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Episode 240: Tribute to David Bowie

Episode 240: Tribute to David Bowie
Pat, Mike, Christy, David, Murray, Kyle and musical guest Heather Stewart pay tribute to the music and legacy of David Bowie. This show was recorded LIVE at the Improv Lab in Hollywood, California. NOTE TO THE LISTENERS: Unfortunately we did have a sound issue... my microphone was barely recorded... some might say that is a good thing. Anyway... I did everything I could do to remedy the situation in post and then mixed everything down to mono to put my voice up in the mix. I am still lower than everyone else but the show must go on so here in all it's glory is the episode with flawed audio. The recording process was totally out of our control and we thank you for your patience when listening to this episode.
From February 18, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel

Christy Stratton

Murray Valeriano

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us LIIIIIIIIVE at the Hollywood Improv Lab for this tribute to the life of the incomparable David Bowie. Bowie superfan (and former guest) Lori Bauer is in the audience. She legitimately called out sick to work when Bowie died. Pat has some BOWIE FACTS for all to digest:
  • He was born David Jones, then changed it to Bowie because he didn't want to be mistaken for The Monkees' Davy Jones.
  • Elvis Presley loved "Golden Years" so much that he wanted Bowie to produce his next album. Then Elvis died.
  • Luther Vandross does backup vocals on Young Americans.
  • Bowie plays on multiple instruments on Diamond Dogs include saxophone and Moog synthesizer.

And those were your BOWIE FACTS.
00:05:00 Pat is going to be bringing up the co-hosts one at a time. Up first is the Snowman, Mike Siegel! Mike is a surface Bowie fan, he never dug deep. He's always liked them. Pat plays the first song of the night (now is the time, ladies and germs, for music to play and the audience to stare blankly). Off of Bowie's self-titled debut album, the song is called "Love You till Tuesday". It's very 60s folk poppy. The first Bowie album sounds very different from his other stuff, but Pat enjoys it.
Mike's first pick is off of Aladdin Sane. The song is "The Jean Genie".
00:10:00 David Wild sighting! There is a David Wild sighting! He will be on the stage eventually and he will have stories. But not now. Now Mike plays his second song. The song is "Suffragette City" off of Mike's favorite Bowie album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Rock in Peace Mick Ronson.
Pat plays his second pick of the night, "Sound and Vision" off the album Low. Are Pat's kids into Bowie? He thinks they like some of it, but they will tell him they hate all of it like they do with Pat's other bands. Those darn kids, tarnishing the good names of Toto and UFO and the like.
Mike's next song is also from Ziggy Stardust. The song is called "Moorage Daydream".
00:15:00 After some brief poo talk (DO NOT ASK), Mike plays his last pick of the night. It's Bowie's collaboration with Trent Reznor, the song "I'm Afraid of Americans" off the album Earthling. Kyle's a fan of Mr. Reznor, what does he think of that?

"Yeah, it's great."

Okay, thanks Kyle. And thank you Mike Siegel!
00:20:00 Pat invites former guest and rather talented lady Heather Stewart to the stage to perform a live Bowie cover. She and her band do a spectacular version of ""Heroes"" from the album "Heroes".
00:25:00 Up next to the stage is the lovely Christy Stratton! And her husband Gary is here as well! Sure, he never listens to Rock Solid and there's a good chance he's checking the sports scores on a minute-by-minute basis. But he's here! Christy details her history with Bowie. As a child in the 70s, Christy was all about Saturday Night Fever, Chipmunk Punk, Disco Mickey Mouse. Then she watched Saturday Night Live and there was this svelt British man in a suit on her television and it FRIGHTENED her. It took Christy a while to get into Bowie, even with Let's Dance in the 80s (the "China Doll" music video was the culprit). There were no access points. But then John Hughes made a movie called Sixteen Candles. Christy plays a song used in the movie, "Young Americans" off the album Young Americans. This was her entry point to Bowie.
00:30:00 Then Christy is 15 and watching another John Hughes movie, The Breakfast Club. She's on her first car date, she's a teenager, EMOTIONS ARE HAPPENING. The David Bowie quote from her next pick pops on screen and Christy is just on a groove. Off of Hunky Dory, Christy plays "Changes". It brings Christy right back.
00:35:00 Is Gary still here? He's still here, okay good, just checking. Christy also loves when Bowie does covers. She plays his version of "It Ain't Easy" off the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Christy's going quick because she doesn't want to take up too much time. Slow down Christy, put your feet up, this is a celebration! Christy catches her breath long enough to introduce her final pick. She was reading an article about the making of The Silence of the Lambs and how collaboration was key to making such a great film. This inspired her choice of song, "Under Pressure" by Queen feat. David Bowie from the album Hot Space.
00:40:00 Pat and Christy remark how this was a true collaboration and how everybody loves "Under Pressure." Yet it only peaked at 29. With her songs exhausted, that's all for Ms. Stratton. Give it up for Christy, everybody!
Pat welcomes David Wild onto the stage to share some stories. David's a wee bit tired after working on the Grammys. He thinks Bowie managed to transplant himself into the 80s without becoming shit like other bands.
00:45:00 David relates his Theory of Rock Relativity. When he met Bowie in the early 90s, that was the lowest point of Bowie's career and the highest point of David's career. He finds Bowie to be the most intelligent, elegant, and remarkable artist he's ever met. He was funny, stylish. Bowie was also known to send David some gifts. One was a private wedding album (as in a music album) that he made when he married Iman. Awwwwwwwwww. The other... WAS A FETAL PIG IN A JAR THAT BOWIE BOUGHT IN INDONESIA!!! Bowie also once took David to Pink's Hot Dogs and introduced him to Little Richard.
00:50:00 David tells more tales about hanging out with Mark Ronson and Sean Lennon during the Black Tie White Noise recordings and Bowie relating to David that he had Jewish heritage. For David's song, he chose one by Bowie's side project Tin Machine. David says Bowie was a little alienated after Let's Dance and wanted to go back to basics. David plays "Amazing" off of Tin Machine's self-titled debut. Bowie stopped talking to David (and the rest of the media) around 2005 to focus more on his family and his art. David is sad that Bowie is gone, but he's glad that he got to know him.
00:55:00 Heather Stewart returns to the stage to do the second of her two covers. This time it's a great rendition of "Rebel Rebel" off of Diamond Dogs.
01:00:00 Pat gives apologies to listener Scott Adams and the other David Bowie superfan April for not playing their songs. There just isn't enough time. But there IS time for the final co-host of the night, Murray Valeriano! Murray is a bit grumpy that he got bumped by David Wild, but he's willing to swallow his pride for the sake of Bowie. Murray's first pick is off the album Lodger. It's the song "DJ". Murray remembers watching the music video with his preacher dad and mom. When Bowie kisses a guy on the street, things got quite uncomfortable in the ol' Valeriano household.
01:05:00 When Let's Dance came out, Murray saw all the videos. His second pick is the re-recorded version of "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)". At this point, Murray can't own music, so he had to go to his friend's house or listen to his brother's stereo. When the video for "Blu Jean" came out, Murray bought the album Tonight and hid it at his friend's house. Murray's friend promptly gave it away. Womp womp. Murray plays the song.
01:10:00 Murray saw Bowie on the Sound and Vision Tour. When Bowie was singing "Suffragette City," Bowie dropped to the floor before singing "Wham bam, thank you ma'am." Bowie stayed down for an uncomfortably long amount of time. Why? Because he's Bowie.
Pat wraps up the show. Thanks to all the co-hosts, thanks to David Wild for showing up, thanks to Heather Stewart for playing live, and THANK YOU DAVID BOWIE!!!!!!!! Murray takes us out with a song called "Pretty Pink Rose" by Adrian Belew feat. David Bowie off the album Young Lions.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Love You till Tuesday David Bowie David Bowie Pat
00:05:00 The Jean Genie Aladdin Sane David Bowie Mike
00:10:00 Suffragette City The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars David Bowie Mike
00:10:00 Sound and Vision Low David Bowie Pat
00:10:00 Moonage Daydream The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars David Bowie Mike
00:15:00 I’m Afraid of Americans Earthling David Bowie Mike
00:20:00 ”Heroes” (Live) ”Heroes” Heather Stewart Heather (Live on Stage)
00:25:00 Young Americans Young Americans David Bowie Christy
00:30:00 Changes Hunky Dory David Bowie Christy
00:35:00 It Ain’t Easy The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars David Bowie Christy
00:35:00 Under Pressure Hot Space Queen feat. David Bowie Christy
00:50:00 Amazing Tin Machine Tin Machine David
00:55:00 Rebel Rebel (Live) Diamond Dogs Heather Stewart Heather (Live on Stage)
01:00:00 DJ Lodger David Bowie Murray
01:05:00 Cat People (Putting Out Fire) Let’s Dance David Bowie Murray
01:05:00 Blue Jean Tonight David Bowie Murray
01:15:00 Pretty Pink Rose Young Lions Adrian Belew feat. David Bowie Murray

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