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Episode 278: Out of This World

Episode 278: Out of This World
Pat and Mike play songs about space, stars, planets etc. That's right any song that's out of this world!
From November 11, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel

00:00:00 Pat, Mike, and Kyle welcome us to the show. Pat starts the episode off with casual banter, including a few names of listeners who have either won stuff or sent in music. Matthew Burkey sent a note that told Kyle to eat a shit sandwich (are those gluten free?) while Scott Adams sent Pat an unreleased David Bowie album called The Gouster. As you can see, the listeners of Rock Solid are a varied bunch.
00:05:00 We also get a quick update on Mike's happenings. He's trying to sell his house! "People like to buy low, sell high," notes Mike. "I call those people sheep." Good luck to Mike on selling his humble abode. I imagine it's like Wayne Manor, except instead of the Batcave, all the secret passages in the house lead to hidden cocaine stashes. Anyway gang (adjusts tie), the topic this week is Out of This World!!!!!!!!!!! Songs about space, the planets, moons, stars, universes, astronauts, and everything in between. There will also be listener requests. "Sounds like something the Starchild would suggest," says Mike. Speaking of whom, Paul Stanley made an appearance on Never Not Funny at LA Podfest recently. And yes, it was literally Pat in the Starchild's makeup AND the three-piece suit from Dressed to Kill. The makeup took 90 minutes to put on and the whole affair was a hit with the masses.
00:10:00 Mike starts the music off with local California boys Red Hot Chili Peppers with "Parallel Universe" off the album Californication. Kyle not a fan of the Chili Peppers. Wait a minute, hold the phone: Kyle doesn't like a popular band? Get outta town. In his defense, Kyle doesn't hate them, he's just heard them too many times on the radio.
Pat's first pick is by Peter Wolf. Off the album Lights Out, it's the 80s-tastic "Mars Needs Women".
00:15:00 Kyle will be playing the listener requests. First up is listener West Anthony (what a great name) with "Rocket to Nowhere" by Webb Wilder off the album Acres of Suede. It reminds Mike of a song he'd hear during his college radio days. Kyle looks up who Webb Wilder is, but there's not much info on the gentleman. Pat reaches out to West Anthony for more details.
Leave it to the Snowman to play a song off the album Loaded. Mike plays "Who Loves the Sun" by The Velvet Underground.
00:20:00 Mike says he looks forward to seeing the new Stooges documentary (the Iggy one, not the Shemp one) and the Beatles touring documentary. Pat then plays his next pick. Off the album Astronaut, it's Duran Duran with "Astronaut". Pat and Pardo saw Duran Duran on the Astronaut tour, the last to feature the classic five lineup (Simon, Andy, Roger, John, and Nick).
Another Rock Solid listener, Oxy, requests "Satellite of Love" by Lou Reed off of the album Transformer. A girl in Pat's school liked Lou Reed. He liked the girl. According to the transitive property, Pat thus liked Lou Reed.
00:25:00 Mike sure loves his 70's cheese and he serves up a nice slice of space cheese with the band Starbuck (already space-themed). The song is "Moonlight Feels Right" off the album Moonlight Feels Right. That is some out of this world baby-making music. Starbuck lasted six years and went through 14 members, including the legendary David Snavely, Ron Norris, and Darryl Kutz. THE Darryl Kutz, you ask? One and the same.
Up next for Pat, he stays in the 70s but leans towards the hard rock with "Space Station No. 5" by Montrose off their self-titled debut. Rock in Peace Ronnie Montrose.
00:30:00 Montrose a highly influential band, even if they didn't achieve a whole ton of success themselves. Well, MOST of them didn't achieve success. There was that one guy, the singer... what was his name? Anyway, the listener Dave Meyer requests "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" by Carpenters off the album Passage. This is.... a song. Very strange. "Awful," to quote Mike. His theory is that after Star Wars hit big, everyone wanted in on the space craze.
Rock in Peace Elliott Smith. Off the album From a Basement on the Hill, Mike plays "Shooting Star".
00:35:00 Pat's next is by Foreigner off their self-titled debut. The song is "Starrider". Just a sonic force of 70s rock goodness. Light show not included.
00:40:00 Listener Adam Coop requests the Beastie Boys! It's "Intergalactic" off the album Hello Nasty. MC Mike raps along to the beat. Rock in Peace MCA.
A lot of dead people on this show. Mike plays Velvet Revolver with "Loving the Alien" off their album Contraband. Rock in Peace Scott Weiland. Pat always wanted VR to keep going after Weiland died.
Up the Irons! Pat plays "Moonchild" by Iron Maiden off the album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Mike's thoughts on Iron Maiden? He isn't a big fan, but he doesn't turn his nose. Like AC/DC, all the songs sound the same to him. The songs are good, but he just likes AC/DC more.
00:45:00 When Pat saw Iron Maiden live recently, he didn't wear any ear protection. He couldn't hear anything afterwards for the rest of the night. He just shrugs and figures that your body's gonna go anyway, so why fight it. Mike knows the struggle of getting older. Back spasms, ringing ears. Mike may be a handsome devil on the outside, but on the inside it's like the aftermath of a tornado: Just a bunch of broken bits strewn about haphazardly. Kyle, meanwhile, fields a listener request from Joshua Johnson. Off the album Son of Schmilsson, it's "Spaceman" by Harry Nilsson.
00:50:00 Mike goes to the New York punk scene with "Venus" by Television off the album Marquee Moon. Mike read in Richard Hell's autobiography that Television got their following during a residency gig at CBGB. Pat meanwhile is reading Bruce Springsteen's autobiography. How many pages into it is he? I mean, do you have to ask?
It's time for The Kinks. Off the album Everybody's in Show-Biz, Pat plays Supersonic Rocket Ship. Another autobiography shoutout, Mike read Ray Davies' life story. Talks a lot about getting shot in New Orleans while chasing street thieves.
00:55:00 While Pat discovers his Jiminy Glick impression, Kyle plays a listener request from Joffrey Tambor (har dee har har). It's "Another Space Song" by Failure off the album Fantastic Planet. Okay, not bad. "Thanks for the Failure," says Mike.
Mike's next is "Shame on the Moon" by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band off the album The Distance.
01:00:00 Pat wags the finger at Capitol Records for not remastering the Bob Seger catalogue. There's a big opportunity for some cleaning up and re-releases that the people would appreciate. Taking a left turn from Seger, Pat plays A Flock of Seagulls. Off their self-titled album, it's "Space Age Love Song". Pat and Pardo saw them in a big 80s showcase show and The Flock (as us cool kids call them) were the worst band on the bill. Friend of the show Terri Nunn and Berlin were also featured.
01:05:00 Listener Jens Helberg--which immediately upon hearing sends Mike and Pat into a Swedish Chef "herda hinga herda" frenzy--requests "Killer Klowns" by The Dickies off their EP Killer Klowns from Outer Space. That would have fit right at home on the scary songs episode, but since those Killer Klowns are from Outer Space, it works here too.
Mike has a cover for us. It's Southern Culture on the Skids with their version of "Venus" (originally by Shocking Blue) off the compilation album Star Power!
01:10:00 Up next is the lovely lady Liz Phair. Pat plays "Stars and Planets" off the album Somebody's Miracle. Mike can't figure out why Liz didn't get bigger than she was, like "Sheryl Crow big." Pat figures she's just another one of those artists that slipped through the cracks.
Ben Ackley is a listener and he requests the space-tacular Man or Astro-man?. The song is "Journey to the Stars" off the album Is It ... Man or Astroman?. Suddenly West Anthony tweets back at Pat about Webb Wilder and his song "Tough It Out," which might have gotten regional airplay. We hear a little of it and Mike immediately recognizes it.
01:15:00 Another cover from Mike. It's a funky version of Cat Stevens' "Moonshadow" by Labelle off the album Moon Shadow.
Pat goes back to the 60s with The Byrds. Off the album Fifth Dimension, the song is "Mr. Spaceman". Pat likes the individual Byrds tracks, but not the Byrds CDs as a whole. "We remember the good and we forget the crap," says Mike. Ain't that the goddamn truth.
Listener Bryan A. Berkey requests some Adam Ant. Off the album Vive Le Rock, the song is "Apollo 9".
01:20:00 Oooooooooooooo Mike Siegel, you're a man after my own heart. He plays Rush with "New World Man" off the album Signals. The Signals Tour, Mike's first concert. Pat and Mike briefly discuss some Rush.
Off the album 1977, Pat plays "Girl from Mars" by the band Ash.
01:25:00 Our next listener request is from... Alexi Lalas? The soccer player?! Indeed! He requests "Destination Ursa Major" by Superdrag off the album Regretfully Yours. Look at that, Alexi Lalas is a fan of the show. And he played for the Los Angeles Galaxy! My goodness, it's all coming together!
Mike's next is off the album Stick to Me, it's Graham Parker & the Rumour with "Watch the Moon Come Down".
01:30:00 "This is a band no one likes," says Pat. It's Train with "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" off the album Drops of Jupiter. Aw man, I kinda like Train. They're fine! Pat offers Kyle a choice: Train or Nickelback. No hesitation, Nickelback 100%. Kyle goes OFF on Train. He derails them without mercy. Pat and Mike pick Train over Nickelback.
"[Nickelback] at least have some songs that trick you into thinking they're not Nickelback songs."
- Kyle, with the line of the episode
The mysterious listener mcl (no caps, baby) requests "Spacegrass" by Clutch off their self-titled album. Not Clutch's best output. Kyle would still pick them over Train.
01:35:00 After some futzing around, Pat and Kyle try to guess Mike's middle name. It's Aaron. Mike once considered using the name Aaron Michaels for show business, but decided against it because it's too generic. Shawn Michaels' real name is Michael Hickenbottom, so we know that sometimes generic is better. Anyway, Mike plays "Outa-Space" by Billy Preston off the album I Wrote a Simple Song.
01:40:00 Pat has a double shot of the Spaceman. First up, the current Spaceman Tommy Thayer sings this Kiss song "Outta This World" off the album Monster. Then, we have the real Spaceman Ace Frehley with "Outer Space" off the album Anomaly. Gotta love Ace's New York accent poking through. Which song wins? Definitely Ace. The man knows his space songs, that's all I'll say.
Time to go back to Britain. Listener Nicole Coop requests "Subterranean Homesick Alien" by Radiohead off of OK Computer. Once again, Pat mentions he never caught the Radiohead bug because Thom Yorke looks like Martin Short in the synchronized swimming sketch on SNL.
01:45:00 Staying in Britain, Mike plays "Mr. Moonlight" by The Beatles off of Beatles for Sale.
Pat's next pick is some pre-Steve Perry Journey. Off the album Next, the song is "Spaceman".
One more listener request and it's from MEEEEEEEEEE! It's The Killers with "Spaceman" off of Day & Age.
01:50:00 Mike's last pick is another cover and it's Rufus Wainwright doing "Across the Universe" off the album Poses.
Pat's last is from UFO. Off the album No Heavy Petting, the song is called Martian Landscape. Michael Schenker on guitar there, a nice man unless you're Pat and you're asking for his autograph. Then he HAS NO TIME!!!
01:55:00 This has been an intergalactic, interstellar, and interactive show that will go down in history as one of the 278 best episodes of Rock Solid. Seriously though, thanks to Mike for bringing the funny as usual and thanks to the listeners for their song requests. Pat takes us out with "Starman" by David Bowie off the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Parallel Universe Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers Mike
00:10:00 Mars Needs Women Lights Out Peter Wolf Pat
00:15:00 Rocket to Nowhere Acres of Suede Webb Wilder West Anthony
00:15:00 Who Loves the Sun Loaded The Velvet Underground Mike
00:20:00 Astronaut Astronaut Duran Duran Pat
00:20:00 Satellite of Love Transformer Lou Reed Oxy
00:25:00 Moonlight Feels Right Moonlight Feels Right Starbuck Mike
00:25:00 Space Station No. 5 Montrose Montrose Pat
00:30:00 Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft Passage Carpenters Dave Meyer
00:30:00 Shooting Star From a Basement on the Hill Elliott Smith Mike
00:35:00 Starrider Foreigner Foreigner Pat
00:40:00 Intergalactic Hello Nasty Beastie Boys Adam Coop
00:40:00 Loving the Alien Contraband Velvet Revolver Mike
00:40:00 Moonchild Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Iron Maiden Pat
00:45:00 Spaceman Son of Schmilsson Harry Nilsson Joshua Johnson
00:50:00 Venus Marquee Moon Television Mike
00:50:00 Supersonic Rocket Ship Everybody’s in Show-Biz The Kinks Pat
00:55:00 Another Space Song Fantastic Planet Failure Joffrey Tambor
00:55:00 Shame on the Moon The Distance Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band Mike
01:00:00 Space Age Love Song A Flock of Seagulls A Flock of Seagulls Pat
01:05:00 Killer Klowns Killer Klowns from Outer Space The Dickies Jens Helberg
01:05:00 Venus Star Power! Southern Culture on the Skids Mike
01:10:00 Stars and Planets Somebody’s Miracle Liz Phair Pat
01:10:00 Journey to the Stars Is It … Man or Astroman? Man or Astro-man? Ben Ackley
01:15:00 Moonshadow Moon Shadow Labelle Mike
01:15:00 Mr. Spaceman Fifth Dimension The Byrds Pat
01:15:00 Apollo 9 Vive Le Rock Adam Ant Adam A. Berkey
01:20:00 New World Man Signals Rush Mike
01:20:00 Girl from Mars 1977 Ash Pat
01:25:00 Destinatin Ursa Major Regretfully Yours Superdrag Alexi Lalas
01:25:00 Watch the Moon Come Down Stick to Me Graham Parker & the Rumour Mike
01:30:00 Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) Drops of Jupiter Train Pat
01:30:00 Spacegrass Clutch Clutch mcl
01:35:00 Outa-Space I Wrote a Simple Song Billy Preston Mike
01:40:00 Outta This World Monster Kiss Pat
01:40:00 Outer Space Anomaly Ace Frehley Pat
01:40:00 Subterranean Homesick Alien OK Computer Radiohead Nicole Coop
01:45:00 Mr. Moonlight Beatles for Sale The Beatles Mike
01:45:00 Spaceman Next Journey Pat
01:45:00 Spaceman Day & Age The Killers Andrew Rich
01:50:00 Across the Universe Poses Rufus Wainwright Mike
01:50:00 Martian Landscape No Heavy Petting UFO Pat
01:55:00 Starman The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars David Bowie Pat

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