Thursday, October 30, 2014

Episode 172: We Love Alice!

Episode 172: We Love Alice!
Pat and Guest Co-Host Lisa Goich celebrate Halloween by professing their love for the original "Shock Rocker" Alice Cooper!
From October 30, 2014

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. We begin immediately with some Kyle Dodson relationship news. He was engaged for a month to his girlfriend, but she broke up with him. Her reason? Well, Kyle is still trying to figure that part out. Here's hoping he gets the ring back. Kyle assures us he feels fine, but just in case he gets depressed and wants to fill the void with a tub of ice cream, he should read a book called The Breakup Diary. After all, it was written by today's special guest co-host: it's the multi-talented Lisa Goich!
Pat gives us a little info on Lisa. He first met her 25 years ago. They're good friends, but they practically never see each other. They keep in touch on Facebook, like when both of them got colonoscopies. Kyle says that he got a colonoscopy too! Are colonoscopies that hip new trend everyone is doing? If so, sign me up and spread my checks. Pat, Lisa, and Kyle bemoan the awful gunk you have to drink the night before to clean your colon. Yummy.
00:05:00 Anyway, some more background info about Pat and Lisa. Pat first met Lisa while on tour with comedian John Heffron. They met somewhere in Michigan and Alice shared with Pat her love of today's topic: Alice Cooper. Lisa has always loved Alice Cooper. She went from Donny Osmond to Shaun Cassidy to Alice Cooper. Alice isn't a teen heartthrob by any stretch of the imagination, but he cleans up well. Lisa's parents were worried by all the Alice posters on her wall. A loose and wild friend of Lisa's named Janet got her into Alice Cooper. Lisa wanted to please Janet by listening to Alice, but then Lisa started to actually like Alice Cooper. On a side note, Lisa was once put in a barrel with dog shit and then rolled down the street by a bully.
00:10:00 Lisa came to LA in 1996 and had some cool jobs. She worked for Carole King, whom she met through her husband Teddy Andreadis. Teddy sang lead vocals for Slash's Blues Ball. Lisa was going to introduce the band at an event. In a very funny moment, Lisa went up to Teddy thinking he was Slash because she assumed Slash was the name of the lead singer. Teddy asked her out for breakfast, but he didn't call her for about five days. Lisa complained about him on her radio show, Teddy called up and apologized, and the listeners voted to let Lisa give Teddy a second chance. Lisa dates Teddy, they get married, and then Teddy gets the call to go on tour with Alice Cooper!
00:15:00 Lisa was beyond excited. Lisa met Alice once at a radio event years before. She was so elated at meeting him, she kept smiling throughout the day. Pat felt the same way with Melissa Etheridge. Now Lisa is meeting Alice all the time at rehearsals. Lisa's first Alice Cooper concert was during the School's Out tour. She was 10 years old, and its odd to think of a 10-year-old at an Alice Cooper concert, but then you realize this was 1972, so, you know, par for the course. Lisa was confused as to why Alice wasn't singing the same words as on the album. In hindsight, Alice was drunk. A Detroit newspaper left a scathing review about the concert. Lisa wrote a rebuttal to the editor defending Alice. Adorable. A few years later, Lisa saw Alice again during the Welcome to My Nightmare tour. At this point, she is MAJOR crushing on Alice.
00:20:00 The lead dancer on stage was a ballerina named Sheryl Goddard. Lisa was a ballerina at the time, so she was instantly jealous. Alice and Sheryl started dating. Lisa became more jealous. Alice and Sheryl got married. A THOUSAND TIMES JEALOUS!!! Cut to years later, Lisa is meeting Sheryl, who is still married to Alice. Sheryl is the sweetest person ever, but Lisa still feels that jealousy.
The Portrait of the Alice as a Young Man
Pat and Lisa saw Alice in concert together at the House of Blues. It was an intimate show and Pat was amazed at the crazy stage antics. Lisa also got Pat and Jimmy Pardo tickets to see Alice, The Knack, and The Donnas. She helped Pat get Lita Ford and Elliot Easton for the show. She's a wunderkind! Pat doesn't want to abuse this relationship. At this point, I would like to use the Force on Pat and say "Abuse the relationship. Do it, make her get famous people on this show." Speaking of famous people, Lisa was at a barbecue with Mike Campbell and didn't know who he was. Pat was dumbfounded that the only thing she talked to him about for three hours was dogs.
00:25:00 The first time Pat ever heard Alice Cooper was on a greatest hits album. After that, he started to collect as many Alice albums as he could. Originally, Alice Cooper was the name of the band, and not just the name of the lead singer. The members included Alice, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce, and Neil Smith. Pat plays a song from their first album Pretties for You called "Reflected". That song would get rewritten as "Elected," which became a hit.
00:30:00 Pat next plays a song from the second album, Easy Action, called "Refrigerator Heaven". The first two albums are a very different sound than Alice's usual fare--it's weird and psychedelic--but you can tell that there are elements that will appear in later songs. Pat says that if you just heard those first two albums as your introduction to Alice Cooper, you probably wouldn't like him.
Alice got catapulted into stardom with his third album, Love It to Death, which was produced by Bob Ezrin. Pat plays the opening track, "Caught In a Dream". This is when the Alice sound really develops. Pat notes that depending on the song, Alice sings in three different ways. He plays another song from the album, his early hit "I'm Eighteen".
00:35:00 Lisa's favorite Alice Cooper song is off of Love It to Death. It's called "Is It My Body".
That same year, Alice released another album called Killer. Yes, bands used to release two studio albums a year. There's a song on Killer called "Dead Babies," which is really creepy. When Alice gets creepy, he sings about real stuff. Pat plays a song called "Be My Lover". Pat's parents thought Alice was devil music, but that song is so sweet and romantic.
00:40:00 Up next is a big breakthrough for Alice, School's Out. Pat plays the title track, "School's Out". In that song, Alice wanted to capture the three minutes before school lets out for the summer. Well, he certainly got it. Lisa picks a song off of School's Out called "Gutter Cat vs. the Jets".
The next album, Billion Dollar Babies, is another big album for Alice. Pat plays a song called "Unfinished Sweet".
00:45:00 Lisa has her own pick from BDB called "Generation Landslide".
After four albums in a row with Bob Ezrin, Alice switched things up with the next album Muscle of Love, produced by Jack Richardson and Jack Douglas (who also produced Aerosmith). Pat plays "Never Been Sold Before". This is a little heavier sound than before. Side note, Jack Douglas also worked a lot with John Lennon. Pat plays two more songs from this album, "Muscle of Love" and "Teenage Lament '74".
00:50:00 By 1975, it wasn't Alice Cooper the band. It was just Alice Cooper. The other guys in the band are gone. No infighting, Alice just wanted to do his own thing. He loves horror movies, vaudeville, the theater, so it was only natural that he would do his next few albums, Welcome to My Nightmare and Alice Cooper Goes to Hell, in that style. Alice here is more of a character than a musician. Off of Alice Cooper Goes to Hell, Pat plays "Go to Hell".
Alice and John Lennon, 1974
Lisa loves the next album, Lace and Whiskey. It's basically Detective Alice Cooper. Her pick is a song called "It's Hot Tonight". This was the last Bob Ezrin album for a while. In the meantime, Alice's career gets A LOT crazier. He works with producer David Foster on his next album, From the Inside. Foster has worked primarily with pop acts like Bee Gees, Prince, and Michael Jackson, so it's odd that he would work with Alice. The songs on this album were co-written with Bernie Taupin, Elton John's songwriting. In the Super Dooper Alice Cooper documentary, it seems Bernie played a role in Alice's cocaine addiction. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road? Well, hello White Powder Avenue!
00:55:00 From the Inside is a concept album about Alice's experiences in an insane asylum. Pat plays the song "From the Inside". There are a lot of guest musicians on this album: Steve Lukather, Rick Nielsen, guys from The Elton John Band. This isn't one of Lisa's favorite Alice albums, however. Pat plays another song, "Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills". Lisa is friends with Steve Lukather, because of course.
The next album is 1980's Flush the Fashion. It's very different than what you would expect from Alice Cooper, because it's very new wave. Pat plays two songs, "Clones (We're All)" and "Pain". This is definitely a sleeper gem in the Cooper canon.
01:00:00 Now we enter a very rough period for Alice: The "Blackout" Years. Alice was so fucked up on drugs at the time, he has ZERO recollection of recording and touring the next three albums. Pat says that the albums aren't good, but there are still a few hidden gems. Off the first album Special Forces, Pat plays "Who Do You Think We Are" and "Prettiest Cop on the Block". Off the second album Zipper Catches Skin, Pat plays "Acceptable (Anything for You)". There is footage of Alice on The Tom Snyder Show and he looks horrible. It's amazing to look back at it because he's so clean now. His wife actually filed for divorce from him because his addiction got so bad, but he got clean and they stayed together.
Alice at his absolute worst on The Tom Synder Show.
01:05:00 The last album in the Blackout trilogy is DaDa. Pat plays a really creepy song called "Former Lee Warmer". Creepy, creepy stuff. Pat plays another song off of the album called "No Man's Land".
Alice leaves the music business for three years, gets clean, and then comes back in 1986 on MCA Records with an album called Constrictor. Kip Winger actually plays bass on the album before he made it big on his own. Constrictor is certainly a heavy metal album. Alice was embracing the metal because it was really popular at the time. Pat plays a song called "Crawlin'". Lisa knows Kip Winger. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but he's also super nice. Damn you Winger and your perfect body and soul!
01:10:00 The next album is called Raise Your Fist and Yell. Lisa picks a song called "Gail". Pat plays a song called "Give the Radio Back". Now Alice is back in business, getting an audience, and becoming a cultural icon. Everyone wants to work with him. The next few albums have a lot of guest musicians. Trash has Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jon Bon Jovi, Joey Kramer, and Steve Lukather. Pat plays a hit song off the album called "Poison". Then he plays another hit, "Feed My Frankenstein" off of Hey Stoopid. Hey Stoopid has Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Mars, Slash, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, among others. Murray wanted everyone to know that "Feed My Frankenstein" was in Wayne's World. Hey Murray: WE KNOW!
Welcome back, Alice!
01:15:00 Lisa picks a song from Alice's 1994 album The Last Temptation called "Lost in America". Pat loved that song the first time he heard it on the radio and couldn't wait to buy it.
Between 1994 and 2000, Alice didn't release any new studio albums. Then in 2000 and 2001, Alice released two industrial metal albums, Brutal Planet and Dragontown. They are very heavy albums. Teddy was playing in the live band at this time. Pat plays "Brutal Planet" off of Brutal Planet and "Sex, Death and Money" off of Dragontown.
01:20:00 Alice's next album, The Eyes of Alice Cooper, is one of Pat's favorite Alice Cooper albums. Teddy actually plays accordion on the album. Pat plays a song called "Novocaine". We speed through the last few albums: Dirty Diamonds, Along Came a Spider, and his most recent album, Welcome 2 My Nightmare, which is a sequel to Welcome to My Nightmare. Pat plays two songs from the album, a funny song called "Ghouls Gone Wild" and a creepy song about abuse called "When Hell Comes Home".
01:25:00 Pat gives out some plugs. You can find Lisa on Twitter @LisaGoich and her website Thanks again to Lisa for coming in and talking so much about Alice Cooper!
Lisa gives us today's closing song. She plays "Detroit City" off the album The Eyes of Alice Cooper.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:25:00 Reflected Pretties for You Alice Cooper Pat
00:30:00 Refrigerator Heaven Easy Action Alice Cooper Pat
00:30:00 Caught in a Dream Love It to Death Alice Cooper Pat
00:30:00 I'm Eighteen Love It to Death Alice Cooper Pat
00:35:00 Is It My Body Love It to Death Alice Cooper Lisa
00:35:00 Be My Lover Killer Alice Cooper Pat
00:40:00 School's Out School's Out Alice Cooper Pat
00:40:00 Gutter Cat vs. the Jets School's Out Alice Cooper Lisa
00:40:00 Unfinished Sweet Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper Pat
00:45:00 Generation Landslide Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper Lisa
00:45:00 Never Been Sold Before Muscle of Love Alice Cooper Pat
00:45:00 Muscle of Love Muscle of Love Alice Cooper Pat
00:45:00 Teenage Lament '74 Muscle of Love Alice Cooper Pat
00:50:00 Go to Hell Alice Cooper Goes to Hell Alice Cooper Pat
00:50:00 It's Hot Tonight Lace and Whiskey Alice Cooper Lisa
00:55:00 From the Inside From the Inside Alice Cooper Pat
00:55:00 Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills From the Inside Alice Cooper Pat
00:55:00 Clones (We're All) Flush the Fashion Alice Cooper Pat
00:55:00 Pain Flush the Fashion Alice Cooper Pat
01:00:00 Who Do We Think We Are Special Forces Alice Cooper Pat
01:00:00 Prettiest Cop on the Block Special Forces Alice Cooper Pat
01:00:00 Adaptable (Anything for You) Zipper Catches Skin Alice Cooper Pat
01:05:00 Former Lee Warmer DaDa Alice Cooper Pat
01:05:00 No Man's Land DaDa Alice Cooper Pat
01:05:00 Crawlin' Constrictor Alice Cooper Pat
01:10:00 Gail Raise Your Fist and Yell Alice Cooper Lisa
01:10:00 Give the Radio Back Raise Your Fist and Yell Alice Cooper Pat
01:10:00 Poison Trash Alice Cooper Pat
01:10:00 Feed My Frankenstein Hey Stoopid Alice Cooper Pat
01:15:00 Lost in America The Last Temptation Alice Cooper Lisa
01:15:00 Brutal Planet Brutal Planet Alice Cooper Pat
01:15:00 Sex, Death and Money Dragontown Alice Cooper Lisa
01:20:00 Novocaine The Eyes of Alice Cooper Alice Cooper Pat
01:20:00 Ghouls Gone Wild Welcome 2 My Nightmare Alice Cooper Pat
01:20:00 When Hell Comes Home Welcome 2 My Nightmare Alice Cooper Pat
01:25:00 Detroit City The Eyes of Alice Cooper Alice Cooper Lisa

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Episode 171: Turned 21

Episode 171: Turned 21
Pat once again welcomes the extremely generous Travis Kennedy to the Co-Host chair as they both play songs from the years they turned 21.
From October 23, 2014

With your host:

Pat Francis

00:00:00 Pat welcomes us to the show. Today we have a special guest co-host. It's the return of Travis Kennedy. Travis first co-hosted on the Comic-Kaze episode. Now he's back because he donated to the Pop Culture Beast Kickstarter. Travis looks good, he lost 40 pounds. He's on that new heroin diet. Travis came here with his friend James Alvarez. They have a podcast called Plain Zero with two other guys. They also have a webcomic called The Obscure Gentlemen. It's like a vulgar Peanuts, riffing on pop culture. One of the elements of their podcast is looking at older movies and seeing if they hold up. According to Travis, The Emperor's New Groove does not hold up. Thanks, I'll let my eight-year-old self know.
00:05:00 Can't Hardly Wait holds up. Mallrats holds up. Pat thinks The Goonies doesn't hold up, but he's only seen it once, so what the hell does he know? But enough about movies, what's going on with Kyle this week? He got a little tipsy last night. Kyle went to an Irish bar and drank some Guinness. He could drink up to 6 Guinness. Pat is astounded at that. I am too, the man is a bean sprout. What's his secret? Youth.
Before we begin with today's topic, Pat has another edition of New Music Roundup for us all. Mr. Big have a new album coming out called …The Stories We Could Tell. He plays quick snippets of four songs: "Gotta Love the Ride", "I Forget to Breathe""Cinderella Smile", and "The Monster in Me". It's generic, but it isn't bad. Pat likes it, and Travis and Kyle don't care.
00:10:00 Rock and Roll is dead, according to Gene Simmons. Okay Gene. Gene quit Twitter, so Pat needs to find someone else to hassle. Let's ask Ace Frehley a question. Hey Ace, is Gene Simmons a total asshole?

Travis has a question: Is it true that God Gave Rock and Roll to You?

Today's topic: Songs from the year that Pat and Travis turned 21. Travis turned 21 in 2003. Kyle turned 21 in 2010. Pat turned 21 in 1985. Pat's old, in case you didn't know. Travis starts us off with his first pick. Off their album Just One More, it's Mad Caddies with their song "Last Breath". Does Travis like ska? He grew up in Orange County in the mid-90s, of course he does.
00:15:00 Pat's first pick is by Loverboy. The song is "Lovin' Every Minute of It off the album Lovin' Every Minute of It". It was written by Mutt Lange, which is why it sounds very Def Leppard-y.
Travis' next pick is by my fellow Bostonians, Dropkick Murphys. Off the album Blackout, it's "Walk Away".
Up next for Pat is some solo Roger Daltrey. Off his album Under a Raging Moon, the song is called "After the Fire". There are references to Matt Dillon, Dom DeLuise, and video tapes, which IN NO WAY dates the song. Pat has a Who giveaway. Name five of the drummers on the Daltrey song "Under a Raging Moon" in an email to and he will send you a copy of The Who FAQ. It's a nice big book all about The Who. Don't forget to include your mailing address people!
00:20:00 Travis' next pick are the band Muse. Off the album Absolution, it's the song "Stockholm Syndrome". Kyle does not like it, he thinks it is too theatric. Kyle and Travis are both wearing comic book t-shirts. They think the new Batman vs. Superman movie looks cool, but it will probably be a mess. You can't do an Avengers too soon, DC. You gotta stretch them out like Marvel did.
Pat doesn't like a Mick Jagger solo album. He LOVES it. In this case, he plays "Lonely at the Top" off the album She's the Boss. Kyle seems down today. He isn't his usual chipper self. Perhaps too much Guinness. Travis had a rough night too, watching Demolition Man and Doctor Who. We get into a brief discussion about Doctor Who. Old Doctor Who is silly to look at. New Doctor Who is big. The new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, is older and not hunky like the last Doctor, Matt Smith. The 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, was only on for one season. Pat wants to know why Roger Daltrey wasn't on Doctor Who? He also doesn't understand the whole Regeneration thing so Travis explains it to him.
Editor's note: Capaldi is absolutely killing it as the 12th Doctor.
I suppose in order to get in Pat's good graces, Travis' next pick is a cover of a Cheap Trick song. Off the album Anthem, it's "Surrender" by Less Than Jake. Another ska song, but it's very punky.
00:30:00 Pat has never played his next pick on the podcast before. It's Corey Hart and his song "Never Surrender" off the album Boy in the Box. Damn those Canadian heartthrobs. First Corey Hart, now Bieber. Keep your damn heartthrobs inside your borders, Canada! Where the hell is Corey Hart? He won a bunch of Juno Awards and now he's… where? Kyle looks up pictures of Corey Hart. Bryan Adams could kick his ass. No pictures of Bryan Adams though, he has a skin condition it seems. Speaking of skin, Pat notices Travis' arm tattoo. It's an Ace playing card because of the movie Rounders. Get it? Because Travis always has an ACE UP HIS SLEEVE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!
00:35:00 Travis' corny jokes aside, it's his turn again. He plays "Hello Tomorrow" by Zebrahead off the album MFZB.
Remember the 4-hour marathon podcast a few weeks ago that was about Tom Petty? Well, Pat isn't done with that man just yet. Off the album Southern Accents, the song is "Rebels". Pat thinks Weird Al missed the boat by not doing a parody song called "I am Barney Rubble." Good one, Pat. Will Billy Idol be on this podcast? Maybe. Will Billy Idol's shirt be on this podcast? Most likely no. Will we have a member of The Monkees on the podcast? Pat leaves it at that.
"Will Alanis Morissette be on the podcast?"
- Pat

"Well, you oughta know."
- Kyle, with the line of the episode.
00:40:00 Travis has another ska cover for us. Off the album Friend or Foe?, it's The Forces of Evil with their version of Van Halen's "Dance the Night Away". Travis is being a real ska guy this episode, but he says he blew his ska load and has no more ska songs left to play.
Pat's next pick is by Talking Heads off the album Little Creatures. The song is "And She Was". Travis celebrates Talking Heads' entire… greatest hits album. The song is perfect for an 80s montage. Pat, Kyle, and Travis are out clothes shopping. Kyle keeps trying on outfits but Pat and Travis keep shaking their heads. Finally Kyle comes out with the right outfit and Pat and Travis give him the thumbs up while nodding. Somebody get me a time machine, we got a movie to make!
Travis' next pick is a band called Brand New. Off their album Deja Entendu, the song is called "Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades".
00:45:00 Kyle and Travis chit chat for a bit. It seems they have a lot in common. Pat, jealous teenager that he is, decides to give them a double dose of shit as revenge. Two artists co-wrote a song, then each recorded their own version of the song. The song is called No Lookin' Back". First up is Michael McDonald off the album No Lookin' Back. Open your mouth, Michael. E-nun-ci-ate. The other version is by Kenny Loggins off the album Vox Humana. Kenny took a pussy song and pussied it up even more. Congrats, Kenny. Note to self: don't make Pat Francis jealous.
Travis shakes off Pat's double dose of hot garbage juice to play his next pick. Off the album The Artist in the Ambulance, it's Thrice with "Stare at the Sun".
00:50:00 Move over Travis, we have an extra special guest in studio to introduce Pat's next song: Paul Stanley!

Off the album Asylum, it's "Tears Are Falling" by Kiss. If Travis was in Kiss, Paul would call him The Possum. Let's ask Ace another question. Hey Ace, does Gene wear a wig?

00:55:00 Travis' next pick is pop-punk darlings Blink-182. By the way, Pat JUST got the "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" joke. Again, Pat is an old man. His mind just isn't as sharp as it used to be, the poor guy. Travis plays "Easy Target" off their self-titled album. Travis does a great Tom DeLonge impression. Tom sounds like a cartoon character. Pat lost all of his Blink-182 in the Great Crash of 2014.
Pat's next pick is by a guy named Jimmy Barnes from Australia. He plays a song called "I'd Die to Be with You Tonight" off of his self-titled album. Jimmy Barnes has 14 Australian top 40 albums with his band Cold Chisel, 13 charting solo albums, including 9 number one singles. He has the highest number of hit albums of ANY Australian artist. Yet, we don't know anything about him. Pretty odd thing to think about.
This show has been a mess, mostly because of Pat and Travis' awful jokes. But Travis did donate to the Kickstarter, so we forgive him and thank him. Garon now has a better website because of it.
01:00:00 Travis' next pick is "This Celluloid Dream" by AFI off the album Sing the Sorrow.
Pat's next pick is an 80s classic from The Breakfast Club Soundtrack. It's "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. Which John Hughes movies hold up, Pat asks. The Breakfast Club holds up. Weird Science holds up in a goofy way. Pat wants Travis to watch Baby's Day Out. How about a sequel called Baby's Night Out? Call up Hollywood, we've got another movie. Pat thinks Adventures in Babysitting holds up, but he doesn't like that the word "fuck" is in it because he wants to show it to his daughters but can't.
01:05:00 Uh oh. Cover your children's' ears, folks. It's the return of
Let's hear what Dirty iPod has to say today:
"Last night I banged this chick. Would you like to smell my earbuds?"
You're such a hound dog, Dirty iPod. I hope you wore protection."
"Hello Travis. Nice to see your fucking face again."
Come on now, Dirty iPod. Travis is our guest. And why do you pronounce "nice" as "niece?" Are you from Slovenia or something?
"Listen to Travis's podcast called 'The Obscure Gentlecocks.'"
Dirty iPod! That's not the name of Travis' podcast! Do your homework, man.
"My favorite band is The Go-Go's because those bitches rock my dick off."
Well Belinda Carlisle was a bit on the heftier side. Dirty iPod, are you a chubby chaser?
Dirty iPod has left us once again, going back into the dirty semen cave that he emerged from. Travis plays his next pick. It's Rancid and their song "Fall Back Down", off the album Indestructible.
01:10:00 A short man from Minnesota, a.k.a. Prince, is Pat's next pick. He plays "Raspberry Beret" off the album Around the World in a Day. Travis jokes that Prince really came into his own with the Batman soundtrack. Yeesh, what an awful album. What were the executives thinking? "Gee, we need someone to do the Batman movie soundtrack. Who would you automatically associate with Batman? I know… Prince!"
Yet another special guest arrived, except this time he is an actual person. It's Garon Cockrell! He shakes Travis' hand. Garon went to the fair today. There was a lot of batter and fried grease foods, most of which were already lining the inside of the fairgoers' stomachs. Fat people EVERYWHERE.
This man is so fat, his back has manboobs.
01:15:00 Travis has another punk song for us. Off the album The War on Errorism, it's "Mattersville" by NOFX.
01:15:00 Pat shows some love for the ladies with his next pick, "Would I Lie to You?" by Eurythmics from their album Be Yourself Tonight. Pat thinks Annie Lennox is hot. Travis thinks she looks like Gozer the Gozerian. Pat doesn't like Ghostbusters. He doesn't know why, he just doesn't like it. Travis feels the same way about sushi. Travis likes Ghostbusters II just because of the Janosz Poha character. Pat's favorite actors are Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts. I honestly don't know if he's joking.
01:20:00 We get some brief Indiana Jones talk. Raiders of the Lost Ark is a little slow moving. And Indiana Jones has practically no effect on the ending. Pat loves Crystal Skull. Kidding, kidding. Let's just all forget about that, shall we?
Travis' second to last pick is by The Offspring. Off their album Splinter, it's called "The Noose". We get some quick plugs. Pat reviewed the Arrow season 2 Blu-ray on He doesn't watch the show, by the way. Pat gives some reasons why he likes Arrow. It doesn't go swimmingly. You can find Travis on Twitter @ObscureTrevor.
01:25:00 Pat's last pick is by a band called The Hooters. The song is "And We Danced" off their album Nervous Night. Travis has a contest of his own for the listeners. Write a review for his podcast Plain Zero on iTunes, DM him on Twitter, he will pick a reviewer at random, and buy them a Rock Solid t-shirt. Everybody wins!
Travis's last pick is "Blood Red Summer" by Coheed and Cambria from their album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.
01:30:00 We're all done here. Pat thanks Travis again for donating and being a guest co-host again. Perhaps he'll be back again when he donates for Pardcast-athon. Kyle takes us out with the appropriate "21 Forever" by Punchline off their album Delightfully Pleased.
The most iconic handshake since Arafat and Rabin.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:00 Gotta Love the Ride …The Stories We Could Tell Mr. Big Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:05:00 I Forget to Breathe …The Stories We Could Tell Mr. Big Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:05:00 Cinderella Smile …The Stories We Could Tell Mr. Big Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:05:00 The Monster in Me …The Stories We Could Tell Mr. Big Pat (New Music Roundup)
00:10:00 Last Breath Just One More Mad Caddies Travis
00:15:00 Lovin' Every Minute of It Loverboy Loverboy Pat
00:15:00 Walk Away Blackout Dropkick Murphys Travis
00:15:00 After the Fire Under a Raging Moon Roger Daltrey Pat
00:20:00 Stockholm Syndrome Absolution Muse Travis
00:25:00 Lonely at the Top She's the Boss Mick Jagger Pat
00:25:00 Surrender Anthem Less Than Jake Travis
00:30:00 Never Surrender Boy in the Box Corey Hart Pat
00:35:00 Hello Tomorrow MFZB Zebrahead Travis
00:35:00 Rebels Southern Accents Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Pat
00:40:00 Dance the Night Away Friend or Foe? Thrice Travis
00:40:00 And She Was Little Creatures Talking Heads Pat
00:40:00 Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades Deja Entendu Brand New Travis
00:45:00 No Lookin' Back No Lookin' Back Michael McDonald Pat
00:45:00 No Lookin' Back Vox Humana Kenny Loggins Pat
00:45:00 Stare at the Sun The Artist in the Ambulance Thrice Travis
00:50:00 Tears Are Falling Kiss Kiss Pat
00:55:00 Easy Target Blink-182 Blink-182 Travis
00:55:00 I'd Die to Be with You Tonight Jimmy Barnes Jimmy Barnes Pat
01:00:00 This Celluloid Dream Sing the Sorrow AFI Travis
01:00:00 Don't You (Forget About Me) The Breakfast Club Soundtrack Simple Minds Pat
01:05:00 Fall Back Down Indestructible Rancid Travis
01:10:00 Raspberry Beret Around the World in a Day Prince Pat
01:15:00 Mattersville The War of Errorism NOFX Travis
01:15:00 Would I Lie to You? Be Yourself Tonight Eurythmics Pat
01:20:00 The Noose Splinter The Offspring Travis
01:25:00 And We Danced Nervous Night The Hooters Pat
01:25:00 Blood Red Summer In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Coheed and Cambria Travis
01:30:00 21 Forever Delightfully Pleased Punchline Kyle