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Episode 263: Stop Look Listen

Episode 263: Stop Look Listen
Pat and Murray each play 5 songs with the words stop, look and listen in the title. That's 30 songs people.
From July 29, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano

00:00:00 Pat, Murray, and Kyle welcome us to the show. The gang immediately dives into various topics including Kyle moving in with his girlfriend, Pat and Murray's dating habits, and heckling. The usual hodgepodge of conversation between Pat and Murray.
00:05:00 Pat tells a story about how Maria Bamford once heckled Pat because he was wearing a Barney costume on stage. I don't even want to know. More hodgepodge commences before we get into today's topic: STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! Specifically, songs with those words in the title. The topic just so happened to pop into Pat's head. He remembers being told to look up and down the street by his parents when he was a kid. Sound advice. Of course Pat's mom also squeegees the tiles in her shower after someone uses it, so...
00:10:00 Murray tells what his own mom did: She did inspirational outgoing messages on the answering machine... every day. Improvised, poorly crafted messages. Murray's parents had the ringer turned off for an entire year and they thought the phone was broken. More phone stories: Pat does not have a home phone. Murray used to get phone calls from fax machines. Good lord, Phone Solid.
00:15:00 Let's play some music. These song titles must only have the exact words "stop" "look" or "listen," no variations of any kind. Pat and Murray picked five songs each for each word. Murray kicks things off with a song that kicks ass: "Stop!" by Jane's Addiction from their album Ritual de lo Habitual. Having taken 12 years of Spanish, I can confirm that the opening monologue is indeed in Spanish.
Pat's first pick is off the album All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes. The song is "Stop Hurting People" by Pete Townshend. Burps. Burps galore. "How many people have stopped listening," questions Pat.
Murray's next song is by The Hollies. It's "Bus Stop" off the album The Hollies' Greatest Hits.
00:20:00 Pat also picked the same song. He and Murray briefly discuss Terri Nunn before Murray goes for another "stop" song. Off the album The Sinister Urge, it's "Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)" by Rob Zombie. Shoutout to my fellow Edgeheads. Murray saw Rob Zombie play at the House of Blues and fell in love with his music.
00:25:00 Some Rob Zombie discussion including his films and his brother's band Powerman 5000 (which the boys promptly drums on. Hey, I like a couple of their songs, okay?) leads to Pat's next song. Off the album Welcome to the Wasteland, it's Bad City with "Don't Stop".
"That's right in my wheelhouse. They took 80s metal and turned it on its ear-"
- Pat

"-And that's why they couldn't hear the crap they were playing, they were on their ear."
- Murray

Murray ain't exactly a fan, but Pat enjoys it quite a bit.
00:30:00 Up next for Murray is the third incarnation of this band. It's Starship with "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" off the album No Protection. Pat sings right along with his usual gusto. More shenanigans ensue.
00:35:00 Pat's next artist is Bob Welch. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Brace yourself: Pat's "He should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because he was on five Fleetwood Mac albums and he kept that band afloat" rant is coming. Pat plays "The Girl Can't Stop" off the album Man Overboard.
Murray's final "stop" song is quite the mouthful. Off the album Strangeways, Here We Come, it's The Smiths with "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before". "Morrissey sounds the same on every song, so yes I've heard this one before," says Murray.
Pat's final "stop" song is by James Taylor. It's "(I've Got to) Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That" off the album New Moon Shine. Murray likes the hits, but he isn't digging the deep JT cuts. Murray's been up since 7 am, so Mr. Taylor is not helping.
00:40:00 MOVING ON! TO LOOK! After Kyle refers to me as an "estranged first cousin" (awww), Murray plays his first of the batch. It's The Samples with "Did You Ever Look So Nice" off the album No Room.
Pat is on a kick with two artists: The first is the Monkees and the other is a man we've heard quite a bit of recently, Dan Fogelberg. The song is "She Don't Look Back" from the album Exiles.
"Do you just live in an elevator?"
- Murray with the line of the episode
"That's gonna be the one that people are gonna rush to iTunes and purchase."
- Pat

"Just so they can delete it?"
- Murray with BACK-TO-BACK lines of the episode

Woo baby, Murray is ON FIRE this episode. Sadly Dan Fogelberg has passed to the great beyond. Prostate cancer. The gang briefly discuss colonoscopies. "You know they did mine with a steady cam," notes Pat. Oy. Murray's next pick is one he's trying to get into. Off the album Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, it's "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" by Arctic Monkeys.
00:50:00 Good heavens, more shenanigans ensue including impressions and Fatty Arbuckle references. Pat offers a preview of some upcoming episodes, including appearances from Peter Pardini and Chris from The Decibel Geeks. His next artist is Lindsey Buckingham. Off the album Out of the Cradle, the song is "Don't Look Down".
On the docket for Murray's next "look" song, it's an April Richardson favorite: "The Look of Love (Part One)" by ABC off the album The Lexicon of Love.
00:55:00 Pat and Murray study the various prices for The Lexicon of Love before bouncing into Pat's next pick. It's "Just One Look" by Linda Ronstadt off the album Living in the USA. Pat confesses to playing old man music.
BUT! Murray goes even older with the ORIGINAL version of the song by Doris Troy! What are the odds?
01:00:00 Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson's, but is still with us, god love her. Doris Troy died in 2004. Pat goes back to his list with Joe Jackson. Off the album Look Sharp!, the song is "Look Sharp!". Pat and Murray discuss the average lifespans of people. Then they talk about WALL-E.
01:05:00 The WALL-E references go right over Murray's head. He CLAIMS to have seen it, but he doesn't remember. Murray also only saw the beginning of Up. What a card. Murray goes to Sweden for his next "look" song. Yes, it's Roxette with "The Look" off an album also called Look Sharp!.
Pat's next song is a bonus song written by Bruce Springsteen for The Knack's debut album Get the Knack. The song is called "Don't Look Back".
01:10:00 Murray admits that he does not like The Knack. Pat is aghast. Murray simply does NOT get the knack. "Your songs stink tonight," Murray barbs. "Well..." responds Pat. We move on to the final portion of the proceedings, "Listen." Murray kicks it off with "Listen Like Thieves" by INXS off the album Listen Like Thieves.
01:15:00 Pat's next band is one that he referenced earlier, The Monkees. Pat admits to making a copy of their new CD for Murray, but he gave it to Christy instead. D'WHAT! Pat plays "Listen to the Band" off the album The Monkees Present. Pat loves the new Monkees album. "I hear Christy loves it too," murmurs Murray.
01:20:00 Murray complains about his poor memory, then proceeds to dedicate his next song to Adam Rich. ADAM RICH. I would have gotten mad about it, but Murray completely saves himself with his next pick: "Listen" by Tears for Fears off of Songs from the Big Chair. Murray, you beautiful goon! I forgive you 100%. Pat feels the same way about Tears for Fears that Murray does about The Knack: Not a fan.
Pat's next "listen" song is an obvious choice: "Listen to the Music" by The Doobie Brothers off the album Toulouse Street.
01:25:00 After dissecting the term "Hug a root" (look it up), the gang debates the merits of being in Maroon 5 and some recent No Doubt news. It seems the band is recording a new album without Gwen Stefani. They've got the lead singer of AFI with them. More debating, this time over which band was the first super group. Pat claims Cream. Murray goes with Blind Faith.
01:30:00 Murray takes us back to the music with Van Morrison and his song "Listen to the Lion" off the album Saint Dominic's Preview. Pat reads a message he got on Facebook from a woman who wants to offer him Terry Ilous, who replaced Jack Russell as the lead singer in Great White.
01:35:00 Pat declined the offer (he's been trying to get Jack), the woman gave a sharp little retort, and then it went off the rails from there. So typical Pat Francis fare. Suffice to say, Terry Ilous will not be on the show.
01:40:00 Pat's next song is called "No One Listen" by Ray Davies off his album Working Man's Cafe.
Murray's next "listen" song is by Blood, Sweat & Tears. Off the album BS&T 4, it's "Lisa, Listen to Me". Pat wonders if he would like Blood, Sweat & Tears. He and Murray run down the greatest hits.
01:45:00 More shenanigans as Pat talks about the goofs he would play in his high school science class. Kyle tells a story about kids in his science class putting food in the ceiling tiles and leaving it there. Pat and Murray thank their lucky stars that they are not teachers. He admits to being a less-than-stellar student.
01:50:00 Kyle and Murray also admit to cheating in school. A bunch of vagrants, the lot of you. Murray's last pick is "Listen to What the Man Said" by Wings off of Venus and Mars.
Pat's last song is by the Ramones. Off their self-titled album, the song is called "Listen to My Heart". Pat plugs about his appearance on the all-Ramones podcast Ramones of the Day.
01:55:00 The usual plugs are dealt out. Oh, and I have a new nickname: A-Bombs. We'll see if it sticks. Pat takes us out with the original version of a song we heard earlier. It's Bruce Springsteen and his version of "Don't Look Back" off the box set Tracks.
BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Remember a few weeks back when Pat and Murray did the Two Hands Clapping episode? And how they had to re-record the last 45 minutes of it because it got lost. Well Pat found it. Consider it a Rock Solid Bonus Track.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:15:00 Stop! Ritual de lo Habitual Jane’s Addiction Murray
00:15:00 Stop Hurting People All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes Pete Townshend Pat
00:15:00 Bus Stop The Hollies’ Greatest Hits The Hollies Murray
00:20:00 Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy) The Sinister Urge Rob Zombie Murray
00:25:00 Don’t Stop Welcome to the Wasteland Bad City Pat
00:30:00 Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now No Protection Starship Murray
00:35:00 The Girl Can’t Stop Man Overboard Bob Welch Pat
00:35:00 Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before Strangeways, Here We Come The Smiths Murray
00:40:00 (I’ve Got to) Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout That New Moon Shine James Taylor Pat
00:40:00 Did You Ever Look So Nice No Room The Samples Murray
00:40:00 She Don’t Look Back Exiles Dan Fogelberg Pat
00:45:00 I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not Arctic Monkeys Murray
00:50:00 Don’t Look Down Out of the Cradle Lindsey Buckingham Pat
00:50:00 The Look of Love (Part One) The Lexicon of Love ABC Murray
00:55:00 Just One Look Living in the USA Linda Ronstadt Pat
00:55:00 Just One Look Single Doris Troy Murray
01:00:00 Look Sharp! Look Sharp! Joe Jackson Pat
01:05:00 The Look Look Sharp! Roxette Murray
01:05:00 Don’t Look Back Get the Knack The Knack Pat
01:10:00 Listen Like Thieves Listen Like Thieves INXS Murray
01:15:00 Listen to the Band The Monkees Present The Monkees Pat
01:20:00 Listen Songs from the Big Chair Tears for Fears Murray
01:20:00 Listen to the Music Toulouse Street The Doobie Brothers Pat
01:30:00 Listen to the Lion Saint Dominc’s Preview Van Morrison Murray
01:40:00 No One Listen Working Man’s Cafe Ray Davies Pat
01:40:00 Lisa, Listen to Me BS&T 4 Blood, Sweat & Tears Murray
01:50:00 Listen to What the Man Said Venus and Mars Wings Murray
01:50:00 Listen to My Heart Ramones Ramones Pat
01:55:00 Don’t Look Back Tracks Bruce Springsteen Pat

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