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Episode 273: The Rolling Stones: 1971 - 1978

Episode 273: The Rolling Stones: 1971 - 1978
Pat and Co-Host Mike Siegel pay tribute to the second decade of The Rolling Stones recorded history. Kyle Dodson produces and satisfaction is guaranteed.
From October 6, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel

00:00:00 Pat, Mike, and Kyle welcome us to the show. Kyle is on the mend from a cold, the rotating cohosts have been stranded to the four winds. The show is in a whirlwind! Christy is writing for Modern Family, April is performing stand up comedy all over this great United States, Murray is hanging ten on his surfboard like the big kahuna he is. But Mike is here, back on dry land after making the masses giggle and guffaw on many a cruise ship.
00:05:00 We kick things off with a fresh batch of warm sounds in this installment of

Pat kicks things with off with some new Bon Jovi. Off the album This House Is Not for Sale, it's the title track "This House Is Not for Sale". Typical fist pumping triumph from the group. This is the first Bon Jovi studio album to not have Richie Sambora in the band, replaced by a guy named Phil X. Sambora meanwhile is recording his own album. "Mmmm, I can't wait to not hear that," comments Mike. Pat is on board with this new outing from JBJ and company; he's a man on an island as far as the room is concerned. Pat plays another track off the album called "Knockout". Typical fist pumping triumph from the.... wait a minute...
00:10:00 Also amongst the new music of the day is a new song from the Pretenders, who have a new album coming out called Alone. The song is called "Holy Commotion". Very synth-heavy, but Pat loves everything she does. Mike is curious to hear the entire album. The record is produced by Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, which may contribute to the sound. Pat is not a particular fan of The Black Keys, nor their 8 albums of studio work. "That's a lot of content," he remarks. "That's a lot of bullshit," replies Kyle. "Hey guys, Black Keys matter." Mike Siegel, ever the voice of power.
00:15:00 Mike has a special Brit Box to give away (don't get crazy, it's already gone), full of UK indie and Britpop gems from the past couple of decades. Artists like The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen, New Order, Blur, Oasis, Pulp. "Basically, if you were to look inside one of April's shelves," describes Mike. Of course, all of those bands were likely inspired by The Rolling Stones. A few months back (April, to be precise), Pat and Mike covered their 60s output. Now they are tackling the 70s. Mike's favorite era. Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood join the band and things get downright n-a-s-t-y. The Beatles are gone, so the Stones are now the kings of the block.
00:20:00 The boys are going chronologically this go around. Pat wonders if his parents can even name TWO of the Rolling Stones. Speaking of which, Kyle plays a voicemail from his grandma about "a scam on the phone." Bank numbers and such. That's it. But back to the Stones in the 70s. The band is coming off of the disaster at the Altamont Speedway. Nothing says "safety" like a group of Hell's Angels high on crank. They make the Sons of Anarchy look like Our Gang.
00:25:00 To make matters worse, their departing manager Allen Klein took EVERY BIT OF COPYRIGHT from their 60s stuff with him. Everything from '63 to Get Yer Yah-Yah's Out was his. "Did no one sign a good recording deal?" Pat asks. "They were kids!" Mike argues. So with all of those wounds relatively fresh, the band gets back into the studio with their new guitarist Mick Taylor and records 1971's Sticky Fingers. Iconic album cover, and the introduction of their lips and tongue logo. Jimmy Miller is their new producer. This is Mike's favorite Stones album of all time. He gets the ball rolling (har-dee-har) with "Bitch".
00:30:00 Pat's pick from Sticky Fingers is "Dead Flowers". Who does the infamous cover crotch belong to? Who claims the bulge that launched over three million shipments? Andy Warhol model Joe Dallesandro claims to be him, but that is unconfirmed. The original pressings came with a zipper on the cover, but those were eventually discontinued. Pat's question for the Brit Box: Which country had an alternate cover for the album with a can of fingers? The answer is Spain.
00:35:00 Mike's second pick has been played a billion times on the show (including by Mike himself in the PREVIOUS EPISODE!) but it's so goddamn great that Mike plays it again. It's "Can't You Hear Me Knocking". Shoutout to the Pesci robbery montage from Casino. Yeah, it's kind of hard to beat Sticky Fingers. Pat and Mike marvel at "Brown Sugar" hitting #1 in the States considering its subject matter.
00:40:00 Okay, so after Sticky Fingers the Stones and Jimmy Miller jump ship to France to escape British tax laws. It is in the dirty basement of Keith Richards' villa in Nice that they record 1972's Exile on Main St. Pat considers some of the material to be filler, which is bound to happen with double albums. His first pick is the Keith song "Happy". Great job, Keith. You stayed awake long enough in your heroin-addicted stupor to record a fantastic song. According to the story, thousands of pounds (currency) worth of heroin were flown to the villa EACH WEEK. Good heavens. Mike's first pick off the album is the opener "Rocks Off".
00:45:00 Some songs on Pat's filler list: "Ventilator Blues, "Casino Boogie," "Turd on the Run." If you cut out the faff, you've got the 1B to Sticky Fingers' 1A. But this period of time was such hedonistic madness: Drugs, women, alcohol, more drugs, EVEN MORE DRUGS. 70s excess to the absolute max. Pat's second pick is "All Down the Line". Mike's second pick is the song that closes the album out, "Soul Survivor". Then he slams it down with his third pick "Loving Cup".
00:50:00 We'll also be hearing some listener requests, such as Matthew Burkey requesting "Shine a Light". More Pat Francis filler deletion. "Sweet Black Angel" DELETE! "I Just Want to See His Face" DELETE! "Let It Loose" DELETE! "Stop Breaking Down!" DELETE! Take out those and the three songs mentioned earlier and you've got yourself a Pat Francis-approved rock album.
00:55:00 After Exile and the raucous US tour that ensued, the band goes to Jamaica for 1973's Goats Head Soup. A deeper album in the Stones canon and a strange album cover to boot. (It scared me as a kid, true story.) Mike's first pick is the hit "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)". Pat follows this up with a listener request from Bill Vouronikos. The song is called "Coming Down Again".
01:00:00 Mike gets particularly filthy with his next one, "Star Star". Or "Starfucker," as it was originally known.
"I could play the big hit, which was written for Kyle's ex-fiance, 'Angie.' That's about your ex-fiance, right?"
- Pat

"No, 'Bitch' was about her."
- Kyle

Mike plays another song, the deep cut "Winter". Looking at the album as a whole, Pat and Mike agree that Goats Head Soup is a great album; it just doesn't get played as often as the others.
A year later, Jimmy Miller gets the boot and The Glimmer Twins (a.k.a. Mick and Keith) produce 1974's It's Only Rock 'n Roll. One of Pat's favorite Stones albums. Mike considers the band so huge at this point that there are no more worlds to conquer. But they keep wanting to put out product. They're stretching themselves a bit thin AND trying to combat this growing notion that the band is no longer relevant (thanks to the burgeoning punk scene).
01:05:00 Mike's first pick is the Stones' version of The Temptations' "Ain't Too Proud to Beg". Pat's first pick is the song that kicks off the album, "If You Can't Rock Me". Mike's second pick is "Dance Little Sister". Three greats in a row. The title track "It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)" was inspired by future member Ronnie Wood. Ronnie plays on it. David Bowie sings backing vocals. And Kenney Jones from The Who plays drums. You know, 'cause they were all just hanging around with nothing to do but to cut a hit single.
01:10:00 Pat's second pick from IORnR is 'Till the Next Goodbye". Another deeper cut that is great, but just buried under the mountain of hits. Then he plays the song that closes side one, "Time Waits for No One". Overall another excellent album, though the trio can't help but shake his head at the song "Short and Curlies."
01:15:00 Mick Taylor leaves the band in 1974. He was upset about not being given writing credits for some songs, so he just up and quits the Rolling Stones. But before we get to the next album, Mike has a surprise song originally from 1968 that was released on an Allen Klein compilation in 1975 called Metamorphosis. It's a song called "Memo from Turner".
01:20:00 In 1976, the band releases Black and Blue, which features three new guitarists: Ronnie, Wayne Perkins, and Harvey Mandel. Those three guys are basically the finalists for being the new guitarist in the band. Mike plays the song "Hand of Fate". Pat's first pick is the 7 minute-plus track "Memory Motel".
01:25:00 Oh boy. We didn't know this was coming, not on an episode like this, one of celebration and mirth. Look upon his works, ye mighty, and despair, because it's time for a

Disco is kicking off, funk music is ruling the airwaves. Mick, Keith, and the boys decide to get in on the groove. Mike plays the opening track "Hot Stuff". "Hot stuff...... hot stuff........ hot stuff......... hot stuff......" Mike is having none of it. "It's that for 5 minutes," he exhales.
"I think Mick Taylor heard that and went 'You know what, I'm out. Check please.'"
- Mike, on "Hot Stuff"

Pat, Mike, and Kyle then discuss some Twitter stuff. Pat is now verified! Blue checkmark express, BAY BAY!
01:30:00 Pat's second pick off of Black and Blue is the album's hit "Fool to Cry". Black and Blue is not great, but has it's moments. Not their best effort, but lord knows not their worst (That feather in the cap goes to Satanic Majesties). But just when the worm looks to have turned, BLAMMO! Here comes Some Girls in 1978, released amongst the best that disco, punk, and new wave had to offer.
01:35:00 Some Girls is the only Stones album to be nominated for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. The other nominees: The Grease soundtrack, Even Now by Barry Manilow, the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (winner), and Running on Empty by Jackson Browne. "Nobody's beating Saturday Night Fever," says Mike. Somewhere in Los Angeles, Christy Stratton turns to the wind and nods her head in approval. Listener Eric Aragon requests "When the Whip Comes Down".
01:40:00 "Miss You" is a massive hit. "Beast of Burden," "Shattered" also do very well. Pat notes there's also a bonus disc from 2011 with 12 bonus songs from the Some Girl sessions. Pat admits that he's a total sucker for the remastered/rereleased/super deluxe editions of albums. Things quickly go off the rails, with both the Starchild and Donald Trump impressions rearing their ugly heads.
01:45:00 We return to the music with another Keith song, "Before They Make Me Run". The Glimmer Twins once again produce the album. Pat's second pick is the aforementioned "Beast of Burden". Some Girls is Pat's favorite Stones album. "It's a nice bookend," notes Mike. Starting with Sticky Fingers, ending with Some Girls. A pretty good run, to say the least. "Then the 80s hit and this is where you're gonna lose me," he continues. Pat wants Mike to stay with him for the 80s, if only to get the funny out of it.
01:50:00 Pat wants Mike to stay with him for the 80s, if only to get the funny out of it. "You can bring as many Siegel Stinkeroos as you want," he bargains. Mike shudders over the thought of talking about Dirty Work (which is Jimmy Pardo's favorite Rolling Stones album). Jewish Trump arises. And then Pat does a Latka impression. My goodness. Mike mercifully cuts in with "Shattered".
01:55:00 Plugs time. Mike is still kicking ass on his Travel Tales Podcast. And of course, go to Pat Francis' VERIFIED twitter page, the link handily located on the side of the page. Thanks to Mike for stepping onto dry land and bringing the music, the funny, and the knowledge (as always). Pat takes us out with the biggie from Some Girls, "Miss You".
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 This House Is Not for Sale This House Is Not for Sale Bon Jovi Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:05:00 Knockout This House Is Not for Sale Bon Jovi Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:10:00 Holy Commotion Alone Pretenders Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:25:00 Bitch Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones Mike
00:30:00 Dead Flowers Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones Pat
00:35:00 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones Mike
00:40:00 Happy Exile on Main St The Rolling Stones Pat
00:40:00 Rocks Off Exile on Main St The Rolling Stones Mike
00:45:00 All Down the Line Exile on Main St The Rolling Stones Pat
00:45:00 Soul Survivor Exile on Main St The Rolling Stones Mike
00:45:00 Loving Cup Exile on Main St The Rolling Stones Mike
00:50:00 Shine a Light Exile on Main St The Rolling Stones Matthew Burkey
00:55:00 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) Goats Head Soup The Rolling Stones Mike
00:55:00 Coming Down Again Goats Head Soup The Rolling Stones Bill Vouronikos
01:00:00 Star Star Goats Head Soup The Rolling Stones Mike
01:00:00 Winter Goats Head Soup The Rolling Stones Mike
01:05:00 Ain’t Too Proud to Beg It’s Only Rock ’n Roll The Rolling Stones Mike
01:05:00 If You Can’t Rock Me It’s Only Rock ’n Roll The Rolling Stones Pat
01:05:00 Dance Little Sister It’s Only Rock ’n Roll The Rolling Stones Mike
01:10:00 ’Till the Next Goodbye It’s Only Rock ’n Roll The Rolling Stones Pat
01:10:00 Time Waits for No One It’s Only Rock ’n Roll The Rolling Stones Pat
01:15:00 Memo from Turner Metamorphosis The Rolling Stones Mike
01:20:00 Hand of Fate Black and Blue The Rolling Stones Mike
01:20:00 Memory Motel Black and Blue The Rolling Stones Pat
01:25:00 Hot Stuff Black and Blue The Rolling Stones Mike
01:30:00 Fool to Cry Black and Blue The Rolling Stones Pat
01:35:00 When the Whip Comes Down Some Girls The Rolling Stones Eric Aragon
01:40:00 Before They Make Me Run Some Girls The Rolling Stones Mike
01:45:00 Beast of Burden Some Girls The Rolling Stones Pat
01:50:00 Shattered Some Girls The Rolling Stones Mike
01:55:00 Miss You Some Girls The Rolling Stones Pat

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