Monday, November 25, 2013

Episode 123: Misheard Lyrics

Episode 123: Misheard Lyrics
Pat is joined by the third of his four new co-hosts, writer Christy Stratton, as they clean out their ears to clarify the lyrics they've often misheard.
From November 14, 2013


With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Christy Stratton
00:00:00 Pat introduces a new cohost (and lady) Christy Stratton!
  Christy is honored, but a little scared. She knows that listeners frequently call in and tell Pat to go eff himself. Christy can't take that kind of character assassination, so let's take it easy on her, guys.

Matt tells the story about Pat's interaction with Gene Simmons on Twitter. Matt is concerned that KISS will get involved with podcasting. Paul Stanley visits the studio to comment.

00:10:00 Christy kicks things off with The Rolling Stones - "Brown Sugar" from the album Sticky Fingers. Christy thinks that Mick said that she dances so good, not tastes so good.
  Pat plays the indistinguishable lyrics of Pat Aerosmith - "Young Lust" from the album PUMP.

Christy's dark side comes out in Van Halen's "And The Cradle Will Rock" from the album Women and Children First. She thought Diamond Dave as asking about Junior's grave instead of grades.

00:15:00 Pat pulls out his Van Halen track: "Unchained" from the album Fair Warning.
  Christy reveals his deeeeeeep love for David Lee Roth. Another woman seduced by the bolero jacket.
  Christy again goes dark. In Soundgarden's "Spoonman" from the album Superunknown Christy thought they say "all my friends are scared to death."
00:20:00 Pat plays the pure pop of The Cars - "Candy-O" from the album Let's Go. He thought that she had a "whiskey mouth."

To be fair, a lot of artists make it difficult to understand their lyrics. Christy's next song is a prime example: Bee Gees - "Jive Talkin" from the album Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. Here's her take:


I got hair on my back

I can't hide it Milwaukee

And I'm glowing in the dark

In New Orleans.


Christy also gives us some fair warning: she LOVES the Bee Gees, so we're likely to hear more of them in the coming weeks.


This is Pat's most embarrassing misheard lyric: David Bowie - "Ashes To Ashes" from the album Scary Monsters.


Fun to faggot

- instead of -

Fun to funky


"Are you sure he didn't say 'jaggot?''"

- Pat trying to justify his ears' homophobia

Christy says that, for this subject, she could pick any of the songs of Elton John - "Rocket Man" from the album Honky Chateau.


Burning out of Tucson Arizone

- instead of -

Burning out his fuse up here alone



Here's Pat's second most embarrassing misheard lyric Blues Brothers - "Rubber Biscuit" from the album Briefcase Full Of Blues.


What do you want for nothin'? How about a piece of cake?

- instead of -

What do you want for nothin'? Rubber biscuit?



Only two days before the show did Christy learn the real lyrics of Foreigner - "Long Long Way From Home" from the album Foreigner.


Waiting, I was overwaiting

- instead of -

Waiting, hours of waiting



Pat Eagles - "Take It Easy" from the album Eagles.


It's a girl, my lord, with a flat buckboard

- instead of -

It's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford



Christy finishes her list with The Cult - "Love Removal Machine" from the album Electric.


There's a red room because she was there

Scarlet woman, she got me a beer

- instead of -

Fell to the red room because she was there

Scarlet woman, she got me in fear



Pat calls this one of his mental patient songs, because he could listen to this over and over again [ed. note: agreed!]: Led Zeppelin - "Fool In The Rain" from the album In Through The Out Door.


There's a light in your eyes that keeps shining

Like a sign that can't wait for a knife

- instead of -

There's a light in your eyes that keeps shining

Like a star that can't wait for the night


00:40:00 Matt plays us out with Missing Persons - "Words" from the album Spring Session M.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:10:00 Brown Sugar Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones Christy
00:10:00 Young Lust PUMP Aerosmith Pat
00:10:00 And The Cradle Will Rock Women and Children First Van Halen Christy
00:15:00 Unchained Fair Warning Van Halen Pat
00:15:00 Spoonman Superunknown Soundgarden Christy
00:20:00 Let's Go Candy-O The Cars Pat
00:20:00 Jive Talkin Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack Bee Gees Christy
00:25:00 Ashes To Ashes Scary Monsters David Bowie Pat
00:25:00 Rocket Man Honky Chateau Elton John Christy
00:30:00 Rubber Biscuit Briefcase Full Of Blues Blues Brothers Pat
00:30:00 Long Long Way From Home Foreigner Foreigner Christy
00:30:00 Take It Easy Eagles Eagles Pat
00:35:00 Love Removal Machine Electric The Cult Christy
00:35:00 Fool In The Rain In Through The Out Door Led Zeppelin Pat
00:40:00 Words Spring Session M Missing Persons Matt

Monday, November 11, 2013

Episode 122: It's Go Time!

Episode 122: It's "Go" Time!
Pat is joined by the second of his four new co-hosts, comedian Mike Siegel. Once this episode starts it never stops because we're playing songs with "Go" in the title!
From November 7, 2013


With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Mike Siegel
00:00:00 In the first ninety seconds of the show Pat and Matt talk about moving on, advent calendars, Breaking Bad, acid and citrus. So, just another focused episode from the boys in the NNF studios.
  Pat introduces the second of the rotating co-hosts Mike Siegel! Mike is a comedian, world traveler and host of the Travel Tales podcast.
  Mike reveals that, while he hasn't done acid, he did not cocaine once. He understands the appeal, but is smart enough to not go down the road because all the "Behind the Music's" he watched.
00:05:00 Pat is half way through Ray Davies' new book titled Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story. He's enjoying it.
  This week's theme came from Mike: It's "Go" Time - songs with 'go', 'going', or 'goes' in the title.
  Pat like the cut of Mike's jib. According to Pat, the guy last week really stunk it up.
  Mike kicks it off with a three 'go' song: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - "Going To A Go-Go" from the album Going To A Go-Go.
00:10:00 Pat sees Mike's Smokey Robinson and raises The Rolling Stones - "Going To A Go-Go" from the album Still Life.
  Before making it big as a solo artist, Bill Idol was in Generation X - "Ready Steady Go" from the album Generation X.

Pat breaks out the ASIA - "GO" from the album Astra.


The song is terrible and so is the video. Eesh

The 80s: the decade of horrible 'futuristic' videos.

Mike gives us the treadmill song: Ok Go - "Here It Goes Again" from the album Oh No.


Undeniably fun
  Next for Pat are the Raspberries - "Go All The Way" from the album Raspberries. The lead singer of the Raspberries is Eric Carmen, from "All By Myself" and "Hungry Eyes" fame. Pat "brags" that he has everything that Eric has recorded.
00:20:00 Mike brings a band from his hometown of Chicago: Material Issue - "Going Through Your Purse" from the album Freak City Soundtrack.
00:25:00 Pat gives us a d-d-d-doubleshot of Diamond Dave: Both the English and the Spanish version of "Going Crazy" (Loco Del Calor from the album Eat 'Em and Smile (Sonrisa Salvaje [translation "Wild Smile").
  Given his druggy background it's no surprise that Mike plays the drug-soaked calliope noise of Three Dog Night's "The Show Must Go On" from the album Hard Labor.

Pat calls the next fella the heir apparent to The Boss: Jesse Malin - "Going Out West" from the album The Heat.


Jesse Malin actually sang a song with Bruce. He comes into the studio to share his review of last week's episode.

  Former ABBA songstress sings her only hit. Here's Frida - "I Know There's Something Going On Something's Going On"
  Pat pulls out one of his underappreciated favorites: Rooney - "Go On" from the album Eureka.
00:35:00 Mike plays a ditty from former heartthrob Bobby Sherman - "Easy Come, Easy Go" from the album Greatest Hits.
  Pat doesn't like them, but here's They Might Be Giants - "Go For G" from the album Here Come The ABC's.
00:40:00 Pat talks about his experience with The Wiggles in concert.
  Mike's next tune is the one-hit wonders Tones On Tail - "Go" from the album Everything.
00:45:00 Pat shares his apologies with Led Zeppelin ("Going to California") and The Bangles ("Going Down to Liverpool"). Instead he goes with The Ramones - "Go Lil Camaro Go" from the album Halfway To Sanity.
  Matt is stoked with Mike's selection: Sly Fox - "Let's Go All The Way " from the album Let's Go All The Way.
  For his last song Pat plays the often played, but undeniably awesome song from Fleetwood Mac - "Go Your Own Way" from a little album named Rumours.
00:50:00 Mike shares his apologies with The Jam ("Going Underground"). Instead he lays down a track from The Replacements - "Merry Go Round" from the album All Shook Down.
00:55:00 Matt wraps it up with Lisa Loeb - "Going Away" from the album Silly Sing-Along.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:5:00 Going To A Go-Go Going To A Go-Go Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Mike
00:10:00 Going To A Go-Go Still Life The Rolling Stones Pat
00:10:00 Ready Steady Go Generation X Generation X Mike
00:10:00 GO Astra ASIA Pat
00:15:00 Here It Goes Again Oh No Ok Go Mike
00:15:00 Go All The Way Raspberries Raspberries Pat
00:20:00 Going Through Your Purse Freak City Soundtrack Material Issue Mike
00:25:00 Loco Del Calor Sonrisa Salvaje David Lee Roth Pat
00:25:00 The Show Must Go On Hard Labor Three Dog Night Mike
00:30:00 Going Out West The Heat Jesse Malin Pat
00:30:00 I Know There's Something Going On Something's Going On 0 Frida Mike
00:30:00 Go On Eureka Rooney Pat
00:35:00 Easy Come, Easy Go Greatest Hits Bobby Sherman Mike
00:35:00 Go For G Here Come The ABC's They Might Be Giants Pat
00:40:00 Go Everything Tones On Tail Mike
00:45:00 Go Lil Camaro Go Halfway To Sanity Ramones Pat
00:45:00 Let's Go All The Way Let's Go All The Way Sly Fox Mike
00:45:00 Go Your Own Way Rumours Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:50:00 Merry Go Round All Shook Down The Replacements Mike
00:55:00 Going Away Silly Sing-Along Lisa Loeb Matt

Friday, November 8, 2013

Episode 121: Replacement Players

Episode 121: Replacement Players
Pat is joined by the first of his four new co-hosts, comedian Murray Valeriano, to play songs from bands that replaced a key member and then continued on to further success.
From October 31, 2013


With your hosts:

Pat Francis

Murray Valeriano
00:00:00 Pat kicks off this week's episode by introducting the first of four new rotating cohosts: Murray Valeriano, who you will remember from the Beatles episode.
  The gang talks about what instrument they would play in the new "Pat and the Rotators" band.
  This leads to a discussion of what the remaining Beastie Boys are up to.
00:05:00 Pat asks the gang if they would rather have their band put out a great album every four years or a mediocre album every year. Pat goes with mediocre, while the others go for great.

Murray plays some songs from Pearl Jam's latest album Lightning Bolt. He likes the rockin' stuff, but not the mellow stuff.


Murray thinks that Eddie Vedder sometimes sounds like Paul Stanley. Paul stops in to comment.

00:10:00 The new Under the Covers album from Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs is now out. Pat gives it a mixed review.
00:15:00 Pat excitedly talks about the upcoming release of the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. It comes out in October.
00:20:00 Murray kicks off the replacement show with The Replacements - "Talent Show" from the album Don't Tell A Soul.
  Pat plays the first post Keith Moon album from The Who - "Daily Records" from the album Face Dances.
00:25:00 Most of this next band has been replaced except for the bass player and the head honcho Jeff Tweedy: Wilco - "Hate It Here" from the album Sky Blue Sky.
  Next are the Bad Boys from Boston: Aerosmith - "Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)" from the album Rock In A Hard Place.
00:30:00 In 1990 the non-Michael Stipe members of R.E.M. quasi-replaced him with Warren Zevon and formed the Hindu Love Gods - "Raspberry Beret " from the album Hindu Love Gods.
00:35:00 Pat's next is the Scott Weiland-less Stone Temple Pilots - "Out Of Time" from the album High Rise.
00:40:00 Murray makes his mark by playing one of the weirdest double shots in history: Audioslave - "Cochise" from the album Audioslave and Tears For Fears - "Woman In Chains" from the album The Seeds Of Love.
00:45:00 This band had to replace two of its members due to overdose: Pretenders - "Time The Avenger" from the album Learning To Crawl.
  Poor Adam. Malcom McClarin influenced all of the Ants to leave and form Bow Wow Wow. But Adam bounced back. Here's the new Adam and the Ants - "Stand and Deliver" from the album Prince Charming.
00:50:00 Pat shares his apologies with Foreigner, UFO and Motley Crue. Instead he goes with countrified version of Fleetwood Mac - "When The Sun Goes Down" from the album Behind The Mask.
  Murray breaks new ground by playing a band that's never been on the show before: Grateful Dead - "Alabama Getaway " from the album Go To Heaven.
00:55:00 More apologies to Heart, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Styx. Pat goes with Yes - "Into The Lens" from the album Drama.
  Murray hates the band, but loves the story of Genesis - "Follow You, Follow Me" from the album And Then There Were Three.
Time Song Album Artist Who
00:20:00 Talent Show Don't Tell A Soul The Replacements Murray
00:20:00 Daily Records Face Dances The Who Pat
00:25:00 Hate It Here Sky Blue Sky Wilco Murray
00:25:00 Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat) Rock In A Hard Place Aerosmith Pat
00:30:00 Raspberry Beret Hindu Love Gods Hindu Love Gods Murray
00:35:00 Out Of Time High Rise Stone Temple Pilots Pat
00:40:00 Cochise Audioslave Audioslave Murray
00:40:00 Woman In Chains The Seeds Of Love Tears For Fears Murray
00:45:00 Time The Avenger Learning To Crawl Pretenders Pat
00:45:00 Stand and Deliver Prince Charming Adam and the Ants Murray
00:50:00 When The Sun Goes Down Behind The Mask Fleetwood Mac Pat
00:50:00 Alabama Getaway Go To Heaven Grateful Dead Murray
00:55:00 Into The Lens Drama Yes Pat
00:55:00 Follow You, Follow Me And Then There Were Three Genesis Murray
00:60:00 Simple Song Port of Morrow The Shins Matt