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Episode 237: Long Longer Longest

Episode 237: Long Longer Longest
Christy's back in the Co-Host chair to join Pat as they play songs with any form of the word "long" in the title.
From January 28, 2016

With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Christy Stratton

00:00:00 Pat and Christy welcome us to the show. Pat's got a LETTER (!) from fan Kevin Wunch. He sent a Christmas card with a photo of his family and a note about how much he enjoys the podcast. He also sent Pat a couple of Amazon gift cards. Atta boy, Kevin. As for Christy, she's doing okay except for all of these rock and roll deaths: Scott Weiland, Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Lemmy, Glenn Frey, Alan Rickman. They're dropping like flies. Bowie smoked a lot, so that makes sense. And Lemmy, oh Jesus, Lemmy. He smoked and snorted everything under the sun, plus he drank at least one bottle of Jack Daniels a day. 70 years was a godsend.
00:05:00 Glenn Frey died of a one-two punch of colitis and pneumonia. Pat's a little worried because Frey was only 15 years older than him, but then he remembers Frey also had a life of smoking and snorting. All in all, it's been a rough start to 2016. Anyway, let's get into today's topic: Long, Longer, Longest. These are songs with the words "long," "longer," and "longest" in the title. Yup, it's just that simple. Christy starts us off with a doozy. Off the album High Voltage, it's AC/DC with "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)". Christy would be fearful of meeting Bon Scott in a dark alley. Pat and Christy talk AGAIN about amazing it is that AC/DC replaced their lead singer and everybody accepted it. Of course it didn't hurt that Back in Black is, as Christy puts it, "top-to-tails amaze."
00:10:00 Pat's first pick is the Eagles. He plays "How Long" off the album Long Road Out of Eden. Pat is mad at a guy on Facebook for saying that Bowie was the trendsetter and that Frey and the Eagles sucked. Come on, man. Pat and Christy agree that Bowie and Eagles are in two different camps. You can't just weigh them on the same scale.
Christy discovered her next artist via the magic of Shazam in a furniture store. It's "The Longest Road" by Morgan Page off the album Elevate.
The next song on Pat's list is by The Hollies. Off the album Distant Light, it's the song "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress".
00:15:00 Christy wonders when a song enters the public domain; how many years. Why? Well Christy wants to incorporate a song into SEASON FREAKING TWO of her webseries Everyone's Crazy but Us. More on that later, hint hint. In the meantime, Christy has another pick, but a flag is immediately thrown on the play. It's not the song that has "long" in the title, it's the artist. *shakes fist* Stratton!!!! Off the album It Ain't Easy, it's Long John Baldry with "It Ain't Easy".
00:20:00 May the lords of prog rock shine upon us all. Pat plays "Long Distance Runaround" by Yes off the seminal album Fragile. Pat wonders what Jon Anderson sounds like now. Kyle tries finding a song, but fails miserably.
Hungry? Then let Christy serve you up a nice slice of Cake. Off the album Comfort Eagle, the song is "Short Skirt/Long Jacket". Christy describes them as a less-jokey version of They Might Be Giants. Kyle doesn't like Cake. Or cake. Or cake icing. He would prefer a cookie or a blonde brownie or maybe a nice blueberry loaf. Christy responds, "My husband's like that, you're both insane, it's fine."
Up next for Pat is The Foo Fighters. He plays "Long Road to Ruin" off the album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace.
00:25:00 Pat asks Christy for her thoughts on the Foos. Does she like them? Christy puts it like this: The Foo Fighters are a very successful TV show that has been on for a few years. Lotta praise, lotta eyeballs on it. But does Christy have the time to get into this TV show, to go back to season 1, to become invested in these lovable characters? No. No she does not. So Christy lets The Foo Fighters go their own way while she goes hers. No harm, no foul. We get into movie talk. Christy loves Trainwreck. Pat feels it went a little too long for his liking. Christy has not seen The Hateful Eight, and she's heard enough negative reactions to it that she doesn't want to see it. Pat will be doing an upcoming episode called Tarantino Tunes with Mike Schmidt, a huge Tarantino fan, all about the songs in Tarantino's movies. Now we go to TV talk, starting with the new show Billions with Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis. Pat turned it off five minutes in.
00:30:00 Christy did not want to like it BUT.... it had enough surprises to keep her and her husband Gary watching. Pat and Christy turn to the upcoming HBO show Vinyl. It looks too over the top for Christy. She says it is very hard to make good rock and roll movies and TV shows. For some reason, she just doesn't get Bobby Cannavale. But she does love the show's font, so... that's something. AAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY, back to the music. Christy plays, what else, The Cars. Off their second album Candy-O.
Do you hear that? It's the sweet sounds of Dan Fogelberg. Off the album Phoenix, Pat plays "Longer".
00:35:00 In podcast news, there will be a live Rock Solid podcast taping on Wednesday, February 17th at the Improv Lab in Hollywood. It's gonna be a tribute to David Bowie. The whole gang will be there, as will former guest Heather Stewart, who will be performing two David Bowie covers. Admission is free. You can go to the Rock Solid Facebook page for more info. Pat talks a little about the Sammy Hagar episode. Thanks to Sammy's people, Pat has the hookup with Joe Satriani's people. Chris Isaak was in the audience dressed like a gumshoe. 90% of the people there weren't there for Rock Solid, they were there for Sammy.
Christy's next pick is the great Cat Stevens. Off the album Tea for the Tillerman, it's "Longer Boats". In college, Christy was a DJ at their AM oldies station. It's where she discovered Cat Stevens.
00:40:00 Being at the radio station was how she met Billy Squier. The rock FM guys were the ones with the golden voices, so Christy felt like she couldn't compete with them. Her friends didn't listen. At one point she held the 2 to 6 a.m. shift. When the AM station decided to switch over to all talk, Christy made a demo tape of a music show to try to impress the higher-ups, but it didn't work out. Christy sighs and wonders how her life would have been much different if she had been born in New York or California. Pat remembers his college's radio station: you couldn't even pick it up in the dorm rooms.
00:45:00 Pat's next pick is "Long Line" by Peter Wolf off the album Long Line. Pat loves him some solo Peter Wolf. He also some news that might make Christy angry. Heart, Cheap Trick, and Joan Jett are doing a tour together. Cheap Trick are opening. Pat and Christy agree that, no disrespect, Joan Jett should be the one opening.
Christy discovered her next pick on a Virgin Megastore compilation CD. Off their self-titled album, it's The Magic with "Take the Long Road and Walk It".
00:50:00 The next song on Pat's docket is the timeless "The Long and Winding Road" by The Beatles off the album Let It Be. Beautiful stuff. But enough about that nice, melodic hymn, we've got MAKING A MURDERER to talk about, people! Nancy Grace had Donnie Wahlberg on her show to talk about Making a Murderer. What?!?! Pat and Christy discuss the docu-series. They are both not convinced that Steven Avery did it.
00:55:00 Other MaM-related things discussed include Ken Kratz's high voice and sexy texting, the lack of credible hard evidence, Brendan Dassey, and who they would cast in the movie. Starring Paul Dano as Brendan Dassey, Rick Moranis as Len Kachinsky, Stephen Colbert as Dean Strang, and a young Bob Newhart as Jerry Buting. Hey, as long as those beautiful news reporters play themselves, I'm happy.
She mentioned this guy earlier, so now Christy is going to play him. Off the album Signs of Life, it's Billy Squier with "All Night Long".
01:00:00 Christy has said it before and she'll say it again. She was OBLIVIOUS to the fact that the "Rock Me Tonite" video ruined Billy Squier's career. Everybody did cheesy 80s videos with their shirts off. But poor Billy was the one to take the bullet. Christy comments that her husband Gary is quite oblivious to music in his own right. It was news to him--recent news--that Freddie Mercury was gay. NEWS!!!! Oh man, that Elton John, what a ladies man. And that George Michael, when is he gonna settle down with a nice girl?
Pat's next pick is off the album An Innocent Man. The song is "For the Longest Time" by Billy Joel. Pat really likes the album because he loved Frankie Valli as a kid.
Christy's last pick is by a band we heard earlier, the Eagles. It's "The Long Run" off of the album The Long Run.
01:05:00 People were antsy for a new Eagles album because The Long Run came out a whole three years after Hotel California. "Too busy taking money baths," says Christy. Pat tells a story about royalties. Mick Jones (the Foreigner version) was writing "I Want to Know What Love Is." Lou Gramm comes in and helps him out. When the song came out, Lou wanted a 50/50 split of the royalties. (And boy oh boy, there were a lot of royalties.) Mick said no: 95/5. "Well in that case just take the whole thing," responded Lou. And the rest is history.
Christy elaborates on Everyone's Crazy but Us. Season 2 is on the way with funding. There is also a Facebook page so like that bad boy. Pat, Christy, and Murray recently made an appearance on Pat's wife Pilar's podcast On the Page. Also, Christy was on Mike's podcast Travel Tales. So there is so much Christy Stratton for you to enjoy!
01:10:00 This was a fun, easy-breezy episode. In the background, Mike Siegel chooses Pat's closing song. Off the album Relish, it's "Man in the Long Black Coat" by Joan Osborne.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll) High Voltage AC/DC Christy
00:10:00 How Long Long Road Out of Eden Eagles Pat
00:10:00 The Longest Road Elevate Morgan Page Christy
00:10:00 Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress Distant Light The Hollies Pat
00:15:00 It Ain’t Easy It Ain’t Easy Long John Baldry Christy
00:20:00 Long Distance Runaround Fragile Yes Pat
00:20:00 Short Skirt/Long Jacket Comfort Eagle Cake Christy
00:20:00 Long Road to Ruin Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace The Foo Fighters Pat
00:30:00 You Can’t Hold On Too Long Candy-O The Cars Christy
00:30:00 Longer Phoenix Dan Folgerberg Pat
00:35:00 Longer Boats Tea for the Tillerman Cat Stevens Christy
00:45:00 Long Line Long Line Peter Wolf Pat
00:45:00 Take the Long Road and Walk It The Magic The Magic Christy
00:50:00 The Long and Winding Road Let It Be The Beatles Pat
00:55:00 All Night Long Signs of Life Billy Squier Christy
01:00:00 For the Longest Time An Innocent Man Billy Joel Pat
01:00:00 The Long Run The Long Run Eagles Christy
01:10:00 Man in the Long Black Coat Relish Joan Osborne Pat

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Episode 236: LIVE Tracks

Episode 236: LIVE Tracks
Pat and Guest Co-Host Geoff Tate dig deep into their iTunes libraries to play their favorite officially released "Live Tracks." This show is guaranteed to be a 10 out of 10 and yes they will play some Tom Petty!
From January 21, 2016

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show. Today's special guest co-host is returning to the show following his critically acclaimed appearance on the episode Tom "F-ing" Petty. It's comedian Geoff Tate, everybody!

It's only natural that they begin the show talking about Tom Petty. Pat has changed his mind about the soundtrack for "She's the One." Geoff still loves Echo. Geoff also gives a thumbs up to The Dirty Knobs, Mike Campbell's side project. Also, Geoff had the author of the Tom Petty biography, Warren Zanes, on his podcast. What did they talk about? Three guesses.
00:05:00 Geoff and Pat talk about Tom Petty passing on "The Boys of Summer," then the Eagles documentary. They agree that you have to remain in shape if you stay in the public limelight for years and years. That's why Mick Jagger can never get fat, says Geoff.
"That's the one thing he'll never have: the freedom to eat a pizza."
- Geoff, talking about Mick Jagger

Geoff is also rocking a sweet Making a Murderer beard. Oh yah, you betcha. He hasn't seen it, the whole documentary just sounds too depressing. He'd rather just watch Cheers. You won't see Norm on trial for murdering a woman and then burning her dismembered corpse on Cheers, that's for sure.
00:10:00 Geoff is a touring comedian and he's currently on the Make the Rounds Tour with fellow comedian Emma Arnold. She likes Sia a lot, so in the car she and Geoff will switch off between Petty and Sia. But Geoff isn't here to just play Tom Petty or Sia (although we will hear from one of those artists later in the show, hint hint), he's here for today's topic: Live tracks! These are live songs on official releases. No bootleg recordings of concerts, thank you. And we're gonna keep this thing short because we don't want another two-hour Tom Petty epic on our hands. Geoff starts us off with his first pick, "The Dolphin's Cry" by Live off the al-- oh wait...... ooooooooh. "That's what you meant, right?" Geoff asks Pat. "Songs by the band Live?" Geoff, you are the silliest of silly geese. Geoff's REAL first pick is by the band Wilco. Off the album Kicking Television: Live in Chicago, it's the song "Misunderstood".
00:15:00 The boys talk about a little rock and roll. Pat thinks The Foo Fighters are the last modern rock band that can retire comfortably. Everyone else will have to keep touring and touring until they can't tour any more. Jack White will become the new Todd Rundgren. "Are there any bands that debuted in '95 that aren't doing cruise ships?" Geoff wonders.
00:20:00 We switch topics to movies. You might have heard Geoff once or twice (or a hundred times) on the very funny Doug Loves Movies podcast. What was his favorite movie of 2015. He liked Ant-Man a lot. Ditto the new Mission Impossible and Spotlight. Pat's first pick is off the album Queen on Fire -- Live at the Bowl. It's Queen with the super cool fast version of "We Will Rock You". Were there any chants of "We Will Rock You" when Geoff was at school sporting events? No, Geoff went to a Christian school. "You would say the Lord's Prayer," says Kyle." "Yeah, but like loud," responds Geoff.
00:25:00 Speaking of the lord, up next for Geoff is the Christian rock band The 77s. Off the album 88, it's a song called "I Can't Get Over It". Geoff describes as a Christian rock band that wasn't Christian enough, so they were often booted from their labels.
Pat's next pick is the epic Journey. He plays "Stone in Love" off the album Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour.
00:30:00 We go from Journey to Elvis Presley. Geoff plays the King's rendition of "Never Been to Spain" from his album As Recorded at Madison Square Garden. Pat decides to take a left turn and read a listener's email. He is a big fan of the podcast, but he doesn't like Pat referring to prog rock as "prog rock bullshit" because he thinks new fans won't understand Pat's saying it with a wink and a nod. He also doesn't like Yes getting dumped on in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame discussion. Pat explains that he smoothed things over with the listener, it's all good. For the listeners/readers, Pat says "prog rock bullshit" as a joke. After all, no one loves the band Asia more than Pat. Not even me, and I love Asia, people!
00:35:00 Pat plays a track from the Eagles reunion album Hell Freezes Over. He loves the Eagles reunion because it got Joe Walsh sober. Pat and Geoff agree that Glenn Frey is a dick. (Editor's note: This was recorded before Frey kicked the bucket, so keep that in mind.) But personality issues aside, Pat enjoys the Eagles.
"I love the Eagles. Sorry, I love Eagles."
- Pat

"They're not The Eagles?"
- Geoff

"No, that's in the documentary."
- Pat

"Idiots. Those fucking idiots."
- Geoff

Pat plays the song "In the City".
Geoff's next pick is a guy named Todd Snider. Off the album Live: The Storyteller, the song is called "The Devil You Know".
00:40:00 The next band on Pat's list is The Police. He plays "Truth Hits Everybody" off the album Live!. Sting certainly doesn't play that fast anymore. All those tantric sex sections can really wipe a man out. How is the guy supposed to play "Next to You" at full speed after eight hours of love making?
Up next for Geoff is another country act, Robert Earl Keen. The song is "The Road Goes on Forever" from the album No. 2 LIVE Dinner.
00:45:00 Geoff goes off on Toby Keith for allegedly lifting the song for one of his own. He is not a fan of Toby Keith or his restaurants. Pat switches the subject to a band that Geoff can actually stomach, Heart. It's their absolutely incredible performance of "Stairway to Heaven" at the Kennedy Center Honors for Led Zeppelin. The song brought a tear to Robert Plant's eye and Jimmy Page almost leapt out of his seat in excitement. Geoff thinks Page should tour with Heart.
00:50:00 Well it had to happen eventually. Geoff has some live Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for us all to enjoy. Off of The Live Anthology, it's "My Life/Your World". Pat goes back-to-back with some live Petty of his own. This time it's "So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" off the album Pack Up the Plantation: Live!. Geoff has Kyle look up a live EP on Spotify and Kyle takes forever to find it, the young gun.
00:55:00 Kyle finally finds it. Geoff plays the Heartbreakers' version of "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" off the EP Live 2013. There is some brief Guns 'n Roses talk. Geoff has no interest in a reunion. Pat saw them ten years ago. And this was Buckethead-era GNR. "Buckethead sucks!" Kyle says. I guess he's a Popeye's Chicken fan.
Pat is trying to get his next pick on the show. It's Peter Frampton with "Show Me the Way" off the big album Frampton Comes Alive!. Geoff was very disappointed to see how the talk box works. You mean a robot man doesn't steal your voice for his own musical adventures? No son, you just blow into this tube.
01:00:00 Geoff opens up the Delorean doors and takes us back to 1966 with the album The Bootleg Series, Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966, The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert. This is the infamous concert where Bob Dylan performed the first half of the concert with his acoustic guitar and the second half with an electric guitar and a backing band. The crowd turns on him. We hear that in Geoff's pick "Like a Rolling Stone". Before the song starts, you can hear someone in the audience shout "Judas!" Dylan's response: "I don't believe you. You're a liar." Then he turns to the band and commands, "Play it fucking loud." BANG! Straight into "Like a Rolling Stone." Fuck, I love that so much.
01:05:00 We go from one Bob to another. Pat plays "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band off the album Live Bullet. Wise words from Mr. Seger: If you're gonna talk to a girl above your station, always look her in the eye. That way, when she spits in your face and calls you an ugly bastard, you know she means it. Thanks Bob!
01:10:00 Geoff decides to bring some Fleetwood Mac to the table. Off the album The Dance, it's the song "I'm So Afraid". Meanwhile Kyle just yawned. Hey, the guy works all day at America's Funniest Home Videos, let's cut him some slack. Geoff is not a fan of Alfonso Ribeiro, the current host. He preferred Tom Bergeron.
01:15:00 The conversation takes a weird turn, talking about a fictional Blackjack game show on the Hustler Network that Geoff would host. Like I said, a weird turn. Thankfully Pat saves us with the almighty Black Sabbath. He plays "Neon Knights" off the album Live Evil. Pat warns everybody that this thing is ending at 90 minutes. Hard out, everybody, hard out.
Geoff plays one more song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Off of Pack Up the Plantation: Live!, he plays "The Waiting".
01:20:00 Geoff wonders what happens with the leftover video footage of AFV. Kyle explains. Geoff just wants a TV show of the aftermath of AFV videos. Guy gets hit in the nuts? Show what happens after! Grandma falls into the pool? Show what happens after! Anyway, Pat plays his next pick. Off the album The Kids Are Alright, it's The Who with "Baba O'Riley".
01:25:00 Hard out at 90 guys, get your songs in now. Geoff plays "Army" by Ben Folds off the album Ben Folds Live.
Pat plays one from his favorites, The Kinks. He plays "You Really Got Me" off the album To the Bone. Pat gives apologies to Simon & Garfunkel, Pretenders, Rick Springfield, and Kiss. Geoff apologizes to the five Tom Petty songs that he couldn't get to.
Geoff has two websites to promote. The first is his own, Go there for Geoff's tour dates, march, and other fun stuff. The second website is for an organization that Geoff supports called Speak Your Silence which provides pro bono counseling for adult survivors of child sex abuse. Oh, and remember when I said this episode has a hard out at 90 minutes? Well, it ends at 90 minutes exactly. Right in the middle of Geoff's sent-
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Misunderstood (Live) Kicking Television: Live in Chicago Wilco Geoff
00:20:00 We Will Rock You (Fast) [Live] Queen on Fire — Live at the Bowl Queen Pat
00:25:00 I Can’t Get Over It (Live) 88 The 77s Geoff
00:25:00 Stone in Love (Live) Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour Journey Pat
00:30:00 Never Been in Spain (Live) As Recorded at Madison Square Garden Elvis Presley Geoff
00:35:00 In the City (Live) Hell Freezes Over Eagles Pat
00:35:00 The Devil You Know (Live) Live: The Storyteller Todd Snider Geoff
00:40:00 Truth Hits Everybody (Live) Live! The Police Pat
00:40:00 The Road Goes on Forever (Live) No. 2 LIVE Dinner Robert Earl Keen Geoff
00:45:00 Stairway to Heaven (Live) Single Heart Pat
00:50:00 My Life/Your World (Live) The Live Anthology Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Geoff
00:50:00 So You Want to Be a Rock ’n’ Roll Star (Live) Pack Up the Plantation: Live! Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Pat
00:55:00 (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (Live) Live 2013 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Geoff
00:55:00 Show Me the Way (Live) Frampton Comes Alive! Sammy Hagar Pat
01:00:00 Like a Rolling Stone (Live) The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966, The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert Bob Dylan Geoff
01:05:00 Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Live) Live Bullet Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Pat
01:10:00 I’m So Afraid (Live) The Dance Fleetwood Mac Geoff
01:15:00 Neon Knights (Live) Live Evil Black Sabbath Pat
01:15:00 The Waiting (Live) Pack Up the Plantation: Live! Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Geoff
01:20:00 Baba O’Riley (Live) The Kids Are Alright The Who Pat
01:25:00 Army (Live) Ben Folds Live Ben Folds Geoff
01:25:00 You Really Got Me (Live) To the Bone The Kinks Pat

Friday, January 15, 2016

Episode 235: Rock Solid LIVE at SF Sketchfest with Sammy Hagar

Episode 235: Rock Solid LIVE at SF Sketchfest with Sammy Hagar
Recorded LIVE on Saturday January 9, 2016 at the Swedish American Music Hall with Guest Sammy Hagar.
From January 14, 2016

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat and Kyle welcome us to the show, LIIIIIIIVE from the Swedish American Music Hall at San Francisco Sketchfest. Today's guest co-host is returning champion David Wild. He's very excited to be here.
"My name is Dave. I'm Jewish, I think I'm funny, I can't sing. And Sammy always follows people like that very well."
- David Wild, right out of the gate

Pat runs down the numbers for today's special guest:
  • 30 albums total
  • 17 solo albums
  • 4 albums with Van Halen (all #1)
  • 2 albums with Chickenfoot
  • 2 albums with Montrose
  • 1 album with The Circle
  • 2 best-selling books
  • Successful brands in the alcohol and dining fields
  • The host of his new show on AXS TV, Rock & Roll Road Trip
Give it up for The Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar!!!
00:05:00 Huge applause for Sammy. Pat wonders if Sammy can whip up a few cocktails and Sammy is happy to oblige. He just got back from a month-long vacation in Hawaii and Mexico, so he's not used to wearing jackets and long pants. But he's very happy to be here. Pat starts us off right away with some discussion about Sammy's first major band, Montrose. Both Montrose albums with Sammy were produced by Ted Templeman, who also did VOA and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Sammy calls Ted the best vocal producer in the world.
00:10:00 Pat plays one of the big Montrose songs, "Bad Motor Scooter" off their self-titled debut album. Sammy actually wrote that song on the next street over from the Swedish American Music Hall. It was the first song he ever wrote in his life. David points out that a mutual friend of his and Sammy's, CHRIS ISAAK (!), is in the audience. David and Chris were chit-chatting over dinner how Sammy's autobiography is about an American Dream come true. It's also completely honest. Sammy wanted to be 100% honest, even at the expense of making himself look bad.
00:15:00 Pat plays a song from Montrose's second album, Paper Money. The song is "I Got the Fire". Sammy wrote the lyrics, but Ronnie Montrose forgot to credit him for it on the album. That's what ultimately broke up the band. Montrose (the band) ultimately never made a dime. David is impressed how much soul Sammy has as a singer. Sammy feels like he has to push himself to get that soul out because he gets uncomfortable. He looks at a guy like James Taylor who has soul, but he makes it look easy.
00:20:00 David recommends a song from Sammy's recent collaboration album, Sammy Hagar & Friends. It's "Winding Down" featuring Taj Mahal. Pat notes that Sammy keeps his voice so well because he keeps performing. Sammy doesn't tour much anymore, but he loves jumping on stage with friends. At his age (68, if you can believe it) he wants to extend his lifespan as a singer for as long as possible.
"I keep telling my manager and my agent, 'If I have 100 shows left in me, I don't want to do them in one fucking year.'"
- Sammy

Sammy's new project, The Circle, allows Sammy to perform without doing major touring. It features Vic Johnson, his current guitarist in the Waboritas, Michael Anthony, and Jason Bonham. You know, those guys. They play songs from all of Sammy's eras, as well as Led Zeppelin and Van Halen songs.
00:25:00 Sammy thinks The Circle has some of his best performances ever. Pat plays a track from their live album At Your Service called "Little White Lie". It's a completely live album (unlike a certain Van Halen live album with Sammy on it). David wrote the liner notes for the Best of Both Worlds greatest hits album. Eddie Van Halen told David that he didn't want him to mention, think, or see David Lee Roth at all. Don't even think about doing the splits. Of course it's a little hard when David goes to Cafe Wha? and DLR sits down right next to him. But David wrote the liner notes and Sammy was the only guy who stood up for him.
00:30:00 David calls Sammy the kindest, most generous guy around and he loves that he stood up for Michael Anthony when Eddie badmouthed him. Sammy remembers getting a call from Michael about what Eddie had said and Sammy just went off in an interview, vehemently defending Michael. Sammy calls Michael the real deal. He sings high, clean, and perfect. Michael's voice is an integral part of Van Halen. Pat next plays one of Sammy's signature solo songs and the origin of his nickname. Off his self-titled album, it's "Red".
00:35:00 Sammy sings along for a little. Bette Midler actually does a cover version of it. We listen to a little and it's interesting to say the least. Sammy says Bette is nothing but high energy. They got along like gangbusters. David has a track from Sammy's third solo album Musical Chairs. The song is called "Straight from the Hip Kid". Sammy thinks the song is just okay.
Pat play another Sammy solo song, one which got much more popular under the vocal tutelage of another singer. Pat plays "I've Done Everything for You" off the greatest hits album The Essential Red Collection. Sammy thought that song was gonna be a big hit. It wasn't. Then along comes Rick Springfield, he does a cover of it, and it sells millions.
00:40:00 The guys talk about John Carter, who produced a bunch of Sammy's albums and also managed Sammy. Sammy says John had instincts and signed people like Bob Seger, Bob Welch, Eels, Tina Turner, and The Motels. He laments how artist development isn't big anymore. Back in the day, record companies would sign you to three-album deals and if you didn't sell, they dropped you. Then MTV came around and one-hit-wonders became arena acts. Then the internet popped up and people with no talent now could become stars. Hard work makes you better, notes Sammy. Touring makes you better.
00:45:00 After leaving Capitol Records, Sammy signed with Geffen Records. His first album with them, Standing Hampton, was Sammy's first platinum album. What exactly is a Standing Hampton? It's Cockney rhyming slang for an erection. Sammy felt it was really cool to be signed to Geffen alongside Elton John, Donna Summer, Neil Diamond, and John Lennon. Gaffe took him off the road (for the first time in forever) and gave him a year to write all the songs he could. Sammy just stayed in the studio and wrote his heart out. One of the songs he came up with is "I'll Fall in Love Again". It was his first legitimate Top 40 hit. Sammy reveals that Geffen donated a couple of bucks to some radio stations (hint hint) to bump it up. Then the head of Geffen decided to stop giving donations and, surprisingly, the single dropped soon after.
"How many ways are there to rock?"
- Pat

"There's a couple. I was being arrogant."
- Sammy

We turn to Sammy's next solo album, Three Lock Box. Much like a Standing Hampton, there is some confusion as to what a Three Lock Box actually is. Sammy explains that in real life, a three-lock box is a treasure chest that kings and queens and other royalty would put their riches in when they travelled so they couldn't be broken into by rogues and scallawags. Sammy decided to take that concept and turn it into the three-lock box of the human body: Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. If a person masters all three things, then they have power. David admits that he was thinking of a very different box. Pat plays the big track "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy". That song was the first song Sammy sang on Daryl Hall's TV show Live from Daryl's House. Sammy wanted to sing some Van Halen songs on the show, but the Brothers VH stopped him. That really pissed Sammy off.
00:55:00 In concert, you can cover anything, but for TV you have to get permission. Sammy was also on a ton of soundtracks: Heavy Metal, Back to the Future Part II, Vision Quest, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. After briefly being in the supergroup HSAS, Sammy stepped into the world of Van Halen.
01:00:00 Pat goes with a big one, "Why Can't This Be One" off of Sammy's first VH album 5150. The audience and Sammy sing along. 5150 sold 6 million copies, so it's safe to say the people accepted Sammy Hagar in Van Halen. Sammy says he was already an arena act and MTV helped, but he credits the success of 5150 to the songs themselves. David says this kind of stuff never happens in rock. Sammy brought something completely different, a whole new energy to Van Halen. Eddie played differently with Sammy. All of a sudden people are getting married to Van Halen. Sammy's just a guy who loves love.
01:05:00 Eddie and Sammy meshed very well. They grew pretty tight; hell, they were neighbors in Malibu. Sammy is open to friendship with Eddie and Alex, but he doesn't like how they mistreated him, Michael, and the fans. They fought about ticket prices, they fought about tour dates. But at the end of it all, Sammy loves the Van Halen music and he's very proud of it. Pat thanks Sammy for he and Michael being the only two guys to actually show up to Van Halen getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
01:10:00 David remarks how Sammy and Van Halen made videos in non-traditional ways. Sammy's manager told him not to ruin the song with a video. Sammy hates making videos. He likes his TV show because he doesn't have to fake it. He can just hang out with his friends--guys like Alice Cooper, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Tommy Lee, Jerry Cantrell, Nancy Wilson, and Michael Anthony--and talk about rock and roll in their hometowns.
01:15:00 Pat plays a track from the Van Halen album OU812. The song is "Finish What Ya Started". Eddie playing funky on the guitar. "That is some slippery shit, man," says Sammy. No producer is listed for OU812. Pat asks why. Sammy explains that after the massive success of 5150, the boys got cocky, got rid of everyone, and just did the album with an engineer. Pat has a quote from Eddie after Sammy left the band: "His work ethic sucks." Since then, Van Halen has released two albums. Sammy has released 12 albums, made millions with his alcohol brand, and toured all over the place. That's another thing that ticked Sammy off. He wrote "Little White Lie" about it.
01:20:00 Sammy celebrates his birthday like nobody's business. Pat tells Sammy that he shares a birthday with one of Pat's daughters, October 13. Pat plays a song from Sammy's album Ten 13 called "Deeper Kind of Love". Sammy loves to write about love and sing about love and feeling things. Sammy though can't sing the song he wrote about his daughter Kama or else he'll cry.
01:25:00 We briefly dive into the supergroup Chickenfoot with Sammy, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, and Michael Anthony. David plays "Learning to Fall" off their self-titled album. Sammy calls Satriani the most prolific guitarist he's ever worked with.
As we wrap things up, a massive thank you is given to Sammy Hagar for being on the show and being so cool. Thanks to David for co-hosting and bringing his experience and wisdom to the affair. And thanks to everyone in the audience for showing up and being excited to see Rock Solid with the Red Rocker. Pat ends the show with "Loud" off the album Cosmic Universal Fashion.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Bad Motor Scooter Montrose Montrose Pat
00:15:00 I Got the Fire Paper Money Montrose Pat
00:20:00 Winding Down Sammy Hagar & Friends Sammy Hagar feat. Taj Mahal David
00:25:00 Little White Lie (Live) At Your Service The Circle Pat
00:30:00 Red Sammy Hagar Sammy Hagar Pat
00:35:00 Straight from the Hip Kid Musical Chairs Sammy Hagar David
00:35:00 I’ve Done Everything for You The Essential Red Collection Sammy Hagar Pat
00:45:00 I’ll Fall in Love Again Standing Hampton Sammy Hagar Pat
00:50:00 Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy Three Lock Box Sammy Hagar Pat
01:00:00 Why Can’t This Be Love 5150 Van Halen Pat
01:15:00 Finish What Ya Started OU812 Van Halen Pat
01:20:00 Deeper Kind of Love Ten 13 Sammy Hagar Pat
01:25:00 Learning to Fall Chickenfoot Chickenfoot David
01:25:00 Loud Cosmic Universal Fashion Sammy Hagar Pat