murray feels a little down on seeing the Stones live after watching some footage from Desert Trip. "Well no one wants to see anyone in the desert," opines Pat. Dry air might be good for the TB sufferer, but not necessarily for the rock band. And then after some talk about Rolling Stones guitarists, Pat whips out his Garage Band app and strums away on an electric guitar. He hands it to Murray who immediately hits a sour note. How appropriate. Pat puts the guitar away and whips out "Aphrodisiac Jacket" by The Cult off the album Electric. Pat and Murray praise The Cult for being a great hard rock band. Killer stuff.
00:55:00 We're heard this album get brought up a boatload of times. Now it's a boatload and one. Off the album Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley, it's Robert Palmer with "Sailing Shoes". Little Feat backing up Mr. Palmer on that album, you can definitely hear it.
Pat's next article of clothing belongs in the unmentionables department (in more ways than one). It's Bryan Adams with "(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear" off the album 18 til I Die". Not one of Bryan's better days. Or as Murray describes it, "That's terrible."
Murray breaks out the jewelry with "Pearl Necklace" by ZZ Top off the album El Loco.
01:00:00 Ribbons, pearl necklaces. Pat is putting some of Murray's picks under scrutiny. "These are accessories," he argues. Murray counters back that his wife is a costume designer and he consulted with her. Well Pat's not gonna argue with an Oscar nominee... unless his recent Twitter verification trumps it, perhaps? In any event, Pat plays "Brite Nitegown" by Donald Fagen off the album Morph the Cat.
Rock in Peace to Prince. Murray plays his favorite song, Raspberry Beret off the album Around the World in a Day.
Murray and Pat reminisce about going to see Genesis (separately) on the Invisible Touch Tour. They do so because Pat's next pick is "Wear My Hat" by Phil Collins off the album Dance into the Light. Murray really hopes he gets to see Phil Collins on his new tour. "And I really hope he doesn't play that song," he finishes.
Murray continues the trend of things we wear on our heads with Beck and his version of "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" off the compilation album War Child Presents Heroes.
01:10:00 While Murray praises Beck and his live performances, Pat reaches deeeeeeeeeep into the catalogue with a song called "Jeans On" by David Dundas off his self-titled album. Murray draws a complete blank on that one, no recollection.
01:15:00 Murray brings a group that has no clothing in their name, Barenaked Ladies (Har-dee-har-har). He plays "Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank" off the album Born on a Pirate Ship. Pat and Murray talk about the Barenaked Ladies and their assorted songs.
Oh yeah, make room for Uncle Ted. It's "High Heels in Motion" by Ted Nugent off the album Little Miss Dangerous. Very 80s sounding for the Nuge, but Murray admits that it's not as bad he thought it was going to be.
01:20:00 Things take a strange turn as Pat brings up Lou Gramm's grumpy Twitter activities, but Murray is wise enough to bring things around to the modern day. Off the album Torches, it's Foster the People with "Pumped Up Kicks".
Pat brings a feminine touch to the table with "Man in the Long Black Coat" by Joan Osborne (whose name gets an audible "Oof" from Murray) off the album Relish.
01:25:00 Murray scored some cool points with his "kicks," so he continues on the shoe route. Off the album Raising Hell, it's "My Adidas" by Run-D.M.C.. Rap in Peace, Jam Master Jay.
"Come on hip hop, get your act together."
- Murray

"Yeah man, you don't see Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne fighting [...] Alice would kill him."
- Pat

"Oh yeah, he'd beat him with a golf club."
- Murray
The next one for Pat features former guest and friend of the show Kenny Aronoff. It's John Mellencamp with "French Shoes" off the album Human Wheels.
01:30:00 Murray brought up "boots" earlier and he delivers on his promise big time. Off the album Piece of Mind, it's "Die With Your Boots On" by Iron Maiden. Murray admits he got into Maiden too late, he was anti-metal when he was a youth. But thankfully he turned that ship right around and embraced THE METAL.
Pat enjoys his solo Mick Jagger, so he plays "Evening Gown" off the album Wandering Spirit.
01:35:00 Another Rock in Peace, this time to Lux Interior from The Cramps. Off the album Stay Sick!, it's the song "Bikini Girls with Machine Guns". Poor Lux. He died of an aortic dissection and if you do not get on the ball with that right away, bye bye in the box you go.
Pat's turn and he goes for some boots as well. Off the album Strut, it's "Dirty White Boots" by Lenny Kravitz.
01:40:00 Shenanigans ensue as Kyle whips out his Jason Statham impression and Pilar sets up in the background with a Rock Solid t-shirt on. Pat doesn't like the positioning of Murray's name on her shirt. Murray, on the other hand: "The Murr's got no complaints." Hey now! The Murr plays his next pick, "Baggy Trousers" by Madness off the album Absolutely. Murray brings up the British TV show The Young Ones, which Pat never saw.
01:45:00 Pat gives his apologies to David Bowie and The Hollies. Murray apologizes to his heart rate because at this point he is BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS from the caffeine intake. Pat plays Steely Dan with "Bad Sneakers" off the album Katy Lied. Pat talks about seeing David Wild interview Paul Simon about his new album and career.
01:50:00 Murray apologizes to U2, Tears for Fears, Haircut One Hundred, Fleet Foxes, Chris De Burgh, and Social Distortion. Pat whispers his apologies to the audience AND further questions some of Murray's choices. "Ball and Chain," "Lady in Red." Walking a fine line there, Valeriano. Murray ends up playing "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'".
01:55:00 Continuing the footwear motif, Pat plays "Walkin' Shoes" by Robin Zander off his self-titled album.
I can hear Murray's teeth chattering in his skull. SO. MUCH. COFFEE!!!!!!! But he feels like his tunes have been majorly mellow. So he's going out hard with "The Hardest Button to Button" by The White Stripes off the album Elephant.
Welcome back Murray! It was too long a wait since the last episode and we're excited for your next one. Pat takes us out with "Don't Let Go the Coat" by The Who off the album Face Dances
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:20:00 Slit Skirts All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes Pete Townshend Pat
00:25:00 The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys Traffic Murray
00:30:00 Stockings Nine Objects of Desire Suzanne Vega Pat
00:30:00 Goody Two-Shoes Friend or Foe Adam Ant Murray
00:35:00 The Band Wore Blue Shirts I’m the Man Joe Jackson Pat
00:35:00 Kerosene Hat Kerosene Cracker Murray
00:35:00 Caught with Your Pants Down Ballbreaker AC/DC Pat
00:40:00 Green Gloves Boxer The National Murray
00:45:00 Long Flowing Robe Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren Todd Rundgren Pat
00:45:00 Pretty Pink Ribbon Comfort Eagle Cake Murray
00:50:00 Aphrodisiac Jacket Electric The Cult Pat
00:55:00 Sailing Shoes Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley Robert Palmer Murray
00:55:00 (I Wanna Be) Your Underwear 18 til I Die Bryan Adams Pat
00:55:00 Pearl Necklace El Loco ZZ Top Murray
01:00:00 Brite Nitegown Morph the Cat Donald Fagen Pat
01:00:00 Raspberry Beret Around the World in a Day Prince Murray
01:05:00 Wear My Hat Dance into the Light Phil Collins Pat
01:05:00 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat War Child Presents Heroes Beck Murray
01:10:00 Jeans On David Dundas David Dundas Pat
01:15:00 Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank Born on a Pirate Ship Barenaked Ladies Murray
01:15:00 High Heels in Motion Little Miss Dangerous Ted Nugent Pat
01:20:00 Pumped Up Kicks Torches Foster the People Murray
01:20:00 Man in the Long Black Coat Relish Joan Osborne Pat
01:25:00 My Adidas Raising Hell Run-D.M.C. Murray
01:25:00 French Shoes Human Wheels John Mellencamp Pat
01:30:00 Die With Your Boots On Piece of Mind Iron Maiden Pat
01:30:00 Evening Gown Wandering Spirit Mick Jagger Adam A. Berkey
01:35:00 Bikini Girls with Machine Guns Stay Sick! The Cramps Murray
01:35:00 Dirty White Boots Strut Lenny Kravitz Pat
01:40:00 Baggy Trousers Absolutely Madness Murray
01:45:00 Bad Sneakers Katy Lied Steely Dan Pat
01:50:00 These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ Boots Nancy Sinatra Murray
01:55:00 Walkin’ Shoes Robin Zander Robin Zander Pat
01:55:00 The Hardest Button to Button Elephant The White Stripes Murray
01:55:00 Don’t Let Go the Coat Face Dances The Who Pat

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