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Episode 277: Foos & Goos

Episode 277: Foos & Goos
Pat and Kyle go it alone to play their favorite songs by the Foo Fighters & the Goo Goo Dolls. This episode is sponsored by and here's a direct link to order cool comedy T-Shirts: CLICK HERE
From November 3, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Kyle Dodson

00:00:00 Oooooooooooooh sweet Christmas, it's a Pat and Kyle solo show. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Casey Dodson, Kyle's brother, is texting in the background. He appears briefly on mic, if only to explain how Pat beat him again at tennis. Kyle meanwhile is drinking a pretzel wheat beer. Madness, as you can see, has already ensued. But Pat and Kyle press on with today's topic, Foos & Goos. Kyle will be playing his favorite songs by the Foo Fighters, while Pat will be playing his favorite Goo Goo Dolls songs. Simple as that.
00:05:00 Kyle starts us off. He didn't want to do a Foo Fighters greatest hits, but he is playing a song off of their Greatest Hits album. It's a track they recorded for specifically for the compilation album called "Word Forward".
Pat wants to go chronologically with his band. The first Goo Goo Dolls album came out in 1987. For their first two albums, Robby Takac the bassist handled most of the lead vocals. It was only until the third album Hold Me Up where Johnny Rzeznik--the guy known as the frontman of the Goo Goo Dolls--became a more prominent lead singer. Pat plays "There You Are".
00:10:00 Kyle's next FF pick is off the album Wasting Light. The song is called "Arlandria". Pat and Kyle agree that Wasting Light is one of the Foos' best albums. And it was recorded analog style on tape in Dave's garage.
00:15:00 Pat moves on to 1993's Superstar Car Wash. The GGD are now on Warner Bros. Records. Pat plays the song "Girl Right Next to Me". Kyle points out that one of the songs on the album was featured in the Pauly Shore classic Son in Law; the one in which Pauly Shore somehow hooks up with a 22-year-old Carla Gugino. Someone let that happen.
00:20:00 Kyle goes again to Wasting Light and it's a bonus track called "Better Off". Another example of "Well, why wasn't that on the album to being with?"
Pat sticks with Superstar Car Wash as well and it's the Goo Goo Dolls song "Stop the World". Pat puts his stamp of approval on Superstar Car Wash.
00:25:00 The next Foo Fighters album that Kyle focuses on is There Is Nothing Left to Lose, the only album that has the Foos as a power trio: Dave, Taylor, and Nate Mendel. Pat wonders who would win a fight: The trio Foos or the trio Goos? Probably the Foos. Taylor seems like the kind of guy who would bite a man's throat out if need be. Kyle's song from this album is another bonus track, this one from the Australian/Japanese bonus mini LP. It's called "Fraternity". But wait a minute, if this was Australian/Japanese only, how did Kyle ge-OOOOOOOOOOOOOH. I see how it is. Shiver me timbers.
The big breakout album for the Dolls was A Boy Named Goo in 1995. Pat plays the band's first hit single "Name". It's the sound that would carry the Goo Goo Dolls into the mainstream for the foreseeable future.
00:30:00 Pat and Kyle discuss the different beginnings of the two bands. It took the Goo Goo Dolls a few albums to get going, but the Foo Fighters pretty much flew out of the starting gate from the first album. Maybe it was the curiosity of the drummer from Nirvana starting his own band, but after that novelty wore off, they still became a massive band very quickly. This transitions to talk about returning CDs to stores.
00:35:00 CD talk continues for a while (including Pat's query of leaving a CD in a pool for a week and then seeing if it will play) until Kyle plays another Foo Fighters song. And it's yet another rarity. This is a B-side for the single "All My Life" and it's called "Win or Lose". Kyle Dodson, pulling out the deep cuts. Pat finds that he loves every one of the Foo Fighters' album covers, which is a rarity. Bands often have some clunkers in their artwork canon.
00:40:00 Pat plays another song off A Boy Named Goo. It's a song called "Eyes Wide Open". Pat admits that the Goo Goo Dolls is a good cherry pick band. You won't find a complete album that is 10/10, but you can find the standout tracks here and there.
For his next pick, Kyle plays two versions of the same song "Up in Arms" off the album The Colour and the Shape. First he plays the slow version from the "Monkey Wrench" single, then he plays the album version.
00:45:00 Following A Boy Named Goo, the band follows it up with their biggest album Dizzy Up the Girl, which sold over 3 million copies. Pat plays the opening track "Dizzy".
Kyle attempts to play a song, but he and Pat get sidetracked. Talking about plane songs... and making plane noises.
00:50:00 Kyle plays the song "The One" off the soundtrack to the film Orange County. Kyle explains the premise of Orange County to Pat: Colin Hanks and Jack Black getting into madcap hijacks in order to get Colin accepted into Stanford. Madcap hijinks, I tells ya!
Pat's next GGD song is undoubtedly their biggest song ever. It's "Iris" off of Dizzy Up the Girl. It was also featured on the soundtrack to the film City of Angels. "Iris" is the most played song of 1998 and was number one in multiple radio formats. Pat remarks how if "Iris" was all the Goo Goo Dolls had, they would be a one hit wonder. But it's because they had a back catalogue of modest hits that allowed them to keep making albums after "Iris."
00:55:00 Kyle relates a story about his friend David. He thought he was a ladies man, so on field trips in school, he would sing "Iris" to girls on the bus. Oh... oh no. That poor, deluded soul. But let's be honest, we've all been there in those awkward days. I myself fondly remember standing in front of my crush, serenading her with "Into the Void" by Black Sabbath. She never came back to school, I don't know why. In any event, Kyle plays his next pick "Cheer Up, Boys (Your Makeup Is Running)" off the album Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace. The Dodson Duo discuss the Foo Fighters having a ton of great songs.
01:00:00 Four years after Dizzy Up the Girl, the next album released is Gutterflower. Pat plays the hit single "Here Is Gone". Dizzy Up sold over 3 million, this album only sold 800K. Still respectable, still gold, but a noticeable dip from the previous release.
Kyle's next pick is from The Colour and the Shape. The song is called "Hey, Johnny Park!".
Pat goes back to Gutterflower and has a song that has Robby on vocals. The song is "You Never Know". Robby's songs have the more rocking sound, but he's not... well, he's not the most handsome bass guitarist out there, let's just put it that way. That honor belongs to Guy Berryman from Coldplay. *long sigh, hand on chin*
01:05:00 Bon Jovi gets brought up, and Pat laments how no one else in his circle loves Bon Jovi as much as him. He puts the word out to any listener who loves Bon Jovi as much as him to come to L.A. and co-host a Bon Jovi episode. All he wants is to praise "With These Two Hands," dammit! IS THAT SO DIFFICULT?! Anyway, Kyle plays "No Way Back" off of In Your Honor. In Your Honor is a double album: Disc one is heavy hard rock, disc two is mellower acoustic rock. Pat is unfamiliar with the second disc, so he makes plans to listen to it.
01:10:00 ANOTHER four years after the last album, the Goo Goo Dolls put out Let Love In. Another dip, only sold 500K this time, but again it's still respectable. Pat plays the song "Stay with You". Pat warns the other members of the Goo Goo Dolls that if Johnny Rzeznik ever does a solo album, they're screwed. So stay on his good side. The conversation turns to greatest hits albums and album packaging.
01:15:00 Kyle's next pick is off of One by One. The song is "Overdrive".
Pat then plays "Let Love In" from the album Let Love In.
The self-titled Foo Fighters debut was only Dave Grohl. Kyle plays the song "Alone + Easy Target".
01:20:00 Pat is actually recording this episode with bruised ribs! How did he get them? Fighting off an assailant? Pushing a child out of the way of a speeding car? Nope, he got them by crawling out of the pool. He was literally crawling out of the pool and his ribs buckled against the cement. Pat Francis, the pinnacle of fitness. Injuries aside, Pat moves on to 2010's Something for the Rest of Us. There is trouble in Goo Goo Dolls land. Four different producers, mixed reviews, and they only sold 34,000 copies. Ouch. Kyle puts partial blame on the generic album cover. Pat plays the song "Sweetest Lie".
01:25:00 Kyle picks his favorite Foo Fighters song, "Monkey Wrench" off the album The Colour and the Shape.
The follow-up to Something for the Rest of Us is Magnetic, which was the last to feature longtime drummer Mike Malinin. Pat plays "When the World Breaks Your Heart". Pat finds Magnetic to be a much better output for the band than the previous one, with better songs and better sales figures.
01:30:00 Kyle's next pick goes back to There Is Nothing Left to Lose. The song is "Breakout". Pat wonders how long Dave can keep up the screaming in his vocal work. Kyle figures Dave to be a smart guy who knows his voice and can adjust accordingly when the time comes.
01:35:00 Pat pats himself (no pun intended) on the back for not going on any wacky tangents and playing Hanna-Barbera cartoon themes. But oh..... he spoke too soon. He can't HELP HIMSELF, so he and Kyle play the themes from The Impossibles, The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, and Captain Caveman. My goodness. Before anyone decides to delve into Inch High, Private Eye or Partridge Family 2200 A.D., Pat plays another song from Magnetic called "Rebel Beat".
01:40:00 Kyle's last Foo Fighters is fittingly called "The Last Song" off of In Your Honor.
Time for some plugs. Casey Dodson is on Twitter and if, for some unknown reason, you want to follow him on Twitter it's @Irishfreak8. Just... putting that out there. Also keep hitting the donation button, keep hitting the Amazon link button, and just keep listening to the podcast and reading these recaps in general. I really do appreciate all the support.
01:45:00 This episode has been an interesting experience, talking about the discography of two bands on the same show as opposed to only talking about one band's career as normally happens on the podcast. The Foo Fighters may edge out the Goo Goo Dolls in terms of "total album quality," but the Goo Goo Dolls are no slouches in the individual songs department. Pat takes us out a song from the most recent Goo Goo Dolls album Boxes called "Over and Over".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Word Forward Greatest Hits Foo Fighters Kyle
00:05:00 There You Are Hold Me Up Goo Goo Dolls Pat
00:10:00 Arlandria Wasting Light Foo Fighters Kyle
00:15:00 Girl Right Next to Me Superstar Car Wash Goo Goo Dolls Pat
00:20:00 Better Off Wasting Light Foo Fighters Kyle
00:20:00 Stop the World Superstar Car Wash Goo Goo Dolls Pat
00:25:00 Fraternity There Is Nothing Left to Lose Foo Fighters Kyle
00:25:00 Name A Boy Named Goo Goo Goo Dolls Pat
00:35:00 Win or Lose All My Life Foo Fighters Kyle
00:40:00 Eyes Wide Open A Boy Named Goo Goo Goo Dolls Pat
00:40:00 Up in Arms The Colour and the Shape Foo Fighters Kyle
00:45:00 Dizzy Dizzy Up the Girl Goo Goo Dolls Pat
00:50:00 The One Orange County Soundtrack Foo Fighters Kyle
00:50:00 Iris Dizzy Up the Girl Goo Goo Dolls Pat
00:55:00 Cheer Up, Boys (Your Makeup Is Running) Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace Foo Fighters Kyle
01:00:00 Here Is Gone Gutterflower Goo Goo Dolls Pat
01:00:00 Hey, Johnny Park! The Colour and the Shape Foo Fighters Kyle
01:00:00 You Never Know Gutterflower Goo Goo Dolls Pat
01:05:00 No Way Back In Your Honor Foo Fighters Kyle
01:10:00 Stay with You Let Love In Goo Goo Dolls Pat
01:15:00 Overdrive One by One Foo Fighters Kyle
01:15:00 Let Love In Let Love In Goo Goo Dolls Pat
01:15:00 Alone + Easy Target Foo Fighters Foo Fighters Kyle
01:20:00 Sweetest Lie Something for the Rest of Us Goo Goo Dolls Pat
01:25:00 Monkey Wrench The Colour and the Shape Foo Fighters Kyle
01:25:00 When the World Breaks Your Heart Magnetic Goo Goo Dolls Pat
01:30:00 Breakout There Is Nothing Left to Lose Foo Fighters Kyle
01:35:00 Rebel Beat Magnetic Goo Goo Dolls Pat
01:40:00 The Last Song In Your Honor Foo Fighters Kyle
01:45:00 Over and Over Boxes Goo Goo Dolls Pat

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