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Episode 006: The Best Albums You've Never Heard

Episode 006: The Best Albums You've Never Heard
Pat and Gary share their favorite under appreciated albums and welcome Kathleen Wilhoite into the studio to perform.

From August 18, 2011
00:00:50 Rock Solid scandal!
During episode 005 Pat mistakenly said that "I Don't Want To Talk About It" was a cover of a Cat Steven's song, but the song he meant to play was "The First Cut Is The Deepest."
This earns Pat a
00:02:10 Gary shares the most rock n roll moment of his life.
While working as a teenage DJ at the Aloha Roller Palace, Gary was asked by a customer to play "Like A Virgin" by Madonna. Though he knew that this was STRICTLY AGAINST THE RULES he decided to lock the DJ booth and play the record. This made him a hero to the skaters and a persona non grata with his (soon to be former) boss, who told him to "Turn in your lei!"
00:06:30 Gary tells us that Billboard magazine called this one of the albums of the year. Fresh as a Daisy by Emitt Rhodes ("Fresh as a Daisy"). In 2009 a documentary on Emitt was released called "The One Man Beatles."
00:08:30 Pat, to no one's surprise, shares a gem from Cheap Trick. Right after the release of their 1997 self-titled album (also called the Dead Ant album) their record label went bankrupt. Without a record label to promote it, it fell off the radar. ("Say Goodbye" & "Anytime")
00:11:04 When Gary was a mailman he was delivering mail to a record store that was hosting Cheap Trick! He had them sign his pepper spray.
00:12:19 Gary: During a time when record labels were trying to find the next Green Day, Reprise Records decided to sign another punk pop power trio named The Muffs. They put out Blonder and Blonder. ("Agony")
00:14:10 Pat: In 2007 Rooney put out the under appreciated Calling the World ("Paralyze").
00:16:45 Gary: In 2000 the much-sought producer Jon Brion put out the album Meaningless ("Meaningless").
00:20:00 Rock Solid's first in-studio guest! Pat found Kathleen Wilhoite's album one day while looking through the record bins. He recognized Kathleen from her action work. He decided to give it a try. Now he and his wife Pilar love this album! The often give it as gifts and play it during parties.
00:23:35 Kathleen plays "Wish We Never Met"
00:28:30 Kathleen wrote that song after a long line of dating "bottom feeders and amoebas." Gary: "Your pain, our gain."
00:32:55 Gary: Daniel Johnston, the bipolar and schizophrenic musician, had his songs covered by his crush Kathy McCarty on her album Dead Dog's Eyeball ("Museum of Love").
00:36:10 Pat: Stones fan don't seem to like Mick Jaggar's solo stuff, but Pat thinks his 1993 effort Wandering Spirit is great ("Wired All Night" and "Evening Gown")
00:39:40 Kathleen tells stories about meeting George Thoroughgood, Jeff Healey, Sam Elliot, John Doe and acting in Roadhouse (there were Playboy bunnies, guns and free flowing beer the whole time).
"Was Sam Elliot's mustache friendly?'"
"It had its own trailer!"

- Gary & Pat
00:43:40 Pat: In 1998 The Knack put out their comeback album called Zoom. Pat considers this their best album. ("Poppa's Dead")
00:49:05 In 1987 Gary studied this album like the Talmud: Lolita Nation by Game Theory ("Slip" and "Chardonnay").
00:53:10 Scott Miller, the genius behind Game Theory wrote a book titled Music: What Happened? It covers music between 1957 and 2009 and writes about his favorite music for each year.
00:55:10 Contest! Gary gives away a copy of the book.
00:55:37 Kathleen's album isn't on iTunes, but you can get it at her website.
00:57:00 Kathleen plays out with "Dumb Old Girl"
01:00:53 Gary's new sign-off: "Yeah, I'm gonna be there


Pat thanks

Time Song Album Artist Who
06:30 Fresh as a Daisy Emitt Rhodes Emitt Rhodes Gary
08:30 Any Time Cheap Trick (aka Dead Ant) Cheap Trick Pat
10:22 Say Goodbye Cheap Trick (aka Dead Ant) Cheap Trick Pat
12:19 Agony Blonder and Blonder The Muffs Gary
14:40 Paralyze Calling the World Rooney Pat
16:45 Meaningless Meaningless Jon Brion Gary
23:35 Wish We Never Met Pitch Like A Girl Kathleen Wilhoite Pat
32:55 Museum of Love Dead Dog's Eye Kathy McCarty Gary
36:10 Wired All Night Wandering Spirit Mick Jaggar Pat
36:10 Evening Gown Wandering Spirit Mick Jaggar Pat
43:40 Poppa's Dead Zoom The Knack Pat
43:40 Can I Borrow a Kiss Zoom The Knack Pat
43:40 Harder On You Zoom The Knack Pat
49:05 Slip Lolita Nation Game Theory Gary
49:05 Chardonnay Lolita Nation Game Theory Gary
57:00 Dumb Old Girl Pitch Like A Girl Kathleen Wilhoite Pat

Episode 005: Cover Songs

Episode 005: Cover Songs
Pat and Gary discuss their all-time favorite cover songs, from the classic to the obscure. Plus, a visit from John Fogerty!

From August 11, 2011
00:00:50 First mention of
00:01:20 "John Fogerty" visits to talk about the origins of the CCR song "Looking Out My Back door."
For more, visit
00:06:15 Pat's favorite Dylan cover is "Mr. Tambourine Man" by The Byrds
00:07:26 Gary's Dylan choice is "Absolutely Sweet Marie" by Jason and the Nashville Scorchers
00:10:10 This is Gary's example of a song where he likes the cover better than the original. It's "Take On Me" by The New Pornographers. Originally by A-Ha
00:12:30 Pat's example is "I Don't Want To Grow Up" sung by The Ramones. Originally by Tom Waits.
00:14:30 Pat shares with us Rod Stewart's mind-blowing version of "You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Man)" (ed. note: Eesh)
00:15:40 Gary: Petra Hayden did an a capella version of the entire The Who's Sells Out album. He places the Heinz Baked Beans Commercial.
00:18:15 This is a cover that Gary didn't know was a cover: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper
00:20:15 Pat's cover-he-didn't-know-was-a-cover-(because-it's-not-see-episode-6) "I Don't Want To Talk About It" sung by Rod Stewart.
00:21:20 Most Inspirational Cover (Gary): Shortly after 9/11 Conan had Fountains of Wayne on the show to sing The Kinks song "Better Things." Ray Davies and Bruce Springsteen cover this song (poorly, according to Pat) on the album See My Friends
00:23:50 Pat's "Heavy Metal" choice was originally by Fleetwood Mac (ed. note: heavy metal?!) Judas Priest (ed. note: now this is heavy metal!) covered "The Green Manalishi (with the Two Prong Crown)"
00:26:00 Gary: One of the worst songs by one of the best bands is covered by Adam Green - "Kokomo"
00:27:20 Pat goes for the low hanging fruit with The Monkees' cover of Neil Diamond's "I'm a Believer." Gary thinks that this is an affront to Smashmouth
00:28:45 Gary: The Bird and The Bee did a sweet cover of Hall and Oates "She's Gone."
Gary says that the entire album is "an instant party starter."
00:30:10 Pat follows up with another H&O classic: Joan Osborne covers "Sarah Smiles."
00:30:50 Pat greedily squeezes in another one: Prince's "Take Me With You" covered by Marshall Crenshaw.
00:31:30 Gary: The Postal Service covers "Against All Odds" by the Jacket-less One
00:32:20 Gary: Susanna Hoff is super sexy and she sings Eric Clapton's "Bellbottom Blues."
00:33:10 Pat's Best Beatles Cover: Aerosmith's down and dirty "Come Together" (ed. note: by FAR the best part of that movie).
00:34:08 Gary shares a song covered by (ed. note: my favorite ban) The Jayhawks: Grand Funk Railroad's "Bad Time."
00:35:40 Pat's Best Cover OF ALL TIME: Aretha Franklin over Otis' "Respect."
00:34:40 Pat's Worst Cover OF ALL TIME is, unfortunately, by his vocalist: Robin Zander's cover of Ol' Blue Eyes' "Fly Me To The Moon" from the Heavy-Metal-Covers-The-Chairman album SIN-atra (get it?!).

Gary's "Sizzlin' Links":
00:40:20 Pat: Giveaway - Eddie Trunk's book "Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal"
Trivial question: One of UFO's albums from the 80s has a distinct relationship to the Beatles. Which one is it and what is the relation?
00:42:15 Gary new sign-off: "Keep your feet underground and keep reaching for the starch."
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:06:05 Mr. Tambourine Man Mr. Tambourine Man The Byrds Pat
00:07:30 Absolutely Sweet Marie Lost & Found Jason and the Nashville Scorchers Gary
00:10:35 Take On Me Sweetheart A.C. Newman Gary
00:12:35 I Don't Want To Grow Up Adios Amigos The Ramones Pat
00:14:25 You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Man Smiler Rod Steward Pat
00:15:45 Commercial The Who Sell Out Petra Hayden Gary
00:18:15 Girls Just Want To Have Fun She's So Unusual Cyndi Lauper Gary
00:20:15 I Don't Want To Talk About It* Atlantic Crossing Rod Steward Pat
00:21:20 Better Things Well Respected Man Fountains of Wayne Gary
00:23:50 The Green Manalishi (with the Two Prong Crown) Hell Bent For Leather Judas Priest Pat
00:26:00 Kokomo Jessica / Kokomo Adam Green Gary
00:27:25 I'm A Believer More of the Monkees The Monkees Pat
00:28:40 She's Gone Interpreting The Masters, Vol. 1 The Bird and the Bee Gary
00:30:20 Sara Smile Breakfast In Bed Joan Osborne Pat
00:30:50 Take Me With You Marshall Crenshaw Pat
00:31:45 Against All Odds Postal Service Gary
00:32:15 Bellbottom Blues Susanna Hoffs Gary
00:33:15 Come Together Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Aerosmith Pat
00:34:10 Bad Time Tomorrow the Green Grass The Jayhawks Gary
00:35:30 Respect I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You Aretha Franklin Pat
00:36:35 Fly Me To The Moon Sin-atra Robin Zander Pat

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Episode 004: Sophomore Surge

Sophomore Surge 004
Pat and Gary compare and contrast their favorite follow-ups.
From August 4, 2011
00:00:35 Gary tries a new sign-on: "How's everyone doin' out there tonight! OW!"
00:00:50 Pat and Gary were on Doug Loves Movies!
Pat: "Do think Doug was toasted that day?"
Gary: "Yeah, he probably roasted a magic j-bone"
- Rock Solid
00:01:20 Favorite musicians in movies:
Pat: Brian Adams in Pink Cadillac (not really)

Dwight Yoakam in Sling Blade

Mariah Carey in Precious

Gregg Allman in Rush
00:03:37 Some sophomore slumps:
  • Terence Trent Darby - Neither Fish Nor Fowl
  • The Knack - ...But the Little Girls Understand
  • Meatloaf - Dead Ringer
00:04:27 The boys play rock, paper, j-bone to see who goes first. Gary's rock wins
00:05:15 Nevermind is the obvious sophomore surge album, so Gary didn't pick that. Instead, he picked another Butch Vig produced album: Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins. They play "Today"
00:08:00 Pat chooses Van Halen II by Van Halen. The Top 20 Single from this album is "Dance The Night Away"
00:09:13 Gary isn't a grammar stickler, but when Diamond David Lee Roth talks about "buttless chaps;" aren't all chaps buttless?
00:09:50 The instrumental from VH II is the j-bone-a-licious "Spanish Fly"
00:10:40 In "D.O.A" Pat thought the lyric "We were broke and hungry on a summer's day..." was "we were smokin' hombre on a summer's day..."
00:11:35 THIS is the reason that Gary wanted to do a show like Rock Solid: The Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy. "It's like if Neil Young was in Kraftwerk."
00:13:50 Pat picks the Belknap favorite: Sweet Baby James by James Taylor
00:15:00 Gary read a book titled "Fire and Rain", which looks at 1970 through the prism of four albums of the day (Let It Be, CSNY, Deja Vu and Sweet Baby James). According to the book, after the 1960s, Taylor was seen as the leader of The New Apathy of the 70s
00:16:43 Gary wanted to choose More Songs about Buildings and Food by The Talking Heads, just on the title alone, but instead he chose Elvis Costello's This Year's Model. Elvis recorded his first album with a band named Clover (later known The News from Huey Lewis and The News).
00:17:42 Sidebar: Huey Lewis reportedly has a huge crank. On the opposite end of the wang spectrum is Peter Frampton's lil' Pettie.
00:18:30 "No Action" from Last Year's Model
00:19:15 Pat shares the 20 million selling title Fearless by Taylor Swift. Pat CLAIMS that he started listening to Swift because of his daughters (ed. note: I don't know if I buy that...).
00:22:50 Gary: This second album was a major paradygm shift for The Beastie Boys, Paul's Boutique ("Shake Your Rump")
00:25:20 Pat rocks out with "Whole Lotta Love" and "Livin' Lovin' Maid" from Led Zepplin II
00:28:30 Gary's aunt gave him an inflatable zepplin when he was a kid. Pat had an inflatable Huey Lewis that took FOREVER to blow up.
00:29:05 Gary can write a book about his favorite sophomore album: Pinkerton by Weezer ("Why Bother").
00:32:15 This artist's first album charted at number 84. Her second sold 11 million copies, had two #1 hits and won four Grammys: Carole King's Tapestry ("So Far Away")
00:34:30 Honorable mentions:
  • Radiohead - The Bends
  • Blondie - Parallel Lines
  • Def Leppard - High and Dry
$25,000 Album Cover Pyramid: Round One
— Rolling Stones —
•  Closeup of a pair of jeans:  Show answer
•  A weird layer cake:  Show answer
•  A collage of black and white photos with a guy with billiard balls in his mouth:  Show answer
•  A newspaper ad for wigs:  Show answer
•  A 3D hologram, they're in wizard costumes:  Show answer
•  Charlie Watts walking with a donkey:  Show answer
•  Weird silver lion:  Show answer
00:37:05 Anything related to music releases. A list of everything coming out in the near future.
00:38:00 One of his music-related site.
$25,000 Album Cover Pyramid: Round Two
— Classic Rock —
  • There's a grand movie palace on one side and a dilapidated building on the other: Styx, Paradise Theater
  • There's a hand holding a razor blade: Judas Priest, British Steel
  • A woman in a short skirt in a bathroom: Foreigner, Head Games
  • A guy in red leather pants, you can only see his butt: Loverboy, Get Lucky*
  • A space ship bursting out of a glass orb: Journey, Escape
  • Guys carrying painting in front of a museum: Rush, Moving Pictures
* Creepy trivia: the button on Get Lucky belonged to a 14 year old girl.
00:40:55 Gary tries a new sign-out: "Stay black!"
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:05:20 Today Siamese Dream Smashing Pumpkins Gary
00:08:00 Dance The Night Away Van Halen II Van Halen Pat
00:10:00 Spanish Fly Van Halen II Van Halen Pat
00:10:40 DOA Van Halen II Van Halen Pat
00:11:40 Crystal Lake The Sophtware Slump Granddaddy Gary
00:13:55 Sweet Baby James Sweet Baby James James Taylor Pat
00:16:40 No Action This Year's Model Elvis Costello Gary
00:19:20 Fearless Fearless Taylor Swift Pat
00:22:50 Pauls Boutique The Beastie Boys Gary
00:25:20 Whole Lotta Love Led Zepplin II Led Zepplin Pat
00:29:05 Why Bother? Pinkerton Weezer Gary
00:32:15 So Far Away Tapestry Carole King Pat