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Episode 020: Love You Live!

Episode 020: Love You Live!
You wanted the best and you got the best! Pat & Gary talk live albums.

From November 24, 2011
Recapped by Donna Neale (@sweetpurplejune)

00:00:00 Welcome to the show! Pat and Gary take a minute to take stock of how the podcast is going after 20 episodes: Gary compares it to a 'reverse cake': a little raw on the edges, but the toothpick is coming out clean... Pat feels like their pod is perfectly placed in the music category on iTunes since they're not really funny enough to compete against Conan O'Brien... but they can take down the boring music dudes. The guys discuss the threat of everything going digital ... books, movies... 
00:05:00 Gary tries to tempt Pat into feelings of suicide by playing a clip of "The Drugs Don't Work" by The Verve -- the "world's saddest song" (according to a scientist in England). Both guys are suspicious of the data. Lily Allen's "LDN" was determined to be the happiest song in the world in the same study. No no no... Pat's got his own choices: "Shake It Up" by The Cars shoves Gary into a happy awakening, while "Everybody Hurts" by REM ranks up there with the tear-jerkers (though Pat can't help making a fart joke out of it).
00:10:00 Unfortunately for Matt, REM only conjures up depressing scenes from the 90s teen drama series 90210... it's a generational thing. This is a nice segue into mentioning the soon-to-be-released 2 CD "best of" set from REM.

Now it's Gary's turn to share his happiest choice. He pulls out "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and The Waves (why, oh why can't we see Matt's energetic gyrations?). Another rabbit trail: Matt presents the ironically happy "Sad Songs (Say So Much)" by Elton John, and the guys end up with Hilary Swank hitting her neck on a piano bench.
Pat throws out the question: "Are there any bands or artists that you've never seen live that you want to see live?" And here we go with our topic: it's time to dive into Pat and Gary's favorite live recordings and experiences. Though neither are super-crazy about the idea of 'live albums' both acknowledge that there are some great ones out there. Pat kicks it off with Queen: Live Killers and "We Will Rock You" -- not the expected jock version, but a suped-up "be a better you" rock jam.

Gary's up next with a song that set the stage for all of his future rock concert experiences: "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)" from The Pat Travers Band Live! Go For What You Know.
During a nice LONG lead-in, all three fellas are transported into the crowd, raising their fists and shouting along with the rest of the fans.

Moving on, Starchild makes an appearance to assure us that KISS's live albums haven't been tinkered with (okaaaay...) and Pat plays a clip from their 1996 KISS Unplugged album featuring the song "Coming Home."
After some discussion of Gene Simmons' business acumen, Gary launches into an introduction of a bootleg cover of The Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden" performed by the female rock band, Wild Flag. The merits of doing covers during live shows is bandied about before the play is passed to Pat. Up next: The Who's Live at Leeds with "Tattoo."
00:30:00 Gary definitely considers Live at Leeds to be the greatest live album of all-time (sorry, Cheap Trick and Frampton). They marvel at the serendipity of having the tapes rolling on such a great show. Now let's get personal... any tattoos for Pat and Gary? How about getting 'gauges' in your ears?

Gary's next choice is a band that he went to see just so he could experience them before they died, and he really didn't expect much in the way of performance, but he was blown away! Roxy Music rocked the Greek Theater in 2001 and Gary was thrilled. He revisits it with a live clip of "Do the Strand" from Viva.
00:35:00 Taking it into the eighties now with Pat's next choice: Journey Live in Houston: The Escape Tour from 1981. Pat treats us to a bit of stage patter, a cheesy story and lots of cowbell with the intro to "Stone in Love." 

Gary returns with his own humorous pick: Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison with "Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart."
00:40:00 As Gary pointed out earlier, it's always a treat when the live version of a song becomes a hit. Everybody knows Cheap Trick made their mark with "I Want You to Want Me," but Pat shares a deeper cut from Live at Budokan called "Lookout." Those Japanese fans sure love their American bands!

Gary switches gears into nerd mode while he reminisces about his Weezer mania in 1997 and the terrific show he saw in May of that year. 
00:45:00 He adds a somber touch by playing "Mykel and Carli," a song written about the Allan sisters, who died tragically in a car accident later that summer. He also breaks the topic rules (in true Gary fashion) by playing a studio version of a song.

And now... time to ROCK. Gary tries but is not able to guess who Pat's hinting at with his ramp up: Pat begs you to seek out UFO. From the album Strangers In the Night, Pat plays "Light's Out," complete with a badass guitar solo from Michael Schenker. It's so TKA ("total kick ass") that it causes Pat's testosterone to spike, as heard in his rock-and-roll growl.
Closing out the show, we have a special treat from Gary: A RockSolid giveaway!  You may or may not remember a band that Gary loves called Game Theory. The founder, Scott Miller wrote a book called Music: What Happened? If you'd like to win a signed copy of the book, answer this quiz question: The song "Girl With a Guitar" is about a well-known LA female rock star... who is it? Submit your answer to the RockSolid Facebook page; winners will be chosen from the pool of correct answers. From a 1986 live show, Gary plays us out with "Girl With a Guitar."

Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:02 The Drugs Don't Work Urban Hymns The Verve Gary
00:06:36 LDN Alright, Still Lily Allen Gary
00:07:75 Shake It Up Shake It Up The Cars Pat
00:08:41 Everybody Hurts Automatic For the People REM Pat
00:12:29 Walking on Sunshine Walking on Sunshine Katrina and the Waves Gary
00:13:52 Sad Songs (Say So Much) Breaking Hearts Elton John Matt
00:17:29 We Will Rock You Live Killers Queen Pat
00:19:28 Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) Live Go For What You Know The Pat Travers Band Gary
00:24:00 Coming Home Kiss Unplugged Kiss Pat
00:26:50 Beast of Burden (bootleg) Wild Flag Gary
00:29:45 Tattoo Live at Leeds The Who Pat
00:34:18 Do the Strand Viva! Roxy Music Gary
00:36:17 Stone in Love Live In Houston: The Escape Tour Journey Pat
00:38:18 Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart Live at Folsom Prison Johnny Cash Gary
00:41:14 Lookout Live at Budokan Cheap Trick Pat
00:45:18 Mykel and Carli Weezer Deluxe Edition Weezer Gary
00:47:25 Lights Out Strangers in the Night UFO Pat
00:50:55 Girl With A Guitar (unknown) Game Theory Gary

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Episode 019: Road Trip!

Episode 019: Road Trip!
It's a Rock Solid road trip -- so behave yourself or we'll turn this podcast right around!

From November 17, 2011
00:00:00 Gary starts out by (uncomfortably) complimenting Pat on his handsomeness and the general attractiveness of Pat and his wife as a couple. Pat accepts the compliments hesitantly.
00:01:45 Pat reveals that he's been listening to Journey's Greatest Hits Vol. 2 all week. It uses the word "hits" loosely.
00:03:15 Rock Solid's Facebook page has reached the 500 follower mark!

Gary presents a very special edition of

The legendary unfinished Beach Boys album Smile was finally released this week. Gary plays the song "Vegetables," which reportedly has a percussively chomped-on carrot that was eaten by Paul McCartney.

"Is this The Wiggles?'"

- Pat, listening to Smile

After some hemming and hawing, Gary proclaims that the buzz for Smile is

00:13:00 The gang kicks off this week's topic, songs with a geographic name in the title, by playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Road Trippin" from Californiacation.
00:15:40 Pat starts it off appropriately with "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" from Billy Joel's 1976 album Turnstiles.
00:16:35 Gary forgot his phone, so we have to stop at "Van Nuys" - by Los Abandoned from Mix Tape.
00:18:55 Pat forgot his ATM card, so they have to stay in "California" - by Lenny Kravitz from Baptism. Gary applauds Pat's bravery for playing the over-criticized LK.

Gary now goes all the way over to Florida for Wayne Cochran (aka "The White Knight of Soul") "Going Back to Miami" from Get Down With it

Just look at that glorious bastard

Ed. note: I do not know how it is humanly possible that I have never seen or heard of this magnificent being before. Now that I know of The White Knight, For the first time in my life I feel that I am whole.


00:24:25 Jesus, Pat! He left his curling iron on, so we have to stay in "California" with The Casanovas - from the album All Night Long
00:26:40 Gary and That Dog takes us back to 1990s "Minneapolis" - from their album Retreat from the Sun.
00:30:30 Okay, we're all ready to go, right? What's that...? GODDAMN IT PAT!! You didn't stop the mail?!? Fine, here's "California" from The Awakening` by Melissa Ethridge.
00:33:15 Gary, (a man who actually has his shit together, Pat!) plays for us "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens from the appropriately named album C'mon, feel the Illinois.
00:35:50 Alright Pat, you have one last shot. What have you got? "California" from The Babies' album Head First? You, Patrick Francis, can go straight to "HELL!!
00:38:35 Gary pulls through again while others languish in the southwest. Here's "El Paso" from Hit by a train by The Old 97s
00:39:10 Guess what? Pat plays another fucking California song, this one is "California" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from the album Pat Is Playing Too Many California Songs (aka She's The One)


  • It's the 40th anniversary of Queen, so all of Queen CDs have been remastered. Plus, a sweet book titled Forty Years of Queen is now available for under $30.
00:42:35 Gary closes out with The Hold Steady song "Sequestered In Memphis" from Stay Positive.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:13:00 Road Trippin' Californiacation Red Hot Chili Peppers Pat
00:15:40 Say goodbye to Hollywood Turnstiles Billy Joel Pat
00:16:35 Van Nuys Mix Tape Los Abandoned Gary
00:18:55 California Baptism Lenny Kravitz Pat
00:21:30 Goin' Back to Miami Get Down With It Wayne Cochran Gary
00:24:25 California All Night Long The Cassanovas Pat
00:26:40 Minnesota Retreat from the sun That Dog Gary
00:30:30 California The Awakening Melissa Ethridge Pat
00:33:15 Chicago C'mon Feel the Illinoise Sufjan Stevens Gary
00:35:50 California Head First The Babies Pat
00:38:35 El Paso Hit By a Train The Old 97s Gary
00:39:10 California She's the one Tom Petty & the heartbreakers Pat
00:42:35 Sequestered In Memphis Stay Positive The Hold Steady Gary

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Episode 018: Duets

Episode 018: Duets
It takes two, baby, to tackle the subject of best duets! Pat and Gary come together to harmonize their favorites.

From November 10, 2011
00:00:00 Gary tries a new sign-in "How's everyone feelin' tonight?!"

Lots of reissues came out this month:

  • Achtung Baby - U2
  • Some Girls - Rolling Stones
  • Quaudrophenia - The Who

Gary introduces a new segment called

where he compares two songs to see if they are a little too similar.

  • Green Day - "Warning"
  • The Kinks - "Picture Book"

It's unanimous that this is a rip off!


Next, Gary calls for another segment of


Florence & The Machine's second album Ceremonials. They listen to "What the Water Gave Me"


Pat feels like it sounds like solo Annie Lennox, not in a bad way. He feels that it's slightly JUSTIFIED. Gary says it's fine, but he doesn't know when he would want to listen to it. Still, he feels it's UNWARRANTED, so, for the second week in a row this Buzzcut™ is a



Gary, who has gone segment crazy this episode, then launches into an improptu round of
Rock Solid: Title Fight


"Lonely Boy" by Andrew Gold


"Lonely Boy" by The Black Keys


Despite Gary viciously trying to bully Pat into admitting that The Black Keys version is better, Pat takes the wuss way out by saying that it's a draw [ed. note: this is all said with love, Pat and Gary]

00:13:10 This week's subject is introducted by playing the classic Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston song "It Takes Two"
00:14:55 Gary starts with a husband and wife team called The Mates of State - "Palomino" from the album Mountain Tops
00:16:40 On his follow-up to Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf played the roll of Sonny on the song "Dead Ringer for love" which he sang with Cher. This is off the Dead Ringer album.

Louis Prima and Keely Smith reminds Gary of his relationship with his wife: the big lummox and the dainty bird. He plays the classic "That Ol' Black Magic"

And interesting postscript, Louis tried to bang Gary's grandma back in the day.

00:22:35 Hey, why do the opposite-sex duos get all the fun? Kenny Loggins and Steve Perry proved that bros can duet too with their hit "Don't Fight it" from the High Adventure album.
00:24:10 Elvis Costello and Jenny Lewis sing a song about the Civil War with "Carpetbagger" from Acid Tongue
00:26:55 Stevie Nicks tried to repeat her past success with Tom Petty when she released "I will run to you" from the Wild Heart
00:29:25 Gary breaks out the whistle song Peter Bjorn and John - "Young Folks" from Writer's Block

cannot remain silent! With an impromptu segment of Law & Order: TSF he says that "Young Folks" sounds suspiciously like "Pumped Up Kicks"

00:32:55 Ray Davies put out a duet album of Kinks songs called See My Friends. On the album sang a cover of "Waterloo Sunset" with Matt Belknap's favorite singer-songwriter Jackson Browne.
00:36:05 Of course, Johnny Cash and June Carter sang the famous duet "Jackson" in 1963. A much, much less famous version is by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood.
00:39:55 Alison Krauss wanted to sing "Missing You", so why not call up John Waits to ride shotgun? From A Hundred miles or more
00:43:10 Gary brings out the French-est man ever: Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot sing "Bonnie and Clyde" from an album of the same name.

A special guest comes in to introduct Pat's last duet



Paul reveals that his favorite duet is by two old, half-dead rockers: "I Ain't No Nice Guy" by Ozzy Osbourn and Lemmy from March ör Die

00:48:55 Gary was nervous to play his last song, because it always makes him cry [ed. note: y'know, like a little girl would]. Pal Shazar and Jules Shear - "Dreams Disolve in Tears" from The Healing Bones
00:52:00 Pat plays out with a song taken from a new DVD of the Ed Sullivan show. In the show Ed stiltingly introduces some lads from England who know how to play the rock n roll. The Rolling Stones with "Satisfaction"
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:13:10 It Takes Two Take Two Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston Gary
00:14:55 Palomino Mountain Top The Mates of State Gary
00:16:40 Dead Ringer for love Dead Ringer Meatloaf & Cher Pat
00:19:35 That Ol' Black magic That Ol' Black Magic Louis Prima & Keely Smith Gary
00:22:35 Don't Fight It High Adventure Kenny Loggins & Steve Perry Pat
00:24:10 Carpetbagger Acid Tongue Elvis Costello & Jenny Lewis Gary
00:26:55 I Will Run to you The Wild Heart Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty Pat
00:29:25 Young Folks Writer's Block Peter Bjorn and John Gary
00:32:55 Waterloo Sunset See My friends Ray Davies & Jackson Browne Pat
00:36:05 Jackson Single Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood Gary
00:39:55 Missing You A hundred miles or more Alison Krauss & John Waits Pat
00:43:10 Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde Serge Gainsbourg & Bridget Bardot Gary
00:46:20 I ain't no nice guy March ör Die Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Pat
00:48:55 Dreams Dissolve Into Tears The Healing Bones Pal Shazar & Jules Shear Gary
00:52:00 Satisfaction Ed Sullivan Show The Rolling Stones Pat