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Episode 264: Songs About Guys

Episode 264: Songs About Guys
Pat and April play their favorite songs which feature guys names in the title. It's just that simple and fun too!
From August 4, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

April Richardson

00:00:00 Pat, April, and Kyle welcome us to the show. We're off to an interesting start because we spend the first few minutes discussing the term "druthers." This transitions to a talk about learning languages in school. Pat took German for many years. Has he ever been to Germany? "Nein."
00:05:00 After some thankfully brief Trump talk (with Pat and Kyle's wonderful Trump impressions), we get up to speed on April's doings. She's still rocking the standup. Pat and April gush over The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, IN and its owner Jared.
00:10:00 Pat was there a few years ago doing a live Bruce Springsteen episode. April wonders why he didn't do a John Mellencamp show because it's Cougar Country (coming this fall to ABC) and Pat says it's because the people there hate Mellencamp. The guy is just a jerk. Pat heard the guy doesn't even tip. April's heart = broken. She doesn't like when openly politic people who "fight for the common man" are just rich jerks in real life. That's why she loves that Billy Bragg. He keeps it 100, as those kids like to say.
00:15:00 Some money talk. Pat and April try to be generous with the dollar bills to the homeless people. They feel comfortable with their money and don't feel the need to horde it all. They want to give something. Going back to John Mellencamp, Pat retells some stories that Kenny Aronoff told on his episode about Kenny calling John for a quote about "this egotistical book" (John's words) and Mellencamp literally throwing a label exec out the studio.
00:20:00 The last time April was here, they did songs about girls. Now they're doing songs about guys. Simple as that. April kicks things off with a song that Pat had planned to close out with. It's "David Watts" by The Kinks off the album Something Else by the Kinks.
Pat's first pick is from another chipper Englishman, Elvis Costello. Off the album Armed Forces, it's "Oliver's Army".
00:25:00 April follows this up with another obvious pick, "John, I'm Only Dancing" by David Bowie from the album Best of Bowie. April reveals that she wants to record a comedy album with Tony Visconti and he would be fully onboard. April muses that her comedy heroes waited ten years before putting out a comedy album and she's been in it 8-9 years. What's her favorite comedy album? April can't decide. She likes all of Bill Hicks' stuff. Some scant ideas about the title and cover of her album: April wearing the Bowie 80s suit and calling it "Modern Like" (thanks to Chris Hardwick for that one). April also thought of "Trivial Moonlight."
00:30:00 April's consternations over the proposed album carry over to her initials. She likes alliteration, a la Karen Kilgariff or Doris Day or Bugs Bunny. Not this AR nonsense. What kind of fool has THOSE initials? *cough cough* "April is a wack-ass name," she says. "I'm so bummed about it." Speaking of names, Pat has a boy's name. Off the album Bloodletting, it's Concrete Blonde with "Joey". Pat's favorite comedy album: Laboring Under Delusions by Paul F. Tompkins. My own, in case you were curious: George Carlin's Complaints and Grievances.
00:35:00 April has some ladies who sing about boys. It's L7 with "Andres" off the album Hungry for Stink. Pat likes that a lot. April worshipped L7, she wanted to be with them and be like them. April tells one story about the lead singer Donita Sparks pulling out her used tampon at a festival and throwing it into an unruly crowd. "Eat my used tampon, fuckers!" she cried. Well, there you go.
00:40:00 "This is not a good song," Pat warns. But it has a strange name like Andres. Pat plays "She's Movin' in with Rico" by The Monkees off their album Pool It!. Monkees. Doing Reggae. With steel drums. Hoo boy is that a dudarooski.
April, the saint that she is, wipes off the Monkees with Gorillaz! She plays "Clint Eastwood" off their self-titled debut album. THANK YOU APRIL!
We go from Monkees to Gorillaz to Beatles. Off of Revolver, it's "Doctor Robert".
April follows this up with her next, The Fall. She plays "Rollin' Dany", found on the expanded edition of This Nation's Saving Grace.
00:45:00 After a brief discussion on The Fall, Pat goes with some solo Brian Setzer. Off the album The Knife Feels Like Justice, he plays "Bobby's Back".
Up next for April is The Divine Comedy with "Becoming More Like Alfie" off the album Casanova.
Pat guarantees April will enjoy his next pick, and he's right. He plays "Making Plans for Nigel" by XTC off the album Drums and Wires.
00:50:00 Pat wants some XTC album recommendations from April. She goes with Black Sea. She also goes with James for her next pick. That's the name of the band. The name of the song is "Johnny Yen" off the album Stutter. Fun fact: Tim Booth, the lead singer of James, played Victor Zsasz in Batman Begins.
The next song for Pat is by a lady named Fiona Apple. The song is called "Jonathan" off the album The Idler Wheel....
00:55:00 Speaking of happy, upbeat people, April's next pick is "Neal Cassady Drops Dead" by Morrisey off the album World Peace Is None of Your Business.
Pat follows this with Van Halen and their song "Top Jimmy" off the album 1984.
We're rocking right along here. April plays "Billy Is a Runaway" by Iggy Pop off the album New Values. April was on the Nerdist podcast with Iggy. A) He was wearing a shirt. B) He had the shiniest hair.
01:00:00 Iggy is on the smaller side of the rockers. And speaking of little dudes, Pat's next pick is all about a little dude. A little green dude down in Dagobah. Off the album Dare to Be Stupid, it's "Weird Al" Yankovic with "Yoda".
"Does Yoda count as a dude?"
- April

"I think he identifies as male."
- Pat

We've never seen Yoda and Iggy Pop in the same place. Think about it.
April's next is the supergroup FFS. The song is "Johnny Delusional" off their self-titled album. April really digs FFS. That's the combination of Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, in case you don't know.
We've heard a lot of John songs from April. Pat has one of his own. It's "Be Good Johnny" by Men at Work off the album Business as Usual.
01:05:00 More guys to gab over. April plays Camera Obscura with "Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken" off the album Let's Get Out of This Country.
Pat's next band is The Sweet. Off their self-titled album, the song is "Little Willy".
April's next artist is the aforementioned Billy Bragg. She plays "Levi Stubbs' Tears" off the album Talking with the Taxman About Poetry.
01:10:00 In podcast news, Pat is going to be moderating a panel at LA Podfest about connecting music and podcast. Of course, he didn't WANT to be the moderator. He just wanted to be on the panel. But now he has to actually put in work! Good heavens. Up next for the moderator is "Dave" by The Boomtown Rats off the album In the Long Grass.
01:15:00 While Pat typed in most of his guys' names in the search bar, April scrolled through her entire collection. That's how she found "Ivan Meets G.I. Joe" by The Clash off of Sandinista!. We have an update on April's eyes. They are fine now. She had to go back for some tune-ups, but she can finally see! Does she recommend it? Yes.... if you can get through the bad parts. Insert bad movie joke here.
Pat's next pick is by The Bangles. Off the album All Over the Place, the song is called "James".
01:20:00 Pat can't help but notice April's parchment of songs. She is very OCD when it comes to her song lists. April has notebooks of all the mixtapes she made so she knows which songs she's used and the order. I did the same thing with my college radio show. Great minds, as they say. What else is going on with April? She saw the new Ghostbusters. It's "fine." Not amazing. Fine.
01:25:00 What about Chris Hemsworth? "Duuuuuuuuuuude," says April. The man is "offensively handsome," as she describes. "He's super hot." April Richardson, master of subtlety. April talks about how she goes to the movies alone. Her friends are married, have kids. Plus she doesn't want to share her big tub of popcorn. All those hands trying to steal that golden goodness? No thank you. What's her drink of choice at the movies? Half Coke Zero, half regular Coke.
01:30:00 Food talk: Pat and April prefer the Coke to the Pepsi. Too much sugar in the Pepsi for April. And April is still on the vegetarian train. Praise be to Papa Morrissey. She's also stopped regularly drinking soda. April used to drink four sodas A DAY when she worked at Chelsea Lately because it was readily available.
01:35:00 Anyway, April plays her next tune. Off the album Favourite Worst Nightmare, it's Arctic Monkeys with "Teddy Picker". "I. Love. That. Band. So. Much." says April. "I love their theme song," replies Pat. "Hey hey, Arctic Monkeys!" Ah jeez, Pat.
We go from the super cool Arctic Monkeys to...... um...... Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods. Pat plays "Billy, Don't Be a Hero" off their self-titled album. "Am I a moron for not knowing who that is?" asks April. No. No you are not. Kyle looks up the story of the song, which is about a soldier killed in action during a war and his fiancé being notified of his death.
01:40:00 April's next pick is "Kevin Carter" by Manic Street Preachers off the album Everything Must Go. MSP are one of April's favorite live acts. What's her number one? Prince, all those times she saw him at the Forum. What about Morrissey, does April still get pumped up to see him live? Of course, of course. But April doesn't want him to keep touring until he's jaded. She doesn't want him to become Mick Jagger.
01:45:00 Any news about April's TV show on TruTV, Almost Genius? It's on hiatus and up in the air. Send your positive vibes (and your emails). Pat's last pick of the litter is Duran Duran. Off the album Medazzaland, the song is called "Michael You've Got a Lot to Answer For".
Another episode is in the books. Thanks to April for kicking ass as usual. She's taking us out with an instrumental (!) called "Detail for Paul" by The Durutti Column off the album LC.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:20:00 David Watts Something Else by The Kinks The Kinks April
00:20:00 Oliver’s Army Armed Forces Elvis Costello Pat
00:25:00 John, I’m Only Dancing Best of Bowie David Bowie April
00:30:00 Joey Bloodletting Concrete Blonde Pat
00:35:00 Andres Hungry for Stink L7 April
00:40:00 She’s Movin’ in with Rico Pool It! The Monkees Pat
00:40:00 Clint Eastwood Gorillaz Gorillaz April
00:40:00 Doctor Robert Revolver The Beatles Pat
00:40:00 Rollin’ Dany This Nation’s Saving Grace (Expanded Edition) The Fall April
00:45:00 Bobby’s Back The Knife Feels Like Justice Brian Setzer Pat
00:45:00 Becoming More Like Alfie Casanova The Divine Comedy April
00:45:00 Making Plans for Nigel Drums and Wires XTC Pat
00:50:00 Johnny Yen Stutter James April
00:50:00 Jonathan The Idler Wheel… Fiona Apple Pat
00:55:00 Neal Cassady Drops Dead World Peace Is None of Your Business Morrissey April
00:55:00 Top Jimmy 1984 Van Halen Pat
00:55:00 Billy Is a Runaway New Values Iggy Pop April
01:00:00 Yoda Dare to Be Stupid ”Weird Al” Yankovic Pat
01:00:00 Johnny Delusional FFS FFS April
01:00:00 Be Good Johnny Business as Usual Men at Work Pat
01:05:00 Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken Let’s Get Out of This Country Camera Obscura April
01:05:00 Little Willy The Sweet The Sweet Pat
01:05:00 Levi Stubbs’ Tears Talking with the Taxman About Poetry Billy Bragg April
01:10:00 Dave In the Long Grass The Boomtown Rats Pat
01:15:00 Ivan Meets G.I. Joe Sandinista! The Clash April
01:15:00 James All Over the World The Bangles Pat
01:35:00 Teddy Picker Favourite Worst Nightmare Arctic Monkeys April
01:35:00 Billy, Don’t Be a Hero Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods Pat
01:40:00 Kevin Carter Everything Must Go Manic Street Preachers April
01:45:00 Michael You’ve Got a Lot to Answer For Medazzaland Duran Duran Pat
01:45:00 Detail for Paul LC The Durutti Column April

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